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He drew away her darkness (RagSanSwa) by priya – part 6

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“After swara left with an adoption letter in my hands and a shocking news of her being Sanskars ex-wife, Babu sir came into the room. ‘Ragini we are getting you discharged today, get ready we will go back’ I didn’t ask him about adption because I know he is feeling bad I didn’t even ask him where was he last night. I got ready while Babur sir went to meet the doctor. I sat on the bed thinking about adoption letter. Babu sir came into the room and we both left to home. On our way I saw so many vehicles, we were sitting in a car, it’s the color of my hair. Silence was lingering around us this whole time. I guess silence was needed that time. What am I gonna do? Stay with Babu sir or go with Sharmishtas family? I know it’s difficult for me to stay away from Babu sir, but sharmishtas family helped me. I think I can stay at both the houses. whats wrong in that? aahhhhhh….Why is it so difficult? let’s leave this topic for now. Now I see myself..What am I wearing? I Closed my eyes, tried to feel what am I wearing, its a kurta and a legging. the kurta has a floral design of lighter shade, may be the color of my teeth, the leggin is also of my teeth color. What color is this kurta of? I have seen it somewhere? Why am I bot able to remember? Ohhh Yeas Laksh was wearing a t-shirt of the same color. I saw Babu sir after my analysis of my clothes. He was wearing a shirt, a half coat and lowers…..What color are they? Carried away my thoughts I didn’t realise that I have been starring at him for a while continuously and we have reached our destination. He asked me to go to my room. I was accompanied by aunty (Babu sirs wife) to my room. Everyone was happy to see there. I was very happy to see them there. It’s my first time seeing all of them together. This is how people look like? I talked to every single person and started analyzing their clothes, what are they wearing which color are they? I was observing everything. After an hour everyone left my room. I was left alone with aunty, ‘Ragini, you won’t forget us when you go to sharmishtas house right?’ I was shocked to hear that. why did they assume that I’m gonna leave them here? How did they even assume it? ‘nahi aunty, main kahin nhi jaa rhi. How did you think that I will be able to leave this home?’ I hugged her saying this, I can feel that she had tears in her eyes which didn’t come after hearing my opinion. I can always hang out with sharmishtas family, but I cant leave my own family. It’s decided, I’m not going anywhere. The day went off so good, I was continously watching things, which made me tired and I slept off thinking about my life.

Next day morning, I saw Laksh in our home. He came with flowers in his hand and  a card between the flowers. I wonder what is it?  wait, are they roses? I haven’t seen a single rose yet, I just know that they will be in red color. I should ask him if they were roses or not… I was about to ask him, when Babu sir said ‘Ragini, Laksh wants to take you out today, please go get ready’ I nodded my head in yes and left the so called hall. I went to washroom to clean me. I started admiring my body again, I felt so good touching my body, seeing it, I love everything about me. It’s so beautiful. I was confused what to wear, I guess that is why aunty never gets ready quickly. She has to choose which color is good, what will look good on her? I’m confused now, what should I wear. I have never seen these many colors at once. I opened the cupboard, closed my eyes and selected some random top. I opened my eyes to see what did I select. I choose a matching bottom for that. I guess it’s matching I don’t actually know it, but I like it. I left my hair open. I wonder where is Laksh gonna take me?”

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