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Kundali Bhagya 12th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Karan plans a party before Prithvi-Preeta engagement

Kundali Bhagya 12th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

First part in Kumkum Bhagya section

Sherlin was in the car speaking to her mother when she gets a call from Kareena. Kareena was angry at Sherlin for taking too late to attend her call. Sherlin butters that Kareena is really important for her so she took her call on priority. Kareena tells Sherlin about Prithvi coming to invite them, and asks her to send her mother fix wedding date. Sherlin was determined to shatter Kareena’s attitude as soon as she gets married. After the call, Sherlin says Prithvi and Preeta’s marriage is important than her wedding with Rishab.
In the room, Karan was curt over Prithvi and wonders why Preeta can’t see his real face. He was now determined to tell Preeta about Prithvi’s affair, and will make Tapsi approve of this.
At Mehra

house, everyone was doomed. Pragya walks towards Abhi’s photo. She thinks she won’t be able to fulfil her promise to bring Abhi back home, but will surely make him meet the family. They will create a new home when they are together and cries hugging Abhi’s photo.
Avantika watches the news about Abhi and Simonika’s illegitimate relation. She calls it interesting; it was then she gets a call from Pragya who accepts her deal. Avantika was happy as she loves making money, but in return Pragya would get the benefit as well. She is selfish and only cares for money. Pragya says she will complete the formalities tomorrow, Avantika must reach in time on the address she will text her.
Rakhi takes Karan’s consent over a jewelry set. Dadi senses he was absent minded, Dadi reminds him about Kareena’s birthday party. She tells Karan that Kareena is going on a dinner with her friends tomorrow. Karan suggests about arranging a birthday party to arrange for Kareena in the morning to make her feel young.
At Arora house, Shrishti had applied a dark face mask. Karan comes there and screams watching her. He invites them for party. Shrishti says its Preeta’s engagement tomorrow. Preeta apologizes for being able to come. Karan insists that party is for her, he wants her to enjoy her bachelorette for last time, and then she would be bound in a wedding relation with Preeta. Dadi assures that the girls would come to party. Karan asks them to bring Prithvi along as well, Shrishti objects. Karan explains Prithvi came for engagement’s invitation; and his mom wants they get over any differences between them. Preeta promises to come to the party.
Purab asks Pragya to think again, Pragya says overthinking might affect her determination. In the police station, Abhi was worried why Pragya didn’t come with the lawyer. What is she up to, she might harm herself to save him. Purab convinces Pragya that she must think about Aaliya and Tanu, people might call Pragya selfish as she snatched the roof off their heads. Pragya says she doesn’t care. Purab wonders what if Avantika backs up from her promise. Avantika reach outside the court, Disha was shocked to see her striking resemblance with Simonika. Pragya sends Purab to make sure the registration is in time. Avantika greets Disha and asks Pragya if she could sleep well? Pragya was more concerned about signing of property papers. Avantika reads the papers and asks why she didn’t sign the papers. Pragya conditions that she would only sign the property papers, if Avantika signs the confirmation papers of her identity and wasn’t ready to change her decision. Avantika signs the papers. Purab gets a call about confirmation of registration arrangement.
Karan walks out of Arora house and thinks his new plan would create a blast. Prithvi will now realize how he unveils his true colors. The party tomorrow will decide if the party takes place or not. Preeta comes outside to hand Karan his cell phone. He looks towards her, she demands a thanks. Karan asks if Preeta also began to lie and find ways to talk to him. Shrishti comes out saying it’s her phone, she bought it today with her salary. Karan says he is proud of her, Shrishti goes inside cheerfully. Preeta asks Karan why he is always rude with her, although he is sweet with everyone else. Karan stands close to Kundli and asks if she wants him to be flirtatious to her?

PRECAP: Pragya confirms Purab if the registration has been done. Purab says he doubted Avantika’s identity, and they are confirming Simonika’s details again. From Kundli Bhagya, Karan tells Preeta he only works according to his mood. Preeta says she understands but Karan argues she doesn’t.

Update Credit to: Sona

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