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The One For Me – Intro

This story is gonna be about Ishqbaaaz, Swaragini and a bit of some other shows as well. In Ishqbaaaz the story will start from the point when Shivaay and Anika are happily married, Omkara and Gauri are trying to adjust and give their relationship a chance whereas Bhavya and Rudra are trying to find proofs against Sultan. Soumya is in America as of now.


In case of Swaragini, neither Sanskar nor Ragini did anything against Swara-Laksh & Maheshwari family. What happened instead is that Sanskar didn’t come for revenge and is still in Mumbai managing his own business. He doesn’t want to hold any kind of relationship with the Maheshwaris, be it of love, family or hate. Ragini, on the other hand, made the Maheswari family accept Swara-Laksh’s relationship and approve their marriage.

But Laksh had a change of mind and wanted Ragini in his life because of her innocence, beauty & her non-demanding nature. So he tried to make Ragini accept him throughout his marriage functions and when she slapped him in anger and ridiculed his advances, in a fit of anger Laksh tried to rape Ragini but when Swara found them he blamed everything on Ragini. Laksh lied to Swara that Ragini was trying to seduce him, that she loved him and wanted to marry him. He also said that that rape situation was all hoax and that it’s Ragini plan to defame Laksh so he has to marry Ragini.

Everybody except Ragini’s Dadi believed Laksh over Ragini and Ragini was insulted badly. And from here our story will start.


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