Tuesday , October 20 2020


Part 3
On the same day pinky herself takes the admission form to ansh.

P- ansh take this form and fill it.
A(curious)- may i know what type of form is this?
P(excited)- your admission form of boston university, the same university where your dad got his business degree.
A(angrily)- you started it again.
P- what i have started?
A- i think i have told you earlier that i am not intersted in business.
P- i m not asking about your intrest, i am here to help you decide a best career other than this singing.
A(frustrated)-what is wrong in singing?
P- everything and you need to understand that oberoi empire is your future.
A- no it is not.
P- don’t try to behave like your father.
A- means?
P(casually)- he too in his teens was obsessed with having a career in culinary like stupid and was not ready to understand the real value of oberoi empire and you too ansh is behaving like the same.
A(heartbroken)- why do you do that? He is the  best cook i have known.
P(boasting)- but what he is today it is because i made him opt a business career not some culinary or whatever you say that; the luxury you are provided with is because of this business and i think i have explained much i want this form filled today only.
A- but daadi i want dream to come true.
P- then change your dreams.
A- no, not at all.
P- ansh don’t argue just do as i say.

Pinky starts to leave and ansh from behind says that i am not going to do this.

A(in mind)- i have to call dad now, the water is overhead only my dad can save me, my saviour.

Ansh calls shivaay

A- hello…
S- hey champ.
A- dad you didn’t talk with daadi na..
S(slyly)- oh! i was busy yesterday but i am trying to make it up today.
A(upset)- if you didn’t do it today, i will suicide or will run away from this house.
S(angrily)- ansh!! what are you saying?
A- i am saying, what i am feeling right now.
S- but what has happened that you are talking like this?

Ansh tells everything which happened between him and pinky listening to this shivaay got hell angry.

S(angry as hell)- i am coming in one hour and you just don’t need to worry till your dad is alive, nobody is going to crush your dream, okay!!! and don’t be upset.
S(in mind)- mom this is not right, why are you doing this, what you done with me i accepted it but not this, not my son mom i will not accept it.

Shivaay while riding the car walked down the memory lane of the same day when his dreams of being a chef was crushed mercilessly.


S(excited)- mom!!! see what i have made today a new dish.
P(casually)- that’s nice, keep it aside and listen to me, i have something for you.
S- what is it mom?
P- i have got you an admission form of boston university for your business studies.
S- but why mom i have already applied for a international culinary course?
P(angrily)- no you are not going for any type of these course you must study business.
S- but why mom?
P- because you are heir of oberoi’s and you are going to carry on our legacy and you have to become the next chairman of oberoi empire and have to look after our business.
S- but mom what about my dreams?
P(emotinal atyaachaar)- are your dreams more important than your mother?
S- mom but..
P(cutting shivaay in b/w)- no no tell me clearly, that i am not important; when you were born, i always dreamt that my son will become a big business tycoon and will rule this world.
S(pleading)- i want to be a chef.
P- okay then you have to decide between your dream and mom.
S- how is it possible??  I love you mom.
P- then do as i say…

Shivaay came back to reality and realised his eyes were wet he controlled his ownself and determined himself to let not anyone crush his beloved son’s dream be it her own mother he will not allow anyone to crush the dreams of his own child.

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