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The story belongs to us. (Prologue)


What if ragini does not love laksh?
What if laksh was madly in love with ragini like in serial?
What if ragini doesn’t push swara in water?
What if swara and sanskar didn’t met with each other?
Then how they will fall in love?
Destiny has some plans will they will be in favor or not?

Ragini pov
MR laksh maheswari enjoy as much as you can but from now your life is going to hell , its my promise to you(says looking at laksh pic) first I was madly in love with you but now what have you done to me and my sister , I hate you to the core of my heart(saying this she burns the pic)
You broke my heart still I didn’t say anything but the crime you have done na you will be not forgiven me and swara will punish you for sure.
When I met you it was love at first sight for me but now it is hate at first sight, I was thinking you as my god and gave you place in my heart because dadimaa said me that but you do not deserve it. I hate you Laksh.

Laksh pov

Tomorrow I am going to pay for my deeds because I have broken a innocent girl’s heart whom I love but realized late. She loved me deeply. Her innocence was the one which attracted me the most but me the great fool got attracted to Swara and thought it as my love and ignored my love Ragini which was infront of me all the time.
Tomorrow is my marriage with Swara. I know after that we both will not be happy so I have decided that I will tell the truth to Swara tomorrow before marriage and after that what will happen I don’t care.

Another side a man is shown in dark sitting in rocking chair moving it: its time i have waited for this moment from years
whereas a person is shown crying he says:pls leave me pinky promise pls (shouts)i will not do this again. Pls(shouts in crying voice) but man smiles evilly listening it.

  •  The story is a collaboration by me and Sanjana di. The prologue was posted here before too. 
  • You  can read the story on my wattpad id shinchan0324. 

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