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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 12th April 2018 Written Episode Update Anita ask everyone to praise vibhu

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 12th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Angoori dancing,tiwari walks to her and she gets scared,and asks why are you starring at me,tiwari says that Vibhuti insulted me in whole market,angoori says calm down your mood will be alright tomorrow but his health it’s a issue you see,tiwari says shut up you stupid women,amaji hears that and says how dare you behave this way with her.

Tiwari says AMA,she always takes his side,angoori says it’s my nature,I’m just worried for Vibhuti,amaji says dare you do this to her again,tiwari gets upset and leaves.

Anu calls everyone home and says I need help,tiwari says my life is here for you,anu says atleast listen to me,stop interrupting,happu says she is right,tiwari and happu get in argument,anu says shut up,commissioner says shut up you two,anu says if you can help stay or

may leave I will manage alone,saxena says bhabhiji your son me is always with you come whatever.

Anu says we all know vibhu is diagnosed with mental illness and to help him recover I need your help,vibhu standing out and listening,tikka asks how will we help him get back his personality,anu says we have to praise vibhu and help him gain his confidence back,cmon try it,tikka says but what praises,tilu says right what will we praise,master says yes they are right he is jobless and culture less,happu says I could write a book on you but vibhu it’s tough very tough.

Saxena says Vibhu is very good man,with great character and very lovable,whole colony is proud of me,anu says thank you,saxena says sorry it’s a lie because he is worth nothing,anu says stop it I get it,tiwari says when I see him I think why is he my neighbour he troubles me so much,anu sees vibhu hearing all this and runs away,anu says see what you all did,now my vibhu shall never recover,happy right,commissioner says don’t worry tomorrow we shall all praise him and that’s my order.

Angoori and Vibhu together,angoori says parbatia you do such beautiful embroidery,and why did you runa way with that builder,vibhu says my husband was so bad he use to torcher me so I ran away with builder,angoori asks them why Ran away again with third person,vibhu says because he use to play wrestling with us,okay let me go get water and gets in.

Daddu comes there,angoori says hello,but I’m so upset you left without giving pickle,daddu says I was thinking all day what’s wrong with vibhu and don’t worry pickle is with me,vibhu walks out saying oldie you here again, daddu says go get yourself treated,vibhu says did you forget about your treatments what medicines you use to have to increase stamina,daddu gets in his scooter and leaves,angoori says oh my pickle.

Vibhu walks to anu and asks why didn’t you sleep,anu says because it’s time to romance,vibhu says I’m disturbed,anu says let me make your mood then,Pelu plays a song,anu dances on it for vibhu,vibhu and anu sing and spend quality time,vibhu walks out in balcony,anu calls him in and sings for him,vibhu says I feel shy,anu closes the curtains and switches off the lights.

Anu wakes up and says Vibhu you reminded me of old college days naught vibhu,vibhu talks as manu and says you naughty too,anu says why didn’t you tell me,I took you as vibhu,oh god and kicks him,vibhu says anu baby what’s nonsense is this,anu says everything has happened now,go down and sleep I’m very upset.
Vibhu says I feel so tried god knows why.

Commissioner and gulfamkali having pani puri,gulfamkali asks how come you eating with me publically today,vibhu walks to him and robs his wallet,and talks to him as a uncultured guy and leaves,commissioner says anu bhabhiji is worried for him and look at him,gulfamkali says I’m so worried for him,commissioner asks how much,he says 50₹,commissioner finds his wallet is missing and thinks god if she finds that my wallet is missing it will be shame and says gulfamkali I left my wallet home in the happiness that my wife went to her moms pay him,gulfamkali says she never pays I can’t.

Vibhu walks to him and says is this your wallet,I found it on road and it looked like yours,commissioner says yes it’s mine,vibhu says you could says thank you and leaves.

Pre cap : a programme arranged to praise vibhu.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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