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Shakti 12th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Soumya surprises Harman and sings song for him

Shakti 12th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shanno trying to make Jasleen awake and asks why did you have water when you knew that it had sleeping pills in it. Preeto comes there. Shanno tells that Jasleen is not waking up. Preeto closes the door and slaps Shanno hard. She says Harman and Soumya can forgive you, but not me. She says I know you are the culprit for whatever happening in the house. Shanno says you tried to make Soumya’s life hell and now you are accusing her. Preeto says I have understood that Soumya is right and asks her not to keep the past, but let it go and move on. She asks her to come out. Harman and Soumya are in the room, he asks her to return his jacket. Soumya asks him to talk with love politely. Harman asks her to give his jacket. Soumya asks him to say it with love. Harman asks her to give. Soumya

agrees and says she has two conditions. She says I will make you wear jacket, and second you will not go to office, as we are going out. Harman is upset. Soumya makes him wear red jacket. Harman asks if it is done. Soumya asks him to smile.
Veeran asks Harman to drop him to Chaddha. Harman says I am not going to factory today.

Harak asks where is he going? Preeto says he is going with his wife and asks them to have food. They come to the place where they used to come often and says you used to say that all these mountains, land is the witness of our land. She says you used to say that you loves me, and tells that she also loves him. She holds her ears and apologizes. Harman asks if her nautanki is over, then come home. Soumya says I want to spend all moments with you in this 24 hours, and asks him to become Soumya and she will become Harman ji. She acts as Harman and asks him to come. They come to the restaurant. Waiter calls Harman lucky to have a loving wife who planned surprise for him. Soumya asks him to come. Shanno asks everyone to have food. Jasleen says she will have food after Harman returns. Raavi says she will call him. Shanno says nobody stopped him when he left.

Harman and Soumya come to the table. They sit. Waiter asks him to order. Soumya asks him to order wine, but Harman asks her to order it as she is calling herself Harman. Soumya asks waiter to bring red like thing with ice and water. Harman says she is talking about wine. A musician plays guitar. Soumya takes it from his hand and plays guitar asking Harman to forgive her. Harman asks her to sit and puts wine in glass. Soumya refuses to drink. Soumya couldn’t drink it and throws it. Harman asks why didn’t you drink. Soumya says what to do, and tells that she gets drown in his eyes. She asks him to dance. Harman says he is not in a mood. Soumya says you will get in mood when I make you dance. They dance. Tere Ishq Plays…….

Harman reminds Soumya of her challenge and tells that you said that I will be freed in the 25th hour. Harak Singh says jasleen will marry him. Soumya questions him. Harman says he will remarry to make her go from his life.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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