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Not Tommorow But Now: part-2: by aisha

Months passed. One fine morning she goes to office as usual .she finds a person sitting in pulkit`s place, she asks her friend “who is he? And why is he sitting in pulkit`s chair?” her friend replies “after pulkit left this job his position was empty for many months. So the manager employed him. From now he is also a colleague in our office. Really! Yami ur should meet him . he is too funny and cool. He is more jovial than pulkit.” Yami didn`t like it that her friend compared someone else with pulkit so she said to her“ no! pls don`t compare him with pulkit. Pulkit is unique. No one can replace him.” Her friends says “I know how much u love pulkit! But see now he won`t return back. It is very important to move on in life. How many days more will be disappointed thinking about him?” yami replies“no I am not disappointed I am fine”. Her friend smiles at her and leaves.
Yami goes to take her sit she sees the person sitting in pulkit`s chair{next to yami}, she sees him typing some timing seriously, she peeps and looks into the screen and finds some mistake in his work so she presses the backspace key and types something.he tells“thanks!”. She sits in her seat.he comes to her and says“hi! This is ayushmann”

Y:- hi!
A:- I am new here.
Y:- I know!
A:- so friends? I know we r already friends right? (he smiles)
Y:- who said that we r already friends?
A:- ok! just kidding Let`s be friends.
Y:- ok! *she smiles*
A:- so ur name?
Y :- yami! Yami gautham!
A:- oh! So yami I think ur too serious!
Y:- means?
A:- nothing!so let`s go for dinner tonight ? what do u say?

Y:- (gives him a serious look)dinner?
A:- ok, not dinner. But at least a coffee.
Y:- ok!
In the afternoon, yami is busy with her work and finds that no one r on their work then she gets up from her chair and finds all the colleagues forming a group . there she finds ayushmaan sitting in the middle and she hears his voice cracking jokes and she smiles it reminds her of pulkit because pulkit was the entertainer for all in their office.

She says “what`s all going on here? U know if boss will come here we will get scolding’s badly from him. And mr.ayushmann…” ayushmann continues “khurrana! Ayushmann khurrana!” yami continuous “ whatever! So mr.khurrana this is office not any place where u can enjoy” their bose continue “why not? Not only work every time, they must be fun too. Ayushmann u continue I should leave now”. Ayushmann smile at him and yami. Yami walks away but returns back when she heard someone talking about her. Ayushman continues“ u know what! U people r very good. Except yami, she is every time angry like a angry bird! I don`t think she like happiness every time she is like a angry bird” yami turns her head and smiles she remembers that pulkit used to call her angry bird. She walks towards the crowd and says

Y:- (ahem!ahem) mr. khurrana!
A:- *slowly speaks* angry bird! Came again!
Y:- can I talk with u?
A:- s sure!
Y:- not here
Ayushmann tells to the crowd:- guys! See u afterward.bye!
They both walk .

Y:- mm………so can we be friends?
A:- ofcourse! Why not!* speaks slowly*(this is what I am waiting for)
Y:- what did u say now?
A:- nothing!
y:- so dinner for night?
A:- *with over happiness * s sure. Sharp 8:30 tonight.
Y:- ok!
A:- can I take ur number if u don`t mind?
Y:- I am having ur number I will message u.
A:- ok!
Y:- bye!
A:- bye!
Yami leaves. Ayushmann stares at her. Soon they both leaves
That night approximately at 8:30pm. Yami calls her friend and tells her to come to her house.her friend comes there. Yami gets ready.and talks to her friend.

Y:- how am i?
F:- good! But r u going some where?
Y:- s! I am going out for dinner with (she slips her tounge and says) pulkit!
F:- what? pulkit? Did he come here?
Y:- arey! Not pulkit, with ayushmann!
F:- oh! That`s great!
At 8:45pm she gets a call from a unknown number. She lifts the call. And the opposite person says “hi yami! This is pulkit! How r u?”
Y:- pulkit? U?
(her friend asks her to put the call on speaker)
P:- s. I am sry! I didn`t call u from many days. Actually, I am busy with my work.
Y :- it`s ok.
P:- thanks for understanding, love u bestie.and I want to tell u something important u know what u can`t believe! But I am in relationship now! One minute I will send u her pic see and tell me how is she? I know she is perfect.
(yami is in a shock and she won`t speak anything)
P:- hello! R u there! I know how happy ur now! And soon we r getting married!
yami leaves her phone. Pulkit cuts the call. She tells her friend to leave her alone from sometimes .her friend leaves she breaks down and cries.

mean while, ayushmann comes to yami`s house and her friend tells him that she can`t come for dinner. Ayushmann asks her the reason, she tells him about pulkit. Ayushmann says that he will go and talk to yami. He goes to her opens the door and finds her siting in a corner of the room and crying badly. He silently walks in and sits beside her.

A:- what if he leaves u?
Yami turns her head and looks at remembers her of the words she told to pulkit when he was in a heartbreak!
A:- life has many choices, one of them is pulkit.

U chose him because u don`t know that it is the wrong option. But u have still more options. Think about them. And this time don`t choose the wrong option again. Whatever u feel is right just do it don`t think more. Because I know ur never wrong. And know what love is never wrong it is a best feeling of all and people do many wrong thinks saying that it is love but if ur wrong it`s not ur love.

Yami looks at him and smiles.
A:- this is my good angry bird! Always smiling!
Months passed. Yami and ayushmann spent a lot of time together. So guys, let`s take a quick look of all their moments.
Tujhse kiya hai dil ne bayaan
Kiya nigaahon ko zubaan
Waada wafaa ka kiya

Tujhse liya hai khud ko mila
Liya duaavon ka sila
Jeene ka sapna liya…
Dil ke makaan mein
Tu mehmaan rahaa, rahaa
Aankhon ki zubaan
Kare hai bayaan kahaa ankahaa…

Kuch toh hai tujhse raabta
Kuch toh hai tujhse raabta
Kyun hai yeh kaise hai yeh tu bata
Kuch toh hai tujhse raabta

Hmm.. Meherbani jaate jaate mujhpe kar gaya
Guzarta saa lamha ek daaman bhar gaya
Tera nazaara mila, roshan sitaara mila
Taqdeer ka jaise koi ishaara mila
Tera ehsaan lage hai jahan mein khila
Haan khila..
Sapno mein mere tera hi nishaan mila
Haan mila…

Kuch toh hai tujhse raabta
Kuch toh hai tujhse raabta
Kyun hai yeh kaise hai yeh tu bata
Kuch toh hai tujhse raabta
One fine evening, ayushmann calls out yami for a dinner and proposes her yami accepts his proposal.
Na koi hain plays:-
Jab koi baat bigad jaaye
Jab koi mushkil pad jaaye
Tum dena saath mera o humnava

Na koi hai, na koi tha
Zindagi mein tumhare siva
Tum dena saath mera o humnava
Na koi hai, na koi tha
Zindagi mein tumhare siva
Tum dena saath mera o humnava
After some months yami and ayushmann decide to get married. so all the preparations were done on a day before their engagement. yami and ayushmann were busy sitting and talking about the arrangements of their approaching engagement. yami receives a call but feels tensed to lift the call it was pulkit`s call ayushmann asks her to keep the speaker on pulkit asks her that he need to meet her. Yami doesn’t want to go because she feels that now again she can`t change her mind and leave ayushmann. But ayushmann asks her to be strong and go and talk to pulkit. Yami asks ayushmann to come with her.
Yami and ayushmann goes to pulkit. Yami gets tensed and catches ayushmann`s hand tightly. Pulkit looks at them and their holding hands:-
P:- yami! Can I talk to u for sometime?
Y:- s!
Ayushmann leaves yami`s hand and walks away. Yami looks at him,and tells“where r u going?” ayushmann smiles at her and nodded his head . yami knows that ayushmann will never leave her alone. Ayushmann goes and hides at the back of a wall and keeps listening to their conversation.
P:- yami! What is this?
Y:- my…..diary ……… how did u get it?
P:- I am not talking about ur diary I am talking about those feelings u had towards me why didn`t u ever told me that u love me this much?
Y:- I have told u many times but u never took my words serious, my feelings seriously.but ayushmann understood me better than u, he value my words, he value my love.
Tears of happiness role of ayushmann`s eyes he wished that he could be there at this moment. And gave a huge smile to himself.

Y:- life is not always a joke! Sometimes there r things which u should taken seriously if u have understood me that day instead of ayushmann today u would be in his place. But the time is over no more chance I can give u I trusted u waited months for u but u didn`t care. When u were not with me ayushmann became my strength, he showed me the way to move on. And I know he is the one who can make me happy throughout my life. He is my everything.
P:- ok! As u said even I know to move on in life. Good bye!
Pulkit leaves. Yami helplessly sits on a bench near by, suddenly someone comes and keeps their hand on her shoulder, she looks at him, s it is ayushmann!
He speaks these few magical word from his mouth
“Yahin hoon main
Yahin hoon main
Kahin na gaya tujhe chhod ke main
Yahin hoon main
Yahin hoon main
Jiya hoon tujhe hi toh odh ke main”
Yahi hoon main plays:-

And they lived happily ever after.


hi everyone! Ur Aisha here. So this is my second non-serial o.s. and I very happy with the response of the first one. Hope u enjoyed this one too. And a very big sry for pulkit fans, sometimes expect the unexpected.So please do share ur valuable comments!!
Keep smiling! Be happy, be safe!
Take care!see u soon!bye!



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