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One shot on Adiya ( Bepannha)

watching today’s episode this idea poped in my my mind.

Over an year passed while working together in zosh .Both zoya and aditya work together on every event but today he is not there with her . He is busy with his flight schedule. She was missing him badly, but what to she busy her mind in was mehendi ceremony and bride was quite happy with the arrangements all girls are sitting and giggling when bride asked her for mehendi and she happily sit for that…again she thought of him that how mistakenly she wrote his name and this time a big smile was on her face.

“mam what name is to be wrriten on mehendi interrupted by designer.

“that I will write myself she said.

“omg look at him he is so cute and handsome girls admired him with open mouth.

She turns her face towards the man and her expression changed from smilely face to angry face.

He entered in white transparent kurta ,buttons open till chest and was busy on mobile.

“Aditya  you here, but u were on your flight na.. asked angry zoya.

Before he answer all girls just jumped on him with their mobiles and he starts giving different poses.

He excused himself and turn towards her, but she was not there…

He checked whole venue and finally finds her sitting in park on bench..

Adi : so you are here and I was wandering from here and there.

Zo : so you can find more girls to just flatter on you

Adi: so madam is in bad mood

Zo: and what a wife should do when she saw girls just cling on her husband.

Adi : zoyaa.. I am only yours , and you know that…

Zo: yes ,I know that but you should tell them also… but no u were busy with ignoring your wife who was having mehendi on her hand for you.

Adi: really…and took her palms in his hand.. but where is my name..

Zo: wo I thought , I will make you write that..

Adi: so come what are you waiting for..

Zo : no not like this..

Adi : then..

Zo : first you tell me how you are here..u were..

Adi: I was missing you ,and I know my wife will take all work on her head so to help you out I came… but my fate instead of welcoming me with a hug or a kiss u are sitting here with angry face..

Zo: adii… I m sorry..i ..(thought of something).. come with me..

Adi : her mood swings…sighed and follows her..

Zoya went to the function area..and give an angry glare  to all the girls..

Zoya (loudly): miss please pass me a cone my husband will himself write his name on my hand.. ADITYA come please write ur name..

Again give shooting dagger towards the girls

All girls are looking with open mouth towards them and adi was writing his name on her hand and thinking “how childish his wife is..

So this is part one of this shot next part will be posted soon..

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