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Dil Se Dil Tak 12th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Teni to live in Bhanushali house as Ipshita’s Nany

Dil Se Dil Tak 12th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Indu convinces Teni that she will also have kids when she gets married. Teni says her dreams are different, she wants to go to America. Parth says this is the best chance to collect money to go to America. Mohini challenges that Teni won’t be able to take care of Ipshita, he must let her go. Teni takes the challenge seriously and says there is no work she can’t do, she will now take care of the kid as no one will ever have. Shorvari promises an extra twenty five thousand if she does that.
Dada ji tells Parth and Shorvari to take Teni to her room. They all stare towards Dada ji, he qualifies Parth must hold Teni’s luggage to the room. Teni walks upstairs, and recalls from flashes from her memory. She walks down towards Shorvari and says it seems she already know everything about the house,

the family won’t even stop her. Chutkan takes a leave. Dada ji says he for a moment thought she recalled her memory. Mohini says she also senses Teni was only creating a drama of memory loss. Baa scolds Mohini for mentioning it.
Upstairs, Teni complements Shorvari’s neat house. She asks about its worth, Shorvari replies it might be 18-20 crores. Teni suggests about renting the mansion to shooting, they pay much for such places. Before Shorvari could tell Teni, she recognized the room as here. She then apologizes Shorvari for going crazy. Shorvari says she recognized the room well. Teni was mesmerized watching the room, then whispers to Parth if he also lives in such a huge room. Parth says he lives in the servant room, its because Shorvari’s baby would sleep with Teni that she got this room. Teni complains about no AC in the room, Shorvari tells her the house is centrally air conditioned. Teni wonders how would she sleep, Shorvari says she knows Teni can’t sleep without the sound of fan. Teni inquires how she knows about it, Shorvari regrets having said that and qualifies she can also not sleep without sound of fan in room. Teni spots her suitcase in the corner and questions how it got here. Parth lies it belonged to their old Nanny, she said she sold it for 500 rupees. Teni couldn’t recall when she sold it. Parth says its all right, the good thing is that Teni recovered the bag. Shorvari tells her to freshen up, then she will bring Ipshita to meet Teni. Teni was still thoughtful how the bag got here. She wonders why these Bhanushalis’ don’t want her to leave the house, she will find out in a few days what they want from her.
In the room, Parth and Shorvari were relieved that Teni came here. Shorvari was sure to handle everything. Parth was thinking about Ipshita. He wonders if they should trust Teni and leave Ipshita with her, she isn’t as responsible as she was earlier. Shorvari was sure Teni will take care of Ipshita well, after all she brought her into the world as well.
In the hall, Mohini speaks to Baa and Dada ji that Teni has reverted to her previous personality, completely illiterate. Dada ji agrees to Mohini and says for him the people of this family are precious. This accident could happen to anyone, even Mohini. They have to stand with any of their family member, we must help Teni recall her memory. Dada ji warns Mohini not to discuss anything from the past which is related to Teni. Mohini smirks devilishly.
In the room, Teni decides to find out what’s wrong with all this. Shorvari brings Ipshita to take care of her. Teni was afraid to carry her. Shorvari was sure Teni would consider her as her own daughter. Teni questions how Shorvari can trust her so much. Shorvari wish to tell her Ipshita is used to sleep with her chest. She was sure Ipshita won’t tease her, and instructs her about Ipshita’s schedule. Teni tries to memorize it. Shorvari brings a tray filled with day to day items for Ipshita. She also gives Teni a chart of timetable. Parth brings the cradle in which Ipshita would sleep. Before Shorvari could leave, Teni asks Shorvari about her husband. Shorvari lies he is in UK. Teni says the driver said he is in US. Shorvari explains their business is extensive worldwide and they travel a lot. Teni asks about the nature of their business, but Parth takes Shorvari as Dadi called her.

PRECAP: Some admirers of Parth recognizes him in a restaurant. Teni wonders why they call him Bhanushali as he is a driver, she could sense something wrong.

Update Credit to: Sona

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