Thursday , October 29 2020


Part 5
Shivaay happily enters ansh’s room.

S- hey champ!!!!
A- yess dad.
S- guess what?
A(grumpily)- i am in no mood to guess.
S- okay okay!!  there is a news for you.
A- what, that i had got admission in boston university.
S- oh no no.. i talked to your dadi and after a long arguement finally!! she agreed to your demands.
A- really!! dad i can’t believe it.
S- yess its true.
A- dadi was so determined, that i still can’t believe that she agreed.
Annika enters
An- i knew your dad is the only person who can make her understand.
A- yes mom i knew it, my dad is my saviour.
An(jealous)- then what about me??
A- you are my first love mom..
S- hey champ!!! watch it, she is my first love…
A- but mine too, oh!!! come on dad, we can share her.
An- oh!! i am a paratha or what?? that you both will share me.
S- drama queen!! stop it, here we are fighting because of you and still you are getting annoyed with us only..
A- oh ho!! enough of your banter mom and dad, now let’s just hug it out to celebrate my happiness…
S- yeah of course.
An- here i come.
The trio engulf each other in hug savouring their happiness.

Pinky also enters ansh’s room.

P- oh sorry!! i disturbed you all i will come later.
A- no no!! dadi nothing like that you come na..
P- i am sorry my dear i made you upset na.
A- its okay dadi now you are with me; its enough for me.
An- yes mom don’t think about this anymore.
S- yess now we should be happy that everything is alright.
P- you all my children are so good, that you forgave me in just few minutes, how sweet you all are.
A- dadi it is because we are decendent of Pinky singh oberoi the sweetest oberoi we know.
P- why are you buttering me now??
A- its truth dadi and i love you.
P- love you too dear and i am sorry again..
A- no more sorries plzzz i hate sorries.
P- like father like son.
A- this thing, i know from the day of my birth.
An(muttering)- dad ka chamcha.
S(whispers)- if you want a chamchi we can still try.
An(blush)- shameless!! we have a boy of 15 now.
S- so what?
An- no i am happy with ansh.
S- your wish then.
A- mom dad what are you discussing alone.
An- nothing important.
A- then we must get into a famjly hug now; i need it badly.
S- why he is behaving like rudy?
A- daaad….
S- okay okay come!!!

Four of them hugs and everyone prays that ansh dreams come true and he stays happy.

Shivaay was too happy as he became successful by not letting the history repaet itself and protected his champ from breaking down. He was a hero a protector a saviour and knight for his family.

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