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Pyaar Hai Tumse – Prologue

It was the second time that she was dressed as a bride and about to get married the only difference being that the first time it was out of love and the second one was just a facade, an illusion created to silence the rumors surrounding the Hooda, Arora and Siddiqui family. A pretense to save the reputation of the families, pretense that Zoya had to agree to even if it was killing her to be a man’s wife who isn’t the love of her life, her Yash.

The red color of her lehnga reminded her of the color of blood, the bangles that she was wearing felt like shackles that were restraining her and the jewelry adorning her felt too heavy that Zoya felt herself crumbling under the weight. How had her life become like this and why? What wrong had she done that she was punished for this badly? All she did was love and trust Yash unconditionally and she still does. Could that be considered a crime? Why was she being tied to a man who resented her deeply?

Aditya’s condition, on the other hand, wasn’t much different. All the rituals he had to go through, every passing moment, all that fakeness reminded him of Pooja and the reality that he was getting married to Zoya, reminded him of Pooja’s betrayal. Was his love not enough for her?

Another thing that was bothering him was the persistently irritating him was the weird kind of satisfaction that had settled in his heart whenever the thought of Zoya officially becoming Zoya Aditya Hooda came into his mind. Now he’ll be able to protect that naive, gullible, foolish and stupid woman, and nobody would dare point a finger at him, at her, asking about their relationship, question the bond that they shared, demeaning the connection between them.

They will not be a normal couple ever was one thing that Aditya was sure of and the other being that he will protect Zoya, his wife, like a husband does and there will be no more betrayals.

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