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Nimki Mukhiya 12th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Kishan doesn’t give Tettar ticket

Nimki Mukhiya 12th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Babbu says its love. Nimki dances with him on an old song. She realizes she was dreaming all this. Nimki hears some noise. She looks out. Jhariya and his pal are sleeping. Nimki sees thugs coming in. She says they are robbers and they have weapons too. What should i do? I can’t let them enter my house. Nimki throws oil everywhere on entrance of the house. Phone rings. Dadi says parbatiya why are you not picking it. its Sweeti. Sweeti says no one is picking it. Dadi must have slept. Dablo says in heart that means satu has started his work.

Satu and his friend enter the house. Nimki sees them from behind the sofa. THey slip on the oil. They try to get up but can’t enter. Dadi says what noise is this? She sees them and screams.. thieves. Nimki says to dadi they are in my room. Dadi says how did you come here? She says I walked. I was scared to see those robbers. I was worried for you. she takes out her gun and says let me check. Nimki says let them take what they want we are not poor but we can’t let them harm us. she says how dare they enter our house. This is Tettar’s house. Dadi takes her gun and goes out. They come to nimki’s room. No one is there. DAdi says they ran away. The thugs try to go out.

Scene 2
Ritu tettar and babbu come to Kishan. He says we are here to request for the ticket. Nehar comes. he says what do you wanna tell him? That you used Nimki and wedding for all this. And these people keep changing parties. Babbu says how dare you. He takes out his gun. Kishan says how dare he take out his gun in front of me. Take your son away from here. Tettar and babbu leave.

Dadi says jhariya mango and parbatiya what are they doing? how dare them enter the house. And why did you cross the limit. Nimki says came to save you. She says shut up.
Precap-Dadi slips on the oil. Nimki gives her hand but dadi doesn’t take her hand. Nimki says you can touch animals but not me.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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