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Mehrya My version Part 70

Next day morning, Shaurya comes to Sharma Nivas with a physiotherapist. The Sharma’s questions him asking why he is here. He explains Mehak needs therapy so I arrange a house call service so they can come to house to do the therapy. They lashes at him saying they don’t need all these and will arrange for Mehak on their own. PD went there and stops them saying he is this house son in law and don’t treat him like that, she holds his hand and ask the therapist to follow her and later went upstairs to Mehak’s room. Mehak was sitting on the bed with pillows rested at her back as support. Her hair was neatly tied into plaits and she look adorable in her kurta. She was chirpy and asking Kanta chachi enough I can’t eat more, I will be so fat. Chachi asking her to be quite, as she must eat and get better soon and continue to stuff more inside her mouth. She saw Shaurya at the room entrance and became quiet, Kanta chachi saw him and asked him to come inside. He step inside the room and ask the therapist to follow as well. He told them this is the physiotherapist and will come here daily to do the therapy as advice by the doctors. Mehak quickly said I don’t want to do any therapy, Kanta chachi immediately quiets her and said it’s all for your own good don’t say anything and do the therapy. Mehak just obliged as she have no choice. Kanta chachi asked Shaurya to sit down but he said he have some urgent work and leaving informed them anything just call him he will come immediately. He watched Mehak slowly gets up from bed as the therapist assist her and she moved few steps he sees her and leave from there.

At wee hours Shaurya will come in and goes to sit next to Mehak and spend some time seeing her. Kanta chachi also paired up with Nehal and thinks the men in the house are simply creating more problems as it is Mehak and Shaurya are having some issues and as grown up they should help them to patch up together. Shaurya caresses her hair gently and admires her, she will smile in her sleep and he loves that moment very much. He whispered to her, once all okay and you get better soon, you will be smiling like this all the time. He kissed on her head and leaves from there. Kanta chachi ask him to get rest, he wished her good night and leave from there.

Next day at the Sharma’s living area all were sitting and discussing. Jeevan chachu suggested to go temple and seek blessings on Mehak’s recovery. Daduji suggested as she is having many obstacles and problem, might as well check her kundali and see if there is any Pooja can be conducted so she will be better. Ravi chachu suggested a temple located at the outskirts of Delhi as he heard people says feeling very good after prayers and everything gets fine after goes to that temple, shall we go there? I can arrange the transport and all will go Nehal will stay with Mehak and both rest at home.  All agreed to his suggestion and gets ready for the prayers. In the meantime Nehal, Kanta chachi and PD called Shaurya and put the mobile in speaker mode and told him about their outing and ask him to go home and convince Mehak, now she injured and recovering so she won’t have a chance of running away from you. Shaurya chuckled at their idea and ask them to pray for all and hang up.

Morning all get ready and leave the house, Mehak was at her bed and Kanta chachi quickly plaits her up and remind both Nehal and Mehak to eat their meals and she reminded Nehal to give Mehak her medicines and not to forget to do the physiotherapy at home. Mansi chachi came up looking for her and ask Kanta chachi to quick as all are awaiting for her. Mehak hugged Kanta chachi and asked her to relax and pray for everyone and they both will be fine. Kanta chachi kissed her on her forehead and leave from there.

Soon all left from there and Nehal with Mehak assisting to do some movements on her arms gently as taught by the therapist. Nehal left her at room as she realized she was informed earlier by her mom to dry up the clothes at terrace and she told Mehak to wait there she will go and do that first. Mehak sat on the bed bored waiting for Nehal, just then a male figure stand in front of her room entrance covering his face with a flower bouquet, Mehak looked and ask who are you? Without even pressing doorbell just coming into the house and now coming into the room as well. She was horrified to see the figure but she need to act brave, the figure walked towards her and Mehak warned look show your face or else I will scream or she looked around and found her crutches is nearby and said will break your head with this. Before she strikes, the figure come forward and give her the flower bouquet and screamed motti laddoo.

Mehak was surprised to see it was none other than Jagjeet Jaggu. She screamed in excitement Jaggu. You when you came to Delhi? He replied I am here past 2 weeks yaar, first accept this bouquet at least. Mehak showed one arm which is with splinters and the other wrist injured as well told him sorry yaar both hands are injured please put it here she show him the side table, he put the bouquet there. She asked him to sit down he pull a stool nearby and sat next to her. She asked about his family at village and about his work, she gets excited seeing him here indeed. He looked at her from head to toe and started to laugh madly. Mehak confused and asked him why are you laughing what is so funny now? He tries to contain himself and later once calmer he said we army men at border fighting enemies also never got injured like this, but you totally crushed just like crushed laddoo. He taunts her again, Mehak gets annoyed and said you laugh what to do it’s your time laugh and I am here stuck here hearing your lame joke. Then he stopped asked what happen yaar, didn’t you see the road properly before crossing, what have you done to yourself. He looked at her arms and leg. He asked are you doing your physiotherapy and all must do them on time and religiously then only fully recovered and can be normal or else you will be complaining like old people. Mehak responded yes all those therapies I am following , then he asked where are the people in house none here, she replied all went to temple to check her kundali because many ill-fated things happening to me so they want to see pandit Ji to check my kundali and ask for suggestion and conduct some puja. Then he laughed again if checking and doing puja and all does bad luck will go away and your kundali will become normal is it? She replied it seems I should have died run by a truck on me but saved from the truck and hit by a car. So all these are not humans error but my kundali that’s why let the elders to do something which will satisfy them I didn’t say anything to hurt their beliefs she add on. Jaggu asked where is Shaurya, she replied slowly he is at his home, might be busy with his work and all. Jaggu looked at her and said don’t lie, he is not that kind of man leave his injured wife and goes to work, and it must be you who is being stubborn. Mehak warned him to be quite and said she didn’t do anything wrong, Chachus wants her to be here so she is here resting and recovering. Jaggu mocked her don’t act as if nothing happens , I know you have misunderstandings with Shaurya and that’s why refuse to return home with him and staying here my Sheetal maasi told me, Sonal there is defending for you, it’s not like that , just that they want to take care of her here that’s why Mehak is here.  Mehak laughed at him and said Sheetal aunty always have something to say and poor Sonal don’t know how she is handling her, I have not seen her since she delivered and missing her and the baby. Then Mehak asked what is he doing at Delhi? He replied attending training and some courses for 6 weeks. Earlier schedule was tight from morning till night today my session was cancelled at last minute so I thought of dropping by to visit you. I thought when I come to Delhi you will be bring me out and show me everywhere and I can taste delicious home cooked food by famous chef Mehak Sharma but now I am looking at your condition I need to go out on my own, Sonal also just delivered and you are like this, your brother went to work, I came at the very wrong time to Delhi. Mehak laughed at him. You have another 4 week Jaggu, by then I will be fine then we go with Nehal to check out entire Delhi. He laughed at her cuteness said okay baba. She asked quickly how Pooja is. He made a funny face and shakes his head. She asked again what is it with your face answer me, how is she? He replied in low voice, we broke up yaar, Mehak got shocked and asked what? Broke up? Why what happen, when you two broke up. He ask her to calm down and too much excitement is not good for her , then he slowly open up , maybe this love etc. not meant for me yaar straight away get married will be better. Then Mehak ask him to talk properly what happen? Jaggu takes a deep breath and open up with her. What to say yaar, you know my job is not the typical 9-5 kind of job, she is expecting call all the time, when we are on duty we don’t carry mobiles all the time as we must be fully focused. When we get back to our dorm is already wee hours and I don’t call her back as its late already , then she will call and say you don’t love me anymore , you don’t care about me , you never reply messages etc. bla bla bla. She never understand yaar, so one day she called and said lets break up then I said okay fine this is the best for us.

Mehak looked at him in disbelief. She asked him seriously Jaggu your girlfriend want to break up and you just say okay and that’s it. He nodded what to do yaar, she called and she want to break up I said okay , if that is what makes her happy then let it be he answered without any remorse or sad feelings on his face. Mehak said, Jaggu can I tell you a secret? His eyes raised and asked what is it? She bend her body closer and said you are ullu. He turned and asked what? She laughed at his funny expression, and you say this is a secret is it calling me ullu? Mehak taunted him you are ullu Jaggu, if a girl wants to breakup or angry with you she wants your attention she wants you to console her pacify her or not the other way around. Jaggu look at her in disbelief, and snorted said I can’t understand these girl’s mind. Why they can’t be straight forward? Then she told him you are ullu, buddu if all happens easily then life have no excitement and no fun. Mehak adjusted her sitting position a bit and Jaggu help her sit properly, she said if Shaurya was in your place he will never give up. He will do all the madness that no one could ever imagined , once Kanta chachi taken restraining order against him he shouldn’t meet me or talk to me , you know what he did , he booked an entire Metro and decorated them and took me in there to propose and let out his heart’s content.  I am not asking you to do that but that’s Shaurya he will go to any extent. Jaggu laughed hearing this, Mehak smiled in proud feeling. Then she continued how he forcefully decorated the entire society and arrange their wedding without family member’s approval and he don’t care about anyone, how we went to put tattoo of her name on his chest. Jaggu wowed and said yaar your husband is the modern Majnun and you are his Laila, wish on next life I should be his lover. Mehak laughed and she choked as her throat gets dried up, he gets up and feed her the water. She told him Shaurya is mental as all his way of doing things is extreme and after you see that you can’t sleep due to the excitement and your mind think of what else he is going to do tomorrow? So both ways I can’t sleep due to his craziness. They share some jokes and Jaggu place his palm on her head and bless her, I am happy for you and Shaurya, hopefully all the bad things happened put them in the past and get back together, by the way what he can do now so now you will forgive him? Mehak ask him to be quite, its better he don’t do anything and create scene or else Chachus will be very upset.

Outside her room wall, Shaurya and Nehal listening to their conversation while eating grapes. Shaurya already in the house ever since Jaggu came in and he was outside while Nehal finish her work and went to kitchen to get some fruits and both stand quietly giggling silently listening to them. Shaurya started to plot his naughty majnun plan.

He went down to leave the house as he was leaving, Sharma’s return from the temple earlier than expected. Ravi chachu questioned him why is he here? Did he come to disturb Mehak again? PD interfered and said Mehak is his wife and he have rights to see her, don’t say anything and he let him go and enter the house. PD asked to give the prasad to Shaurya as well, Kanta chachi feed him and apply the tikka on his forehead. He thanked them and leave from there.

Kanta chachi went upstairs and Nehal whispered to her that di didn’t know SJ came here , Jaggu came to visit her and both are talking so he didn’t want to disturb them so don’t ask di about him. She nodded and enter the room, she greeted Jaggu and offered him the prasad he thanked them and she went to place it for Mehak’s forehead and feed her the prasad. She asked Jaggu about his family and work etc. Later Jaggu take leave and leave from there.


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