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Heart To Heart Connection!! Episode 14

“Heart to Heart Connection”

Hi Friends I know I’m so late but dear actually I have little problem while I writes ff in note on mobile phone my eyes are starting paining…that’s y I’m not able to use mobile phone so long.

Okk so first thankx to all those who commented on my previous part.

1: Anu

2: Samidha

3: Dhruti

4: Aafiya

5: pooja

6: Mannat

7: vanu

8: RiyaRasheed

9: Amnaa

10: Sandhya

Let’s begin

Saanchi was entered in the room where Isha caught her in the gate…she stopped there…

What? She asked.

Same question from my side…. what is that??😏😏😏

Woh Kiya?? 

Arrey that scene I saw just couple of minutes ago…

Listen I don’t know what about you are talking…let me go in…She sided her went in the room…Isha came behind her…

Ofoo Saanchi just tell me na how you came with Dr. Kabir?? Her sounds was so exciting just like she was really Impatience to hear something interesting from her.

Nothing happened Isha actually I was coming hostel from the temple in the mid-way I saw that Dr. Kabir was searching for lift….I stopped there and gave him lift but in the mid ride my bike fell down from the plain…we were stuck in the dark forest there were one angry tiger attacked me but on that time he came for my rescue…then we reached on the road and asking for lift then one truck driver gave us lift… but Dr. Kabir didn’t like that person he told me that he didn’t seemed good person but I wasn’t heard him and got lift from him…. the truck driver was very clever he didn’t allow Kabir to ascend in the truck .. And you know what Isha what was happened in the mid-way??

What happened Saanchi?? Isha asked.

In the mid-way the truck driver shows his true colors he was misbehaved with me I was crying weeping but he said me that nobody will come for my rescue… I was so scared…

Really?? What happened after then Saanchi who was came for your rescue..

Saanchi was about to tell her…

Let me guess… Saanchi interrupted by Isha… Dr. Kabir came for your rescue…henaa henaa??

Well yes she nodded with smile…

Whaaaatttt??? She screamed….Ohh wow how romantic is this…ok tell me how he came there??

He came from bike??

Bike?? Where from he got bike??

Actually he got bike in the way from someone he gave him own credit card..

Wow Saanchi Dr. Kabir did so much for you yaarrr..

Yeah I know…he lost in thoughts. Isha noticed her she waved hand in front of her… she came in sense..

Ohh hello kahaan?? Kahaan khogayi himm? Did you thinking about Dr. Kabir??

Yeah.. I mean no.. Okay yeah I was thinking about that tiger??

Tiger?? Abhi tum ne kahaa ke tum Dr. Kabir ke baare main soch rahii…ab yaarrr beech main tiger kahaan se aagaya kabab main haddi ban’ne?.😫😫😫

No Isha u don’t know what happened there with tiger??

Aisa bhi Kiya hogaya??

U know what when I was stood in front of tiger and tried to move he jumped on me but when Dr Kabir came and he Saw in tiger’s eyes.

Accha..I think the magic of Dr. kabir’s eyes fell on him….it was so romantic na tiger was so lucky he got chance to have an eye contact with him… she said in the said voice..

Kuch bhi Isha saanchi hits her…


At Kapoor’s mention

Swabir was studying at his room kusum sat beside him.

Swabir told to her…Dadii I won’t go school tomorrow…

But why swabu…are you all right na?? 

Ohh ho Dadi aap ko na har baat samjhaani partii hai…he patted forehead…Heyy Bhagwan iss nanhii si jaan pe Ram karo.

Kusum smiled… what Bhagwan do??

Ram…she swabir

Arrey my cutie pie it’s not Ram it’s Rehm…Kusum make him understand.

Ohh Dadi I see it’s not Ram it’s Rehm… okay Dadi meney aap ki baat Mani na?.

Yes…she said in strange looks.

So Dadi now it’s your time…I didn’t want to go school tomorrow and promise me you won’t force me to go school…he pointed finger towards her.

But swabu….

Dadi shoot out to but Vut… and do as I say u… otherwise I won’t talk with you and you want this??… Tell me…he said in the very innocently with childish looks.

Your homework?? Kusum asked

Dadii see I completed… now I’m good boy na.. And being good Dadi plz accept my request na.

Ok baba but why you don’t want to go school what will you do tomorrow at home??

Dadii who says that I’ll be staying at home tomorrow??

What?? So where you want to go??

He grinned 


@ Hospital.

Hospital?? But why??

Dadii I want to go there..plz let me go there… in fact you too will going with me…he he.Plz Dadi plz.

Acha bacha Okk .

Yeahhh thank you so much Dadi…. he hugged her… you are the best Dadi in the world.

Accha acha baba calm down.

Next morning @ hospital:

Veer was running behind Saanchi they reached in the hall of the hospital..

Saanchi listen to me yarr I want to talk with you please listen to me..

Veer please don’t follow me otherwise what other peoples will thinks about us.. Listen this is hospital not your garden.

Then veer held her hand pulled her towards him.. Saanchi was furious he instantly slapped him…all gathered there leaving there work they stopped to see the drama…

 Veer shocked and put hand on the check…his eyes became red in anger.

Veer listen this is all happened just because of you if you wasn’t pulled me then my wasn’t raised on you.. And what you understand to yourself.. You said me that you loves me… but veer you don’t understand me you don’t trust me.. I was calling you I was massaging you but you and your so cold anger and ego… didn’t allowed you to attend my calls even reply on my massages.,… I’m sorry veer I can’t tolerate this relationship so long I want break. Do you get that?

She said all this while veer was gazing at her.

After saying that she went from there…

Riya pouts

Ishagya were shocked…

All others went to their work.

When Saanchi was going then Kusum and Swabir entered in the hospital they were shocked to see her she was passing from there.

Swabu you are seeing same as I??

Yes Dadi she is looking like muma na??

Yes but how is this possible??

Dadi I was told you na that I saw girl like muma but you didn’t believed me see I wasn’t wrong..

Yes Swabu I believe that you wasn’t wrong… it was my mistake that I didn’t heard you… but Swabu who was she??

How I know Dadi??

They were still in the same position then someone suddenly taped to the kusum’s shoulder she turned.

Hello aunty jee you here?? If everything is alright??

Kusum shocked to see Riya suddenly with her two chamchi’s madhu bala…Yes beta everything is alright Tumen dekh liya iss se bura aur kiya hosakta hai…She murmured.

Jee aunty did you said anything?? Asked Riya

No beta nothing..

Riya laydown towards Swabir and pulled his cheeks…arrey Dadi ke saath Little swabu bhi aaya hai..

Swabir irritated with that he said….Leave my cheeks aunty it’s paining.

Riya’s face was able to see when Swabir called her aunty…Yuck Aunty??

Madhu bala and Kusum couldn’t control their laughs…Riya stands up and glared at madhu bala angrily.

Ahh baby I’m not looking like aunty…come with me.

Sorry Aunty I wasn’t came here to waste my time I come here to meet with my papa…okk?? Let’s go Dadii we are getting late…after saying that they went in.

Riya remained there with madhu bala in anger.

Riya this child is very clever you need to stay safe from him…he won’t give you chance to come close with dr. kabir…said Madhu

Yes Riya Madhu is right…said bala.

Riya stood in anger and said them don’t worry guys once I will get marry to Dr. Kabir then I will see him.

Lekin uss se pehle tumen ss bache ko patana padega…said bala

Don’t worry bala I have plan to take him my side.

Really?? Asked madhu bala excitingly

Riya Smirked.



Scene 1

Saanchi was checking patients then Pragya came there she was gasping.

Saanchi who woh veer…

Veer what happened to veer pragaya??


Scene 2

Riya:  Swabir this is chocolates for you do you likes chocolate na??

Thank you Riya aunty….I love chocolates.

Swabu look I’m not looking like aunty hmm…Riya said in fake politeness.

Swabir wrapping up chocolates and started eating…toh uss se kiya farq padta hai aunty by d way chocolates was so tasty.




So Guys this for today…hope you all will like it…

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