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His Destiny Awaits – Porus FF – Part 9

His Destiny Awaits – Part 9

Puru rides on a horse back to Paurav Rashta. He senses someone coming from behind on a horse.

He thinks, “Let’s see who you are”. He suddenly changes the direction of his route and rides the horse to East. The follower couldn’t react soon so he/she rides the horse for more distance and stops, then turns and follow the way of Puru. He/she is unable to catch the glance of him. He/she turns around and looks for him. Then gets down, walks a few feet forward.

Puru comes from behind and puts the knife to his/her neck. He/she turns. The person is revealed to be Laachi. Puru gets surprised and gets the knife back.

Laachi speaks, “Will you kill me ha?” Puru, “No, no, I thought you were someone else, chasing me….” Puru tries to justify. Laachi is a bit angry. “How could you not understand that it was me ?” She questions him. Puru answers, “Sorry Laachi I was thinking about something else.” Saying this he turns away sadly. Laachi gets emotional and holds his shoulder.

“Puru don’t think much. Everything will be alright” Laachi says. Puru looks at her and says, “Dasyu queen still thinks that I betrayed you all.” Laachi says, “You must do something which will make mom think that you are not a traitor”. Puru gets thinking, “How can I do that ?”.

Laachi says, “If you come with me and tell her the truth , she will believe”. Puru gets surprised. “What if she disbelieves me? She will kill me at the very moment”. Laachi says, “Well… You have to get a risk at least. If you think this won’t work , do you have any another idea?”. Puru says “no” smiling. “Then come, let’s go together”. They leave.

While at Paurav Rashta…..

Queen Anusuya is disturbed thinking about Puru. She keeps on walking here and there. King Bamni sees this and comes towards her. “What are you thinking?” Queen Anusuya gets upset and doesn’t answer.

King Bamni is surprised. “What happened?” Queen Anusuya replies, “Why are you questioning me when you already know the answer?” Kadika hears this and comes there. “I think you should leave her alone for a while King” she says.

King Bamni nods and leaves.
Queen Kadika looks at Queen Anusuya. She speaks, “I can understand your feeling. I have undergone the same. Have faith in your son. That’s the greatest strength.” Queen Anusuya looks at her and smiles. They hug each other.

Puru and Laachi reaches Dasyu Lok. They secretly go to Mahanandini’s room. Laachi speaks, “Mom, ” Dasyu Queen looks at them and gets shocked to see Puru there. “You here” she says.

Laachi interferes but is stopped by Puru. “I will talk Laachi” Laachi nods. Dasyu Queen says, “I don’t want to hear anything from traitors”. She tries to call her men. Laachi interferes and says, “Please listen to your children for once.” Dasyu Queen looks at her. “I’m your daughter and he is your son.” She continues.

“Although he’s not your blood you considered all the children here as your children right Mom? It’s same as before. He’s still your son, and won’t you give a chance for your son to speak up?” Mahanandini gets thinking. Dasyu King enters and gets shocked to see Puru there.

“You traitor” he tries to attack Puru. Dasyu Queen jumps in middle and stops him. “First let me talk to my son.” Laachi and Puru gets happy hearing this. Mahanandini continues, “If you want to talk with your son, you can stay” Dasyu King looks at both Puru and Laachi. He says, “I’ll stay” Puru speaks.

While at Persia…

Kanishk reaches Persia with the Persian Army. Darius while fighting sees his army and gets both relief and anger. “They made this an opportunity to kick us out of Bharath. Then I’ll have to rethink about doing business there King Bamni. But it’s good for I got my army increased or else this Alexander will …..”

He doesn’t continue his thoughts and fights with soldiers. Kanishk kills the Macedonian soldiers and try to reach the palace. He gets stuck in between soldiers.

Precap: Dasyu Queen talks with Puru. Kanishk gets shocked seeing Barsin and Alexander together.

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