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Badho Bahu 12th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Rana confesses everything before entire village

Badho Bahu 12th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Pragya and Vardaan are unable to find Komal. Pragya worries for Badho. How will Bhai face the village alone? Vardaan assures her that he is strong man. He has faced all the challenges with Didi on his side. When she is not here today, we have to be his support system. We will become his strength? She nods. Chunnu greets them. Have you come here to take part in the camp? They deny. We came to meet Komal ji. Please call her here. Chunnu replies that no one can meet any of the devotees now. She and other devotees have gone inside the jungle to do tapasya. I don’t know when they will return. Pragya cries. Vardaan tells her not to cry. We will come after few days to ask about Didi. Munnu turns to go.

Titli confronts Rana. He asks her what the problem is. She says the matter is really important.

You are hiding it from all of us. He again asks her what she means. She ends up speaking of how he cheated his own brother. Your brother cannot take part in Nationals because of you today! If you regret it so much then go outside and tell the truth to everyone! Accept it that it isn’t Lucky but you who is wrong! It is because of you that Lucky has to make a fake certificate! You cheated your Guru ji too. Which honest person will do something like this? How would he be considered honest then? He replies that he was helpless. She insists upon telling everyone. I don’t have a proof against you to prove your lie. He advises her not to intervene in the matter of which she is unaware. He begins to walk away but she shouts after him to have some shame and confess the truth before everyone!

Chunnu hands over holy thread to Munnu. He thanks Komal thinking that she gave it to him only but Chunnu explains that it is for Komal’s family.

As promised, villagers return to Ahlawat House to punish Lucky. Sangram Singh says the time is past but Lucky is nowhere to be seen. Raghubir ji accepts that he isn’t at home. Pardon me. He couldn’t come. Sangram Singh says I told everyone already that Lucky wont turn up. Even the guards outside said that family members did go out of the house during this time. No one returned with Lucky though. Titli asks him why he came here when they told you this already. Sangram Singh tells her to stay in her limits. She asks him who is to say this to her. Raghubir ji calms her down. He tells everyone everything. He left to find Komal. Sita / Gita ji ask Malti ji where she has sent Badho. Malti ji shares that she is doing tapasya for Titli’s wedding. The ladies find it odd that she left her own married life to pray for someone else’s marriage. Sangram Singh denies. The couple absconded fearing that they will get caught. I am sure Badho only will be responsible for it. Vardaan asks him if he isn’t speaking a little extra. You cannot come to our home and insult a family member like this! Be careful of what you say. Pragya seconds him. It should be Vardaan Singh who should stay in his limits. Sangram Singh makes a remark on their wedding which they are unable to handle. They will teach us now?

Ex-Sarpanch ji tells Sangram Singh to stay to the point. Sangram Singh agrees. Villagers have decided that there will be punishment. Should we not discuss this matter? Titli gets angry hearing this. You find it so easy to point fingers at Lucky but have you ever checked with yourself if you have never lied to anyone for your own benefit in the past? Kamla ji seconds him and so does Sangram Singh. He adds that they even did penitence for their mistakes. Raghubir ji forgave me yet I was punished by villagers. I accepted it. Lucky too should be punished for the wrong that he has committed. He asks Kailash ji to say something as he is the Sarpanch of the village. Am I saying anything wrong? Ex-Sarpanch ji agrees with Sangram Singh but Raghubir ji declines. Villagers beat him stealthily. This isn’t penitence. I agree that Lucky committed a grave mistake. I will expect the decision of the Panch’s. Malti ji supports him in his decision. I too will bear the same amount of punishment with you. He tells her against it. I am doing it as a Guru, not as a father. Malti ji hopes Badho returns soon. You are very much needed here.

Ex-Sarpanch ji asks Raghubir ji to apologize to everyone personally. You will assure everyone that Lucky wont repeat this ever in future. Raghubir ji accepts their decision. Villagers leave.

Rana feels bad. Titli looks at him.

Bharpayi hands over one envelope to Malti ji. A guy said that Badho Bhabhi has sent it. She had even kept havan for the family. Malti ji cries. Badho isn’t here yet she is so concerned for her. She did havan for us and sent this holy thread to keep us out of trouble. She ties it on Raghubir ji’s hand. It will protect you from all the problems.

Komal prays to God to protect her family.

Ahlawat Family and the villagers are outside a house. Raghubir ji knocks the door of the first house. Sangram Singh asks him to apologize. Raghubir ji is about to fold his hands when Rana requests him against it. I will be the one apologizing and not you! Sangram Singh asks him why he is interfering in this matter now. Why aren’t you letting him apologize? Rana says why should my Guru ji apologize when Lucky isn’t at fault here. Raghubir ji tells him to be quiet but Rana refuses to let anyone insult his Guru that too because of him. Flashback shows Rana confessing everything before Raghubir ji. Lucky lost the match as I cheated. I found out about his shoulder wound before the match began. Seeing myself losing, I hurt him at his wound intentionally at the last moment. Raghubir ji sits down in disbelief. Rana says I know I am not worth forgiving but I want to do penitence by accepting the truth. I got so disheartened with my losses over the years that I ended up cheating my own brother! He breaks down. Raghubir ji pats at his head and makes him look at him. Did I teach you this? Rana accepts that he dint value him, his teachings. Please forgive me Bau ji. Raghubir ji comforts him. You did commit a very big mistake but I forgive you because of your honesty. Flashback ends. Rana accepts that this is the truth. Poor Lucky’s wound aggravated because of me which is why he was forced to get a fake certificate. It isn’t Lucky or My Guru ji who is at fault. I should be punished! I am your culprit and I apologize to everyone. Kamla ji thinks if her family will continue doing such stunts then I will never become number 1. I just hope no one finds out that I kidnapped Badho.

Ex-Sarpanch ji and villagers call Rana culprit now. Sangram Singh asks him to apologize to everyone. Rana apologizes to the first family with folded hands. Raghubir ji stands with him as his support.

Precap: Avinash tells Titli to be ready tomorrow and wait for him. She is shocked to know that it is her engagement tomorrow. (Some electricity cut happened guys. Please share is someone saw the rest of the precap. Very sorry  )

Update Credit to: Pooja

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