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Tu Aashiqui 12th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Ahaan takes Pankti to marry her

Tu Aashiqui 12th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Anita was worried that Ahaan will again get arrested, as they watched it in news. Manav walks towards JD while Ahaan continue to stop him. JD says this time Ahaan would be arrested for long. Manav says he can prove against JD but its upto JD to decide if he wants to keep the matter at home. JD asks the inspector if he asked them to arrest him? Manav stops Ahaan from charging over JD. Manav stops Ahaan and sends him to help Pankti.
Anita doesn’t allow Pankti to allow Ahaan inside. She goes to open the door. Ahaan asks if Pankti is fine? She cries while Ahaan wipes her tears promising everything would be fine soon. He could have finished Jain Dhanraj off; but he came to Pankti. He loves Pankti more than he loves JD. Pankti tells Ahaan to leave the house, this has turned to a curse now. Ahaan was

ready to end this curse now, she must file an FIR against JD. They hear the news on TV where media was interviewing JD. JD says Ahaan is like his son, why would he harm him? He could have sued the media if it blamed him, but Ahaan is family. Anita says if they file a case against JD, warrants again Ahaan would be released as well. Ahaan decides to marry Pankti right now. Pankti says they can’t get married.
Vikram says Ahaan must have a proof against JD, still JD forgave him. Can’t Ahaan now leave Pankti for his family? Aparna says Pankti will surely be Ahaan’s wife. JD comes from behind and tells her not to pose stupid.
Ahaan was ready to fight everyone for Pankti. Pankti tells him to end the matter, she is a dog to wear a belt, not a lady for mangal sooter. JD says the matter starts here today, they have to decide if Pankti can be the daughter in law of this house or not. He suggests Aparna to let this already dying love story breathe its last. If she can’t let it go, she must understand what he is capable of. He strikes an apple with a knife on table, then sits to eat it. He announces in the house that Pankti was, she is and will always be his mistress. He is the God of this family. He allows them to present all the proofs in any newspaper they wish, but must also publish that Ahaan snatched the right of his God and is being punished. He throws the knife towards the table where it strikes another apple.
There, Ahaan wasn’t ready to hear anything else from Pankti. Her fear has to end now, and asks her to come with him. He holds her into his arms, locks the door from outside and asks her to trust him. Purva stops Anita from resisting and asks her to let fate play its game, Ahaan has always protected Pankti after all. Anita says this was only a beginning of the bad time.
Vikram and wife sat in Sheetal’s room. They were upset and equally helpless about JD. Vikram says they must live here.
Ahaan and Pankti share an eyelock in the car. Ahaan turns their cell phones off. Ahaan says he wish to take Pankti away from here. They are headed towards a place where they won’t have their identities, only they along with there love would exist there.

PRECAP: JD comes to Pankti’s house calling Pankti. Poorva tells him that Ahaan and Pankti have left to marry each other. In the temple, Pankti was worried that they won’t ever let them stay together, Ahaan promises to be with Pankti and hugs her.

Update Credit to: Sona

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