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Hloo frnds. Thanks for ur response and I am very happy with that. I hope u people are loving this ff. I will try my level best to reach ur expectations. Now let’s start the story……


After finishing their college hours, sanskaar went home in his bike. Swara was waiting for ragini. Meanwhile sahil came there and offered lift. But swara simply denied him and ragini came in car. Swara went to car after bidding bye to him.

Sahil thinks ” swara one day I will definitely make u mine forever “.

Swaragini went home and took a nap. At evening both got ready and reached the coffee shop. There they found laksh sitting with a guy back facing them. Laksh waved his hand as soon as he noticed them and signaled them to come. Both sisters went to the table and saw the other guy. Our swara got pikacchu thunderbolt shock.

Swara : Tum!!! ( he is sanskaar)

Swara : tum yaha lucky bhaiyaa ke saath kya kar raha hai

Sanskaar : for ur kind information miss. Swara he is my brother

Swara : itna sweet hai bhaiyaa aur tum khadoos….

Sanskaar : oh hello….

Both started fighting and all are seeing them as they are fighting like kids. Raglak tried to control them but they are not in a mood to listen to anybody. Now for laksh it is getting on his nerves.

Laksh :(shouted)  stop it guys.  Why are both fighting like this

Sanskar : bhai I told u na in my class there is an annoying girl  that is none other than she

Swara : laado I told u na a sadoo was there in our clg that is none other than he

Ragini : oh tum dono ek dusre ko pehle se hi jante ho then u can become friends

Swara : friendship with him  better I will live my life without any friends

Sanskar : I am also not dying for ur friendship here… .

Swara : whatever….

Laksh : guys take a chill pill and have ur seat

Both swaragini sat on table facing sanlak. Swasan are exchanging glares. Suddenly someone called laksh from behind. All looked towards the direction. A girl was shown in a mini skirt and was looking hot.

Laksh: sheena what a pleasant surprise

Both hugged each other. Ragini was feeling jealous by their closeness. She can’t bear it anymore. By making an excuse she left from there. Sanskaar noticed some tears in her eyes. While swara was bust in his phone, he left from there and went to ragini. Ragini was turned to the other side.

Sanskaar: what happened ragini di

Ragini : Nothing….

But a feeling of hurt was clear in her voice. He turned her and saw some unshed tears in her eyes.

Sanskaar : why are you crying

Ragini : nahi aankh mein kuch chala gaya

Sanskaar : bhai sahi kahthe hai tum jhoot nahi bhol saktha  are u feeling jealous???

Ragini : jealous for what

Sanskaar : it is clear in ur eyes that u love lucky

Ragini : no… Its noth… (Cut off by sanskaar)

Sanskar : mujhse tum jhoot bol sakthi hai par apne dil se pucho…. Jawab mil jaye ga. ..

He left from there and ragini was now some what relaxed. She came inside and joined the others.

Laksh : guys tomorrow was sheena’s bachelor party she specially invited us so we have to go….

Ragini : but papa…..

Swara : mai hu na sari problems solve karne ke liye

Sanskar :and to create new problems…

Laksh : ok we will meet tomorrow at 9 pm

Swasan left the place by giving tashan wala look to each other.



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