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Vighnaharta Ganesh 12th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Ganesh throws ater on jalandhar.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 12th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with ganesh saying jalandhar angrily! Kartikeya says ganesh and holds his hand. Jalandhar says I forgive you because you are a kid. Kartikeya says see ganesh, he is feeling insecure. Ganesh says yes I see that. Jalandhar says loudly no! I am bhagwan jalandhar, I am not scared of anyone. Ganesh says by saying anything angrily, it doesn’t hide your feelings, you are feeling insecure of the shiv ling here. Jalandhar then says I am a god, okay then I allow you to keep the shiv ling here. Jalandhar and vrinda are going when jalandhar stops and says ganesh, you both do the pooja of shiv here everyday? Then even my pooja will be done by you both everyday, you will say my mantras so that from now the universe shall know about me. Kartikeya is very angry. Ganesh says okay, we will

do your pooja with all the complete rituals everyday after lord shiv’s pooja. Jalandhar says yes, my pooja shall be done with all rituals.
Next day, as jalandhar and vrinda sleep in their room, the sun rises and jalandhar says how did so much light come here? I want to sleep. A huge shadow falls on jalandhar and vrinda sleeping. Suddenly a pot of water is thrown on them and jalandhar and vrinda wake up completely shocked, jalandhar says who is it? Who dared to wake me up by throwing water? Ganesh and kartikeya stand as kartikeya holds a golden pot in his hand. Ganesh says it is us. Jalandhar says you kids? You have become a menace, how dare you do that? Ganesh says you only told us to do this yesterday, this is your jal pan. Ganesh takes water in his trunk and sprays on them more. Jalandhar and vrinda get up from the bed in anger, jalandhar says how dare you do that ganesh? You have made me very angry. Ganesh says but jalandhar ji, you told us to do your pooja every morning with complete rituals and first we wake up father too using water only, we put water on shiv ling. Ganesh says you are a god and you don’t want the proper rituals then how do we do your pooja? Ganesh says I will tell you why water is put on the shiv ling everyday in the morning before pooja, ganesh says the story and says mahadev drank the kaal kuth poison during the event of churning of the ocean by the gods and demons together, the wish was released and mahadev drank it which turned his neck into blue color naming him neel kanth but the poison was still dangerous inside the body which released a lot of heat and make’s father’s neck very hot and in pain so to ooze that heat and pain the water is put on shiv ling everyday.
Jalandhar gets angry and says I am tired of listening to the good stories of shiv, you have eaten my brains and now I am very angry, I will punish you both. Jalandhar removes his weapon and suddenly a bird comes flying near the window. Jalandhar laughs and says how will it fly if it wont have wings? Jalandhar attacks the bird and cuts its wings. Kartikeya feels sad and very angry. Ganesh saysa person attacking and killing helpless beings is not a god. Jalandhar says but I am and I wont leave you both. Kartikeya throws the gold pot on jalandhar. Jalandhar gets angry and vrinda says kill them my love, as both turn back to see ganesh and kartikeya, ganesh and kartikeya disappear. Jalandhar says I will find them today and kill them. Jalandhar and vrinda go to find ganesh and kartikeya. Jalandhar sees a shadow behind a pillar and laughs and says I found that evil kid. Jalandhar looks around the pillar and suddenly bhasma powder is thrown on his face and it goes in his eyes, jalandhar says no what is that? Is it poison? Vrinda comes to check and bhasma goes in her eyes too. both say its itching, what is it? Ganesh and kartikeya appear and ganesh says it is bhasma. Jalandhar says I will kill you. Ganesh says aftr water, bhasma powder is put on shiv ling, it is a powder that indicates the end and the futureof any person in this universe, after life everyone is charred by fire and turned to bhasma, nobody accepts it but mahadev pus bhasma powder on his body to respect it and to indicate that after end, there is a beginning to everything. Jalandhar removes the bhasma from his face and both ganesh kartikeya disappear, jalandhar says I will not leave anyone, I will kill them now. Both vrinda and jalandhar go out of the palace and see ganesh and kartikeya going, they stop them. Jalandhar says ganesh you have been very arrogant, I will kill both of you. Jalandhar removes his weapon. Kartikeya says we were just doing your pooja with all rituals.

Precap: kartikeya gets angry and he attacks a powerful bolt on jalandhar, jalandhar flies and falls down in pain.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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