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Paramavatar Shri Krishna 12th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Mata dhara is beaten.

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 12th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with yashoda saying from today no butter will be made in this house. She goes. Kanha sits and collects all butter in a broken piece of earthen pot, kanha collects the butter and radha comes. radha says kanha what did you do? Kanha says what did I do gopi? Radha says you only told yashoda kaki about her butter and made her angry, that is why she broke all pots and took this decision. Kanha says gopi what is my mistake in this? You don’t know anything, I have spoken in this way many times with mother and she has never reacted like this until today. Kanha says I have to see what happened.
There kansa is with mata dhara and mata dhara says kansa I will not tell you anything, anything at all. You can torture me as you like but you will never get your answers kansa.

Kansa gets angry and calls his demoness and says just tell mata dhara what it is to deny bhagwan kansa what he wants.
There yashoda sits and nand, brij bhanu, kirti, damodar and balram come. Nand says what is this yashoda? Why did you get so angry and react like this? Kanha just said the butter did not taste good. Yashoda says I don’t want to tell you anything, this is my decision and I will say no more. Nand is confused and thinks why is yashoda acting like this? Yashoda goes angrily. Kanha says father, I made mother sad, let me talk with her, I will convince her. Kanha goes to yashoda and says mother talk to me, please talk to me. Yashoda goes as kanha goes behind her convincing her and asking for forgiveness. The song shree Krishna govind hare murari plays! The rishi’s dance to this song as kanha tries to convince his mother. Yashoda says enough kanha, now no one will disturb me, yashoda closes the door and locks herself inside. Kanha goes away sadly.
There a demoness comes and says dhara give bhagwan kansa what he wants. Mata dhara says no! demoness starts beating mata dhara with a whip. Mata dhara screams in pain. Here in her room, yashoda feels the beatings and she screams in pain too, she says no stop it. Stop! Mata dhara gets beaten and she says no stop it. There yashoda says no stop it. Nand and everyone else come to the door and say open yashoda, what happened? Balram breaks open the door and everyone get inside. Yashoda says no kansa stop beating, stop it. Nand says kansa? Kanha comes and sees this, he thinks the reason to my mother’s trouble is kansa, her pain is kansa, everything is kansa, kansa, kansa. Kanha goes. Nand goes and holds yashoda and says what happened? There mata dhara falls unconscious and here yashoda falls unconscious too. nand picks her and puts her on bed and doctor is called. Brij bhanu says what has happened to bhabhi yashoda? Nand says yes, she seems to be in pain. brij bhanu says at least we know the reason to this is kansa. Balram says where is kanha? Mata yashoda is in pain and not well and kanha is not here? I think some problem is up, I have to go and see, damodar says even I will come, both damodar and balram go.
There kansa sees mata dhara unconscious and says what have you done? You killed her? She was the key to knowing Vishnu’s truth and you killed her. Kansa presses the neck of the demoness and the demoness says no bhagwan she has just fainted. Kansa leaves the demoness and says fainted? Demoness says yes bhagwan, she fainted but you will get the answer as her mamta will tell you the truth. Kansa laughs.
There laxmi says how is mata yashoda feeling what mata dhara is feeling? Lord Vishnu says devi, mata yashoda is no one but mata dhara’s form, I promised mata dhara that she would be my mother in all the lifetime’s and she would raise me as a child, so mata yashoda is her form only who has taken care of kanha.

Precap: kansa sends a demon to vrindavan. Yashoda goes on a hill and is in pain, she says kansa I will tell you the truth, lord vishnu’s form is no one but Krishna.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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