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Ek Deewana Tha 12th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Krish draws Sharanya’s sketch

Ek Deewana Tha 12th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Krish keeps thinking of Suvarna’s words. Rajan mentally tells him not to put too much pressure on his mind or he will remember everything. Madhvi excuses herself when Krish asks her about that old lady. You knew her right? You addressed her as Suvarna. Please tell me something about her. Rajan looks at Madhvi. Don’t say anything. Act a little or the secrets will be out in open! She begins to fumble when Rajan lies that she was their maid. She was working for us for years when one day her son died in an accident. She has lost her mental balance a little since then. She calls everyone her son. She has run away from the hospital many times in the past too. She says that her son is back. He asks about the goon. Rajan cooks another false story. Krish is not ready to buy it. I felt as if I have

some connection with her. How would I otherwise know that someone is hitting someone in the middle of the night? Rajan calls it his illusion but Akash asks them if her son’s soul came inside him. Madhvi asks him what this rubbish is. She heads inside upset. Rajan apologizes to Akash saying that Madhvi is superstitious. Akash apologizes for his joke.

Rajan tells madhvi things wont work if she will get out of control like this. If anyone doubts us then the truth will be out in open in no time. She asks him if he thinks he will be able to hide this truth anymore. Can’t you see? Vyom, Sharanya and Shiv are back that too together! He tells her to relax but she asks him if he isn’t afraid to see this with his own eyes. we all know that Shivani is Sharanya. He calls it rubbish but she asks him if he does not remember what Odhni had said. Flashback shows Odhni telling Bedi family that Shiv and Sharanya will return. Madhvi says we can clearly see that Shiv is back as KK. I cannot understand how Sharanya can love Vyom. Why does Shiv not mind it? Rajan refuses to believe in reincarnation. It happens only in films. She asks him if he is saying this to make himself understand. You cannot run away from yourself. It’s right before our eyes! They are back and the old story has begun yet again. I shiver thinking how it will turn out! Akash calls them Mom and Dad. I dint want to disturb you. I was actually hungry. Madhvi makes him repeat Mom Dad. He notices Rajan’s expressions. I am sorry. I am about to marry Shivani so I thought to address you both as Mom and Dad. My parents are no more but it’s ok. I am really sorry. Rajan tells him it is perfectly fine. Akash apologizes for his joke earlier. Shivani speaks of his good points before Madhvi and Rajan. Akash loves me so much! Akash again tells Madhvi he is hungry. She asks him what he will eat. He says I will eat anything that you will make. Just get me a cold coffee along with it. She remembers Vyom asking for it in the past and gets emotional. She goes.

Krish is resting in the room. He sees some flashes from his past again (of Sharanya; the temple in Kapali Hills). Absentmindedly, he begins to draw / sketch something on the paper kept on the table next to him.

Next morning, Shivani comes to KK’s room with breakfast. She is surprised to see him sleeping on the chair holding a pencil. Were you writing something? He is puzzled to see it in his hand. Shivani says this place has a lot of greenery and peace unlike Mumbai. Open the window and let fresh air come in. She opens the window because of which the papers fly. She finds the paper in which he has drawn the photo of the temple in Kapali Hills. You don’t look spiritual type but this is good. I remember hearing in one interview that you sketch too. You made this? It’s beautiful. Is this place in real or just in your imagination? He replies that he does not know. He looks at the sketch. Shivani asks him when they will start the shoot. Akash isn’t telling me anything. She finds him too lost in the sketch. When will we start shooting? He ends up shouting at her again. Don’t you realise I am not well? She says sorry to him. I should go now or you will get angry. Have your breakfast and don’t shout on anyone please. He apologizes to her realising his folly. I shouldn’t have talked to you like that but I feel strange since I have come here. I am feeling very disoriented but that’s no excuse. I am sorry. Shivani says I don’t forgive so easily. You will have to do something for me. You have another talent than films. You will make my sketch right away! Don’t you want me to forgive you? He nods. I need to have proper set up for that. She brings a canvas for him. You have no excuse now. Make my painting if you want me to forgive you. Krish is in a fix. I have no idea how to draw. He tells her not to look and begins to make random strokes. He suddenly closes his eyes experiencing some past flashes. Shivani thinks which artist closes his eyes while drawing. Either he is a very good artist or he is fooling me! Krish ends up making Sharanya’s portrait and looks at it stunned.

Shivani notices the shock on his face. Krish holds the canvas in his hands. Shivani keeps calling out his name. Krish drops the canvas in shock. Shivani asks him if it is too bad. Krish ends up dropping colours on it. Shivani walks towards it but slips on the colour spilled on the floor. Krish holds her but they both end up falling on top of each other. Akash walks in just then. Shivani apologizes to Krish while Akash is not happy to see them like this.

Precap: Krish wonders how he could make painting of someone who wasn’t even there. A girl vows to uncover KK’s truth. She reaches KK’s shooting site with her face covered. KK is looking in the hand mirror. That girl’s semi-covered face can also be seen in the mirror.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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