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Porus 12th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Hasti Doubts Darius; Puru Saves Ambhi Raj

Porus 12th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Darius orders his soldiers to hide in barrels and not do any mistake that enemy will know of their presence. He stops seeing Hasti walking in. Hasti reminisces telling Pritha that he will not leave Pourav rastra before finding out truth behind his father’s murder. Pritha says he should not bother about it. He says he wants to find out if he is helping his father’s murderer and if Darius is behind murder. Out of flashback, Darius asks Hasti if he did not go yet. He says he was forgiven by Bamni, but he did not get the position his father had though. He says he wants to take revenge from Pouravs who killed his father and walks to even help Darius achieve his goal. Darius says he will give some work, Hasti has to guard these soldiers I barrels and make sure they reach Pourav rastra safely. On Barsin

and Kanishk’s wedding night, whole Pourav royal family will be killed.

Wedding celebrations start in Pourav rastra. Dancers dance an entertain. Barsin is applied mehandi on her hand. Darius walks in with Mauses and Farus. Anusuya fumes seeing him. Darius smirks at her and ignoring her addresses Kadika that soon his daughter will be her bahu. Kadika nods yes. Anusuya walks away. She goes to her room and from window watches a tornado heading towards palace.

Tornado heads towards Takshahsila and shatters all soldiers. It flies all soldiers. Ambi also flies, but Puru holds his hand tightly holding a tree tightly until tornado passes away, saving him. Pouravs on the other side see whole palace shattered after tornado. Anusuya says it is inauspicious and whatever is happening is a sign. Kanishk arrogantly says Puruis that inauspiciousness and says he got a news that Puru was seen heading towards Takshashila with dasyu girl and Ambhi kumar. Bamni fumes that Puru went to seek Ambhi’s help, he cannot believe Puru can stoop so low and continues fuming and says wedding will be after 2 days. Darius says he is right and asks Mauses to bring gifts.

Ambhi raj asks Puru why did he save him. Puru says he does not want to waste his supporter. Ambhi says he seems to be up to something, his mother would not want him to attack his father, what is his motto. Puru says he understood it right, he wants to kick out Farsis from his Bharath. Ambhi’s spy comes and informs Bamni fixed Kanishk and Barsin’s wedding after 2 days. Puru says it is Darius’ plan, they have to reach before wedding. Ambhi asks how will he cross Jhelum river.

In Macedonia, Alexander gets ready for traveling. Olympia shows him her messengers and says he will write a letter to her daily and these messengers will bring it to her, will he write letters or not. He says he will and says he will make her name famous in whole world. She says she does not need fame, but her son’s safety. She gives him headgear and says he should write his fate from his hands. Alexander walks among soldiers and rides his horse.

Farsis bring barrels under Farus and Hasti’s guidance. Hasti says he is remembering his father a lot, if Farus saw Shivdutt killing her father. He says no as he was targeting Anusya. Anusuya walks in and asks Farus what are in these barrels. Farus says gifts for Barsin. She asks ifs she can see them. Farus says he cannot as it is Darius’ order. She insists to check and asks to inform Pourav queen ordered. She asks to pen one barrel. Darius and Mauses watch from a distance. Farus opens barrel slowly. Anusuya peps in and sees gifts instead. Farus says this is Faras’ finest jewelry and even previous saffron is coming. Darius thinks this is nothing, Anusuya will be surprised soon. Anusuya thinks where is Puru.

Precap: Puru says Ambhi if he is happy with his work, he should give his army support to build a bride and reach Pourav rastra to stop Darius.

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