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Dipsha – joins the melody of friendship (Intro)

Hai guys.. Again Viji here. Thank u so much for your response.who didnt read the teaser please go and read teaser part then only you came to know the story line.  Before starting the story I want to clarify one thing.. I am going change the name of the leads here teja plays the role “dipti Malik ” and helly plays the role “asha bharadwaj”                      Introduction scene.                       A girl is singing in the middle of the hall with a beautiful smile. O! Her voice, even we compare with a cuckoo bird, no nightingale did ever chant and the hall is overflowing with her mesmerizing voice. The crowd is chanting her name ”Asha…..Asha, Asha

Outside the hall.

People are waiting outside the hall,  pushing each other to get a chance to meet her and to hear her beautiful Voice at least one time

scene 2.

A girl who’s standing in the middle of the road with her favorite Scotty but the old one. But who knows, it have so many  defects!!!

Girl to herself: oh! My god, please Scooty get start…. She will be waiting for me,  if I didn’t reach there at the  correct  time. Did you know she could even kill me!!

Please .. Please ganapathy bappa help me and then she tried again and finally it started.

Then this reached the same music hall and she went to that one girl who s standing in front of the music hall and she called that girl,  by her name  “Asha…. Asha… ” “Are you dreaming?” then the girl realised that the whole scene was just a dream. Yeah…  It was just a dream. But Asha really wants to turn her dreams into a reality. And a girl who was struggling with her old Scooty ,her name is “Dipti mallik” who always supports her friend  and encourage her to become a singer and considers Asha’s dream as her dream.  Will their dream really comes  into a reality???           Asha bharadwaj :(helly shah)                                     A very simple, sweet and cute middle class girl. Her dream is to become a singer.she is not trained singer but she has awesome voice.she has mother, who is very sweet, and her father is a good person but he is strict especially when comes to studies, she has supportive younger Sis named shrisha bharadwaj (shivangi Joshi ),dadi,useless elder brother and his wife.so her life is her family and her loveliest friend dipti .They are best friends from childhood .her father wants to concentrate only on studies and nothing else. Her mother and sister is helpless because Asha’s father wants her daughters  to be well educated  and to get good job .he is very protective father. so her mother can’t speak against her father. Till now Asha father didn’t know the asha’s dream. Her dream is known only for dipti  ,collage friend dolly, mom and sissy knows.                                                             Dipti Malik 🙁 tejaswi Prakash  wayangankar. )                                               A very beautiful girl with a beautiful heart. She lost her parents and younger sister at the age of 13 in a car accident.luckily she and her dadi was saved. She has a very small circle. Her life is her dad and her soul friend ,her everything “asha”.dipti is the one who could speak confidently to Asha father. Asha father and mother also likes her very much. Asha dadi didn’t like dipti.. So guys this the introduction part..actors will be revealed soon..wait till then  it will not be interest when I revealed in first itself.. I know I have done grammatical errors but please bear with me. Please do comment.. Always smile

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