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RagLak os: my crush (epilogue)

hello friends sorry for being very late. I promised to post this epilogue by Saturday or Sunday. But I was little busy with my sister. So I’m really sorry… *Holding ears*..

so this epilogue consists of Laksh’s pov..

I was tossing over in my bed unable to get my Wonderful sleep. I woke up and sat on the bed and gazed the clock which hung in the wall.

12 O’ clock.?? Damn it .. why the hell I’m not getting sleep..?? I asked myself though I knew the answer. Well to say honestly “I’m nervous.. hell nervous”. But that’s common. Anyone would be nervous if they are going to get married tomorrow. Yes tomorrow is my marriage with Ragini, my love. I slowly went to the balcony attached to my room. I placed my hands on the railing and held it tight looking at the moon. I closed my eyes and slowly drowned into some of our sweet memories.

For me she was nothing more than my classmate during the first six month in 8th grade. We hardly spoke to each other . Maybe to say quite truely, I hardly gave her attention. But after incident!


note : this will be narration. Not Laksh’s pov.

rahul, Laksh’s friend emptied his bottle on Laksh as he teased him a bit more that day.

ahh!! Rahul.. what the hell.. you sure going to pay for this.. Laksh said grabbing his water bottle. And he ran behind him. And finally poured the water which actually fell on Ragini who was standing quitely with her friends. Ragini shuddered her shoulder in shock and turned to find a sheepishly smiling laksh. She was burning in anger.

you..!! She began but stopped in the middle as their teacher entered the class. The teacher’s eyes travelled about the small ponds of water here and there and finally fell on Ragini who was glaring Laksh. Both were drenched.

what is happening here..?? What you both were doing?? asked the teacher with a Stern look.

mam… Wo..Laksh .. Ragini stammered.

stop it!! I didn’t expect this from you Ragini .. said the teacher disappointedly which made Ragini to hung her head down in embarrassment. 

both of you get out at once.. shouted the teacher.

Ragini didn’t protest and slowly went out and Laksh followed her.

I’m sorry… That’s not my fault.. apologized Laksh. Ragini just gave him a glare. And Laksh finally saw her completly. He liked her annoyed look which he found very cute. Her brown eyes which grew bigger whenever she gave a tight glare . Her sharp nose which turned red due to anger. Her thick archef eyebrows which frowned in annoyance. Her pink plump lips which ended in a pout. He quite enjoyed her expressions.


I chuckled remembering her annoyed face. I really enjoyed the bundle of expressions she used to give.. anger, annoyance, pout, . And thus I started playing pranks on her after that incident, only to see her annoyed face. But even then we weren’t friends I guess.

But after that day..!!

Flash back.

Ragini unusually reached late that day during the starting of their 9th grade. She rushed up the stairs excusing herself from the people whom she was dashing. Everyone were descending down the stairs for the morning prayers. Ragini dropped her bag on her place and joined her friend Anu. It was a school were ID cards were mandatory. And unfortunately Ragini forgot to wear it.

arrey..Ragini..where is your ID.?? Asked Anu pointing her neck.

oh shit!! .. I left it in my bag.. ok you carry on I’ll be back!. Said Ragini and stormed into her class.

She starts searching her ID card which was no where to be seen.

damn it!! Where is my ID card..??she asks herself searching.

ragini.. our class teacher is calling you. said Laksh entering the class.

haan!! What?? Ragini beta aaj toh tu gayi..!! Ragini says to herself thinking about consequences.

Laksh smirks. ragini.. this is your ID card..??asks Laksh showing her ID . Ragini frowns looking at her ID in his hand. Laksh who did this , to see her annoyed face , finally saw it and smiled.

laksh .. please.. there is no time for this.. give my ID card!! Says Ragini nearing him.

Laksh smirks and runs out shouting ” catch me if you can”. 

He ran down the stairs. And Ragini who was chasing him steeped in the stairs … And ” thud..!!” . ragini slipped and fell down , rolling down the stairs which resulted in a fracture in her leg.

Ragini shouted in pain while Laksh stood there glued to the ground in horror.

Flash back ends.

I closed my in guilt remembering that incident. Ragini returned to school after one month. And all those days I was feeling extremely guilty. But apart from this , what really bothered me was, she didn’t tell anyone that I was responsible for her condition. And when she returned, after apologizing and expressing that I was guilty, I asked her the same question. And even now I remember her reply.

” c’mon Laksh.. don’t be silly.. !! Just think if I had said that to anyone it would have resulted in enmity between us. And I’m someone who never ever want any enmity with anyone!! And about forgiving you… Remember FORGIVING IS GOOD , BUT FORGETTING IS BEST!!. And I forgot about that incident long back. So better you too forget it. And perhaps it was actually not you fault moreover. I should have watched out!!”.  

And that’s when I started LIKING her. Not just because of her reply, but I began to notice the small small things she did which depicted her innocent nature. helping her friends, always being polite to teachers, honesty, and her innocent smile. And eventually “O” and “V” replaced “i” and “k” from LIKE and it turned to “LOVE”. And that’s when I fell in love with her.

After getting to know that she is swara’s doctor. I did all possible things to go along with Swara. Only I know how much struggle I did. How I begged my brother, buttering him, praising him with all sorts of words which I never dreamt I’ll be doing, just to see her.. just see her Angelic face. But I never thought that she will be thinking that Swara is my wife. If all these misunderstanding hadn’t entered , we would have been married months ago!

Keeping my thoughts aside I entered my room and looked at clock.

12:35?? … Hmm..!! What shall I do now..?? I’m not getting sleep.. Haan.. let me call Ragini… I said and picked my phone. I dialled her number.

hello Ragini.. I said when the call connected.

hmm Haan!!  I got her sleepy reply.

ragini.. you know what I’m not getting sleep dr. I’m really nervous . And I waiting to see you tomorrow…  i spoke. All the while I was getting at least a ” hmm ” as reply. But now even that stopped.

hello?? Ragini..?? Are you there…?? I asked. And when didn’t got any reply, I ended the call and dialled her number again.

hello Ragini..!!  I said when she picked up the call.

haan Laksh.. i heard her sleepy reply.

are you sleeping?? I asked that unethical question.

no.. I was in coma!! Thank you for waking me up!!  i got her flabbergasted reply which was filled with sarcasm too.

good night..!! I got a short reply and she ended the call.

I laughed a little remembering her reply. She is annoyed. oh..shit I missed to see her annoyed face.

no I was in coma..thank you for waking me up.. I imitated her standing in front of the mirror.

I walked towards the bed and lied down. I hugged my pillow tightly, thinking that to be my Ragini and slowly drifted into sleep.!!

note: from now it will be narration. Not Ragini’s or Laksh’s pov.

the whole maheshwari mansion was beautifully decorated. Everyone are seen busy in doing works. After all it Laksh’s marriage.

The bride’s room is seen

Ragini is looking damn beautiful in her wedding attire. Her dark brown eyes were lined with eyeliner. Her plump lips was shaded in bright red color. Her hair was made into a bun. In short she was looking like a princess.

Groom’s room.

Laksh was looking too handsome in his sherwani.

Both were brought to the Mandap. And they were married with all rituals.

At night.

Ragini is sitting in the bed with ghoomghat on. Laksh enters the room and smiles looking at her. He goes and sits beside her. And removes her veil. He cups her face kisses her forhead.

im really lucky to have u ragini says Laksh looking at her. Ragini blushes and holds his hands.

laksh… I never confessed my feelings to you. I gave myself excuses for not doing so. I don’t know why I did like that. Even now I’m nervous even though you are my husband. I want to tell you those three words which are lingering in my throat. I…

She couldn’t speak more as Laksh, who was controlling hard looking at cute expressions finally smashed his lips on hers. It turned into a passionate kiss. They broke it when they felt breathless. He joined his forehead with hers. Both were panting.

can u say it now?? he asked panting.

i love you Laksh…!! Ragini finally confessed  closing her eyes.

i love you more Ragini.. says Laksh hugging her.

i love you most Laksh..!!said Ragini hugging him back..


The end..

i hope u guys liked it.. haven’t proof read so sorry for any mistakes. Please drop ur valuable comments. Chappals and tomatoes are also welcomed..!!

PS can anyone tell me how to include pics in the story..?? Please!!


With love,

Devihaa ❤

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