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My Husband! Twinj OS by a silent reader

My husband. One shot.

Hello everyone! I’m a Tashan e ishq fan! I am actually a silent reader and I have never written a story before. I’m posting a one shot on our twinj but I have no idea how to write stories so if you don’t like my story please try to understand.I have read almost every os and ff of twinj on telly updates. I cannot reveal my name so you can call me Katrina as she is my favourite actress.

Let’s start

It was a or ordinary morning for twinkle .. she was jogging in the park close to here house when a guy joined her morning session..yes of course our Kunj .

T : hey! You woke up this early?

K : yeahhh! You can’t even imagine how difficult it is for me.

(Guys kunj already loves twinkle as they are family friends .. twinkle is aware about it but does not feel the same way about him. They live close to each other.)

Twinkle had to leave as it was a Friday morning so she has to leave for college aswell.

T : I need to go. Bye. See you later.

K : Bye!

Twinkle started to leave when kunj shouted “TWINKLE!”

Twinkle turned to find kunj with a very cute smile on his face and his eyes showing love and affection.

“Yes?” Twinkle asked

“I love you” was what kunj wanted to say ..

Twinkle just smiled and went back home. Although he said those words to her almost everyday but everytime she felt different. She thought it was because he was a handsome guy and it made her give goosebumps just like any other girl.

It was afternoon now and twinkle had come back early.. she had food and was sitting on her bed checking her instagram when kunj gave her a call .

T : hello!

K : Hi!

T : what happened? You want to say something?

K : yes! Actually today was my first day at my dad’s office and it went amazing! So I wanted to take you out for dinner..!? May I?

T : so Mr.Sarna.. you are asking me out on a date?

K : uh… you know me girl!

T : okay! When and where?

K : get ready by 7! I will pick you up!

T : okay bye!

K : Bye Sweetheart!

Twinkle felt happy that kunj wanted to share his happiness with her and kunj was on cloud nine when twinkle accepted his proposal of date.

Later that Day

Twinkle wore a beautiful dress as she didn’t want to look bad on kunj’s happiest day.

Kunj reached on time .. he was amazed by how gorgeous she can look.

K : you look amazing dude!

T : Thank you!

Twinj had a delicious dinner while telling each other’s glances.

K : Twinkle! I want to say something!

T : yes please

K : you know ..  your college is going to be over in less than a week and then you’ll be doing a job..

T : Yes of course

K : I want you to work after marriage . You should get married first..

T : um… okay but who’ll allow me to work after marriage? And why do you think so?

K : I will. I want you to marry me.

T : But..

K : Please twinkle… I will try my best to behave the way you want.. be like the guy of your dreams.

T : it’s not about that Kunj! Of coursei can marry you as I know I can trust you whenever I want and you will be there for me but our parents?

K : I have already sent my parents to your house …to talk about this.

T : WHAT???


T : you are unbelievable!

K : I love you.

T : I know .

K : I will wait for the day when you say the same to me.

T : Me too!

Kunj smiled at her last words..somewhere inside she also wanted to marry him..to be with him..she felt loved when she was with him.

Kunj’s parents called him and informed about the good news that twinj will soon tie a knot. Twinkle with his to be husband left the place and reached Taneja Mansion where everyone was waiting .

(Guys I am a Muslim so I don’t have any idea about Hindu weddings so let’s just jump on the wedding day as its a os not a fan fic)

Wedding day : (31 March) (My birthday)

It was a wedding of two souls… everyone was happy and felt blissful seeing everything being done beautifully and our couple becoming one. Kunj was of course the happiest guy on the planet at the moment.

Twinkle and Kunj’s wedding took place and they were declared as husband and wife .

There had been no hurdles in there lives as not every story should have trouble..some have only love , trust and peace!

Wedding night :

Kunj came into the room while Twinkle was sitting on the bed. She explained how she didn’t want to have s*x with him as she doesn’t love him till now. Kunj was very much sad but also respected her so decided to wait .

One year later :

Twinkle had fallen for Kunj ..his care…his eyes..everything! And she was going to confess it.

Kunj was back from the office and was sitting on the sofa removing his tie when twinkle came and sat beside him

T : Kunj…I want to say something

K : Yes sweetheart?

T : are you happy with this marriage?

K : ofcourse! You are my love

T : I know but I never behave the way you want

K : it’s okay if you don’t love me..it’s been a year and I can wait for a few years more. Take your time .


K : it’s okay..wait what?


K : are you serious?

T : obviously

Kunj got up and so did Twinkle. Twinkle thought kunj didn’t like it so she was already in tears but why didn’t he like it? Was he expecting something else?

Kunj cleared her tears and hugged her tight. Twinkle knew what was coming so she said ..

“I want to have your kids”

Kunj kissed her..hard…. this one year had been very difficult for him and twinkle knew that. Living in the same room, sleeping in the same bed but kunj still didn’t touch her. Now it was enough for him. He kept kissing her and even took out her shirt. They were soon both naked and on the bed.

4 years later :

Twinkle and kunj had a daughter named “Urwa” and another baby girl named “Mawra” who were twins.

But today she had given birth to their son “Ayaan” and this was how happy the two were. The twin sisters were delighted to have a brother!

Urwa was in kunj’s arms in the room where twinkle was sitting with Mawra and Ayaan. The baby’s name was decided way before he was born.

M : papa! Let’s take Ayaan and mom home na!

U : Yes papa!

K : yes we will go home soon my girls!

2 days later

Twinkle and kunj were back with their babies …their life was perfect. They were living in Delhi very happily.

(Don’t ask me how their babies have Muslim names because I have no idea)


My first piece of writing. I have no idea what have I written. I haven’t read this again so please ignore mistakes. I know it was short and very fast but I can’t help it. I haven’t written anything like this before and I thought of the story on the spot.

Thank you to everyone for reading!

Stay happy and cool! Please comment!

Bye lovelies!





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