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Ishq Mein Marjawan 12th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Vedika gives Arohi poison

Ishq Mein Marjawan 12th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Deep says vedika I don’t see anything clear. i don’t know whats truth and whats a lie. Give me 24 hours I will find out everything. I wont let any injustice happen to. Arohi is hearing. He takes Vedika’s phone and leaves. Deep goes to his room. Arohi goes after him.
Roma calls someone and says yes press conference went well. When is my honor ceremony? Minister tells her. She says thanks.

Arohi says i lost chawani. See how happy she is. She wont let vedika stay here. Deep will find everything about Vedika and then he will know about me. Now I have to divert deep’s attention from Vedika or my game will be over. Chawani says what about Roma?

Prithvi comes to vedika and says why didn’t you? She says I wanted to spend some moments with

you. Can I talk to you. Do you remember this doll? you said my mom was like this doll. I always wondered why she left me, But i didn’t know my mom was alive and in this house. Why did you lie. prithvi says don’t listen to anyone. She says I have seen our picture. Is that a lie? prithvi says what picture? She says its in my phone and deep has the phone. Prithvi is dazed.

Deeps reads Vedika’s entire conversation. Vedika says deep took my phone. He promised he will find truth out. prithvi says leave this house. you dont know deep. Don’t trust him. She says could i trust you? You lied all my life. If you force me too much I will suicide.

Vedika collides with arohi. Arohi says can’t you see? has your mom never taught you manners? Vedika gets emotional. Arohi says oh you are orphan. You dont know who you parents are. She leaves. Arohi says to chawni i feel so bad. Go and keep an eye on Vedika. I will ruin Roma’ dream at any cost.

Scene 2
Roma says in her room I feel like I am in top of this world. Arohi comes and says congratulations mom. Roma says where is everyone? i want to celebrate. Arohi says they are all busy in your work. Arohi says talk me before you get too busy. Roma says were my answers to the point? Arohi says yes. Vedika comes there with tea. Arohi hugs roma. She says tea. Roma makes Arohi eat. Vedika sees all this and says in heart why this injustice God. Roma says to Tara since you were born you brought us good luck only. Roma says when will you go Vedika? She says as soon as I find a place.

Deep says who messaged Veidka? I will play this game. He texts on that number. Arohi reads it, its too much I wont take it anymore. i am going frm here to dehli. i will leave this evening.
Arohi says no Vedika can’t leave my plan will fail. Deep says whoever this is will try to stop Vedika at bus stand. I will catch you there.
Arohi runs out. Vedika is angry in her room. she says what does Tara think of herself. She is just lucky.

Arohi comes to bus stand. Deep is there waiting for the person to come. Arohi looks for Vedika. Deep’s back is towards her. Arohi asks everyone if they have seen Vedika. She gets a call from Chawani. Chawani says Vedika is home. She is sitting in her room. Arohi says how is that possible. Who texted me and asked me to come here. Arohi looks around she sees deep. Arohi hides. Arohi texts Deep where can I meet you? deep replies we can meet on bus stop. arohi confirms that deep texted her. She runs from there.

Vedika recalls she mixed something in Arohi’s water. she says your ego will get cold with it Tara. My mom’s love will only be mine.
Arohi is going towards her car. she faints on the road. People gather around her. Deep comes towards her. He sees the face. Its Arohi. Deep is shocked.

Scene 3
Roma says where are deep and Tara? Virat says I wonder the same. What is this deep hiding form us.
Deep takes Arohi to hospital. He says tara open your eyes. He says doctor please save my wife and child. Poison foam comes out of her mouth. Deep is in tears. He says what was Tara doing there? is it all related? I have to tell mummy ji. He calls Roma. Roma says where are you both? She says what.. i am coming. virat says what happened? Roma says Tara is in hospital. virat says calm down we will go there. Roma rushes to the hospital. Prithvi says to Vedika re you behind all tthis? She says I did this. prithvi says what. Dilip hers.

Prithvi says what did you do. She says I gave her poison. I didn’t want to do this but she is so egoisitic. I want my mom’s love.
Roma and Vriat reach the hospital. Deep says they are doing her operation. They are not telling me anything. i don’t know what happened. Roma says she eats anything. Who asked herr to go there.
Roma asks doctor how is she? She says we are testing her. However we feel she was given poison.
Precap-Roma says how is Tara? Nurse says she is fine. Deep says how is the child? She says your wife isn’t pregnant.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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