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Here is the last chapter :


“Oh no. Sanky bro we have to take her to hospital now” said Yohan shaking lifeless Sanskar.

Sanskar was in shock. “Sanky” Kavya shook him and he let out the breath. He picked her in his arms and walked to the car. He sat inside and Ragini lied on his lap. He continuously rocked her and held her tightly.

“Vikram” Sahil’s eyes widened when he thought of informing Vikram about Ragini’s condition. “He will again misunderstand Sanky” Sahil panicked. “He needs to know bro. Please call him” said Yohan parking the car in the hospital.

Sanskar rushed inside taking Ragini in his arms. His heart was feeling dead and he was all panicked not understanding anything.

Ragini was taken inside the emergency ward on the stretcher. Sanskar collapsed on the chair beside the ward and sat blankly.

“Ohho people don’t have patience that if some one doesn’t pick the call means they are driving” Vikram parked his bike near the footpath and picked up the call.

“Hello… Vikram” Sahil spoke and Vikram looked at his phone confused. “Sahil?” he asked in confusion. But as soon as Sahil narrated him why he called; Vikram’s eyes stretched in horror. He felt breathless in that moment.

He kick started his bike again and accelerated towards the hospital. He rushed inside the hospital all panicked searching for his baby sister.

“Ragu… Bacha” he screamed as the tears smeared down his face. His eyes turned painful with each second.

“Mamu” Ansh stood in front of him. Sahil cocked his head to the left where Ansh stood in front of Vikram. Sahil’s eyes moved to Sanskar who was staring blankly holding the chair.

“Sanky chachu did not do anything. Promise” Ansh pinched his neck with tears smeared face. Vikram knelt in front of Ansh and hugged him.

“Ansh” Sahil stood beside him and Vikram stood up looking at Sahil. “How did this happen Sahil?” his eyes were covering with blood.

“I’m asking you Mr. Raheja. How did this happen?” he screamed and Sahil jerked due to his anger.

“Though she is not related to me by blood she is connected to my soul. She is my life” Vikram broke down emotionally and collapsed on his knees.

“She needs you Viky” Sahil placed his hand on Vikran’s shoulder

“My Ragu” he walked to the ward and stopped watching her from the glass opening. Sanskar stood and hugged Vikram’s shoulders which stiffened.

“Every time Sanskar. Every time how do you end up being a reason to snatch some one’s life?” Vikram held Sanskar’s shoulders tightly.

Sanskar just stared ground and a tear tripped out of his eye. “I wish I could ever stop it from happening” he looked up at Vikram.

“I wish I could end my life and put a full stop to all these miseries Vikky.” his eyes turned painful. “I wish I just die” he burst into a bitter cry.

Vikram’s eyes softened looking at Sanskar’s condition. He did not knew why his heart was still not accepting him to be guilty of anything which actually his mind accused of.

He finally dragged Sanskar in a hug and his heart won the battle against his mind. Sahil looked at them and let out a breath of relief.

‘Finally Biwi. What you wished came true. Vikram finally came out his hate towards Sanskar. But I don’t think he will forgive Sanskar. And that will happen only when that girl will be traced. The girl who was actually responsible for all this mess in our life’ Sahil spoke in his mind.

Ragini’s heart beat raised and she rose up in her bed and a tear tripped her eye.

“Sanky” Kumud screaming turning the steering wheel was so clear in her mind.

“K…kumud dee….” she struggled under the oxygen mask.

“Did you really kill Kumud dee?” her own question flashed in her mind.

“Sa….san…sanskar” she struggled. The nurse heard her sobs and bent to check what she was trying to speak. “Sa…sanskar…. did not kill” she struggled with her words. “I… killed” she sobbed as her body rose and fell on the bed trying to sync with her heart beat. The nurse could not hear anything clearly.

“He killed my bacha” Vikram’s scream played in her mind.

“He… is not… a killer. Bhayyu….” she spoke the last word stressing. “Sans…sanskar” she said his name again and again.

“She is not good” Sanskar came out of the hug and looked at Vikram horrified. Vikram just looked at him. They both looked inside the glass opening and found Ragini struggling.

“Gudiya….” she saw Shekar smiling at her.

“Paa….” she let out a breath and her lips stretched to smile. “Paa” she again struggled.

“Doctor” the nurse called the doctor when Ragini’s pulse started dropping.

“You are the best” she found herself hugging Sriti who had cupped her face in one hand.

She smiled with her closed eyes.

Then she saw Shekar covering them both in his embrace.

“Paa” she said again and a hot tear escaped her eye. The doctor walked to her and searched for an injection and injected her with it. Sanskar squeezed Vikram’s shoulder as he closed his eyes not able to see Ragini’s pain.

Vikram also closed his eyes and held Sanskar’s hand. They both could not see Ragini’s pain at any cost.

The doctor rushed out of the ward worried. “Doctor” Yohan walked behind Dr. Kapoor. Entering his cabin the doctor threw the gloves on his table frustrated. Yohan Vikram and Sanskar entered behind him.

“I had warned you Mr. Asthana. Didn’t I? She still needs to get out of this mess and she should not be stressed” he sat on his chair.

“From the day she first came to this hospital I have only treated her and I have a special bond with her. Can’t see her suffering like this. I trusted you that you will take care of her. So instead of handling her to the police I handed her responsibility to you though you were a complete stranger to her but agreed to sign on the papers that night because of which she is alive today. That doesn’t mean you take her for granted” Dr. Kapoor revealed and Yohan and Sanskar looked horrified.

“She is not Kumud Bhabi’s sister?” asked Yohan. “She is my sister. She is my Ragu” said Vikram painfully.

“Ragini is not Kumud sister. Ragvi is Kumud sister who had ran away on her day of wedding day” said Sahil entering the cabin.

“And after that she is dead for me” Vikram spoke coldly. Yohan and Sanskar kept staring him.


Kumud was brought in one ambulance and Sanskar and Ragini were brought in another ambulance. As Ragini’s head was bleeding heavily she was taken to neurological emergency ward and Sanskar and Kumud were on another emergency ward.

As soon as the hospital got the information about the patients they called Raheja’s and Rawat’s. Kishan and Anjali’s marriage was over and the family was enjoying the reception party. The news just broke their hearts and they rushed to the hospital.

The hospital staff searched but did not get any information about Ragini.

“Doctor how is Sanskar and Kumud?” Sahil asked as the doctor came out of the emergency ward.

“Mr. Sanskar is stable. We will shift him to the normal ward soon. But” he stopped. “But?” Sahil asked confused.

“But Mrs Kumud is not yet stable. She has lost a lot of blood and her 75 percent body is charred. We can’t say anything about her” said he and Sahil collapsed as his world stopped.

“No…no” Vikram screamed approaching the doctor. “She said she will never leave me Doctor. She will definitely not leave me” said he hopeful.

“We are trying our best” the doctor patted his chest and walked from there. Vikram walked inside the ward where Kumud was struggling to take breaths.

As soon as Vikram touched her burnt hand she woke up. “Bhai” she whispered weakly and smiled through her burnt face.

He controlled his emotion with much difficulty. His breathing hitched and he felt he will suffocate due to the held emotions.

Sumi walked in holding little Ansh in her arms. “Maa” Kumud looked at Sumi who was sobbing. She signed to get Ansh near and Sumi took Ansh near her. She tried kissing the baby’s head but she could not reach. Vikram held her head supporting and let her kiss her baby’s head.

“You are the best bro in the world” she whispered and Vikram’s emotion burst in that moment. He cried bitterly and bent to her. She left that last breath of her which tangled in Vikram’s hair and stopped it’s journey.

Vikram heard her last breath and looked up and found the last tear escaping her eye.

“Bacha” he screamed and Sahil who was still outside lost in took a sharp breath. “No….” he whispered and stood and rushed inside the ward.

“No…. no… how can she leave. She did not talk to me only. She did not talk to…me” he spoke as his heart was not ready to accept that his soul has left him.

“Kumud… get up see. Ansh is crying” he said and pointed at Ansh who was crying miserably like he knew that his mom had left him. “Kumud” Sahil shook her but her soul had already left her body and traveled to a world returning from where was impossible.

Vikram walked out of the ward and sat on a bench. It was raining outside but it rained more heavily inside his heart. He just stared infinity.

“Bhai get settled now atleast” Kumud pleaded Vikram. “Arrey I still have many responsibilities” he said and she looked at him puzzled. “Your marriage. After that my bhanja or bhanji will come and I have to make sure that they are also happy with that Bhudhu ram Sahil” said he chuckling and Kumud hit him with a pillow.

He landed back to his present where she was not there anymore only her memories were there.

“You know na how much I loved her. Then why did she leave like this? Once she should have told me Kumud I wouldn’t have denied for her marriage with the person she wished for” Vikram burst into a bitter cry in Kumud’s hold. “I’m the worst brother who could not understand his sister” he said holding the ground for support.

“Bhai” Kumud cupped his face. “Look at me” she said controlling her emotions. “May whatever happen you are the best bro” she said sniffing. “You won’t leave like her right?” asked Vikram painfully. “I promise I will never leave you Bhayyu. I promise” she said hugging him and he covered her in his embrace letting out his emotions.

“You said you will not leave me. You said you will never leave me” he struggled to hold his flooding emotions. “She needs to be operated” he heard someone’s voice. In that freaky silent also he heard a doctor. “But we don’t have any identity of her. Whom to call?” Dr. Kapoor spoke to the other doctor.

“Unless someone signs the paper we cannot proceed with the operation. And we are running out of time” the other doctor spoke.

“Bhai… I did not leave you. I will be with you always you” he heard Kumud’s voice and stood up and walked to the doctor Kapoor. “I will sign the papers” said he. Reluctantly though Dr. Kapoor agreed to take Vikram’s sign as there was no other way to save the patient. “Thank god you signed the paper Mr. Asthana. Otherwise saving the patient was impossible” said Dr. Kapoor after the operation.

“Can I see the patient doctor?” Vikram asked as he felt a special bond with the girl.

“Sorry Mr. Asthana. Now she is still in the ICU once she is shifted to the normal ward we will let you meet her” said Dr. Kapoor and walked from there. Vikram nodded his head and walked away from there.

After Kumud’s final rituals were done Vikram sat in his room remembering her memories. As his hand wiped the picture of Kumud; a tear of his dropped on the frame. He held the frame tightly and hugged it. Shutting his eyes tightly he sobbed looking up.

His phone ringed and broke his trans. Wiping his tears Vikram received the call on the other side of which Dr. Kapoor spoke. “Mr. Asthana the patient has gained consciousness you can visit her today” Vikram wiped his face and said “Hmm. I will be there doctor” He disconnected the call and moved to the hospital.

He had no idea why that unknown patient was making him curious to know her. He walked to the ward with Dr. Kapoor where the girl sat looking around everything. It was clear that she was scared.

“Hi” said Vikram sitting beside her. “Who are you?” she asked. “I..” he was interrupted by sudden raise in her voice. “Who am I?” she held her head and sobbed. “Why don’t I remember anything? Why don’t I remember anything?” she screamed and Vikram could not tolerate the pain in her eyes.

“Hey.. Shhhhh” he said sitting in front of her. “You are my sister Ragini Asthana. You live with us here in Mumbai” said he and she looked at him for a fraction of minute. “Really?” asked she and Vikram smile nodding his head and she surprised him with a hug.

“Thank god. I thought I lost everything with my memory” she said. Vikram’s heart pained to lie to her but then he had no other way to console her.

Later he settled in Dr. Kapoor’s cabin. “I don’t know doctor but I had felt that instant connection with her and I couldn’t see her like that” said Vikram. “I know Mr. Asthana but then I’m a doctor I have to be practical also” said he and looked at Vikram helplessly.

“Please doctor I beg you. You also know the sad reality of the society. If she is given to Police custody anything can happen to her. Because she has to be with them till her identity is traced and I don’t think you want her to be in such situations” said Vikram looking at Dr. Kapoor.

“I know. But” said he not convinced yet. “Please doctor. If in anyway her identity is traced I promise I will handover her to her parent. But please till then” Vikram pleaded. After thinking a lot Dr. Kapoor agreed to it.

***Flashback end****

“Didn’t you try to trace her real family?” asked Yohan. “We tried but there was no result out of it. Then we thought her family might come searching her but that also did not happen” said Vikram. Sahil placed his hand on Vikram’s shoulder to console.

“But in all this confusions how was she admitted in this hospital? I mean what had happened to her?” asked Yohan and Sanskar’s heart started beating fast. ‘If they came to know Ragini was taken from the same accident spot and she was responsible for Kumud Bhabi’s death everyone will hate her. No… I can’t let this happen’ Sanskar spoke in his mind.

“Actually the case was attended by some other doctor. I was just assisting him that night and he might be knowing the reason” Dr. Kapoor explained. “What was the name of the doctor?” asked Sahil. “Oh it was Dr. K” “Doctor the patient’s pulse are again dropping” the nurse interrupted him.

“What?” Dr. Kapoor got up and rushed to the ward.

Sanskar relaxed but he knew if this truth came out many relations will shatter and specially that of Vikram and Ragini. And he did not wanted Ragini to lose the most valued relation of her life.

He pressed his forehead which pained like it will burst any time.


Sorry I tried a lot to concentrate on other stories but this guilt is making feel guilty that I’m leaving it hanging lol.

I know it’s a stupendulously stupid excuse but hope I don’t bore you people with regular updates.

And there is more to come.

Don’t worry there is lot of time to start the last phase still. We are just near it not reached also and not started also. 😂😂😂😂😂

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