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Bepanaah _ Mohabbat Hai Meri (Part 2)

 Hi guys Siam back with new episode of my ff . Thank u for your support plaza continue to do so . Without further a do let’s begin

Zoya an adi  separated their path but adi was helping zoya this time as he knew that she was not well.

zoya- oh no how can I forget such a imp thing(remembering) akansha…

akansha-yes mam

zoya- where is bella and Rohans portrait

akansha-mam… Yes that is safely kept in store house

zoya-akansha was it meant for keeping there …

akansha-no mam

zoya – then ok send someone for my help i will gift wrap itakansha-ok mam

zoya left for store room

akansha-whome should I ask for help(thinking) adi sir zoya mam is calling u for help

adi- oh forget it I won’t help that mad lady. Let her struggle

akansha-plzz sir every one else is busy

adi- ohk I will go


zoya -finally u came I was waiting for u only (she think that it is some staff memb but adi thinkds that she called him only)

adi-what I have to do plzz tell me madam

zoya- shocked ) you

Adi – ultra chor ko teal ko daate. You called me for help and now you are showing attitude

zoya I- I dint call specifically you…

both of them together – akansha

zoya – now come and help me

adi -( his usual gesture) ohk mam

Adi – isint that funny ki gin ke partners ne unko cheat kiya they are gifting some a symbol of love

zoya-(ignoring him) make it fast I have more works to do

both working physically but they were lost in thought of their partners and bedpans song plays

the lights goes off

zoya-praying ) humari raksha kare . Oh god plzz save me akansha switch on the generator

she was shouting but all in vain

adi – zoya it’s just a power cut .

Zoya -what if demon comes out

,listeing that adi bursted out of laugh

adi – demons oh my god zoya (still laughing)

zoya was afraid but when she herd adi laughing all her fear was gone. Deep inside her heart she felt relaxed and happpy. Adi was roiling out of laugh

Generator was switched on And that was a brake to his laughter.

adi-(realising what happened felt awkward ) any thing more to do zoya


adi leaves without saying a word

zoya- so that was mr aditya hooda. His laughter is so genuine . Was he the real aditya or the one I face daily.l

Zoya mam

zoya- coming


akansha -mam get ready bella barat can reach here any moment

zoya-adi.. (Unknowingly she asked about him and called him adi)

akansha-don’t worry mam aditya -( extra emphasis on his name) will surely attend weding I called him and he said that he is on his way

zoya- ohk . Everything is ready na akansha

akansha- yes mam

zoya-now nothing can go wrong

precap-where is aditya . Weding, zoya recies es a letter. Zoya confronts adi yet again

.gyzs do tell me how was it.





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