Part 4
Shivaay hastily returns to oberoi mansion and directly lands in his mothers room.

S(angrily)- mom mom where are you?
P- yes!! shivaay, why are you screaming? as if earthquake has come
S- what do you want?
P(startled)- means?
S- i said, what do you want from my son? why are you after him?
P- so your son has send you here.
S- no, i myself came here because this time it is going too far.
P- what do you mean by too far? i am his grandmom, i have a right to decide his future.
S- no mom, time has changed now, children themselves decide their future, not their parents.
P- why you three of you behaving like i am a villain in your son’s life?
S- because you are acting like one.
P- so now you will talk like this to your mom.
S- i am just saying, stop interferring in ansh’s life.
P- he is dreaming of becoming a pity singer and you want me to not interfer, if he will do these things, then how will he hold his responsibilities in oberoi empire, he has to study business.
S- oberoi empire, oberoi empire, oberoi empire, this empire has taken so much from me but i will not let it take my son’s dreams.
P- then what about the future of oberoi empire?
S- you are worried about the lifeless company; above my lively son’s heart.
P- don’t forget shivaay, what you are today is just because of my efforts and that company, who has given you heights of success.
S- don’t you think on the name of company you have imposed your desires on me and now on my child?
P- what do you want to say? That i am selfish and i don’t care about you two.
S- exactly mom!!  you are selfish; you are so blind of your power and position that you can’t see the happiness of my champ.
P- its not like that, i am just trying to set him.
S- oh please!! on the name of good career and company, you destroyed my dream mercilessly but i beg you don’t do this to my son; if he is happy with singing, then let it be, i don’t want him to be a shivaay, who always suppressed his own dreams to complete others.
P- so you want to say i crushed your dreams?
S(despaired)- yes mom you and only you is the sole reason.
You know what i feel suffocated sometime that i shivaay singh oberoi is so useless and worthless that he even can’t make his own dream come true.
You know what i adjusted myself in this suppression because i didn’t have anyone to support but my son he have his parents beside him to love and support; he is not alone at all.
I want him to sing for his career not as a hobby because he is not shivaay who converted his passionate desires into hobby, he is not shivaay and i will not let him be one; NOT MY SON mom NOT MY SON…

Saying all his frustrations in one go shivaay’s eyes reflected his pain that was supressed for a long time, anger and despair came back flowing as a dam has been broken; by then pinky as a mother felt bad for her son as she saw the mirror of truth, she felt guilty for her deeds.

P(guilty)- i am sorry shivaay, i didn’t knew that what i snatched from you was so dear to you please forgive me.
S- what is the need of forgiveness now the deed is already done.
P- please son!!
S- if you want me to forgive you, please don’t force my champ for anything, let him live in peace.
P- okay, i promise.
S- thank you mom!!! atleast now you understood.
P- i am sorry again, i can’t tell you how guilty i am feeling now.
S- mom, we can’t reverse the past.
P- but we can change the future why don’t you start it afresh, you can still become what you want.
S- but!! how mom time has gone.
P- you are talking as if you are dead; nothing is gone, if you will fulfill your dream, my guilt of crushing your dream will rid away, please!!! son for me.
S- okay, i will think about it but firstly, i need to give my son this good news he was so upset in the morning let me enlighten his mood.
P- sorry again..
S- stop this now mom you realised it that’s enough for me and no more sorries..
P- what can i do son?? after seeing your anger and despair this is the only word i am able to speak.
S- sorry mom!!! i would have not spoken with you like that, the only thing that triggered me was my son’s happiness nothing else;  i didn’t wanted the history to repeat itself, i didn’t wanted another shivaay in making, its just that i love my champ to infinity and can’t bear his sadness
P- you are a good father; a best parent to your child, unlike me.
S- mom……
P- okay okay!!!! go to your son before he start singing his sad songs.

After a heartfelt convo shivaay leaves and pinky’s face looked like that she was still guilt striken but she can’t do anything to get rid of it because the deed was already done.

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