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Agnifera 12th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Shristi Slaps Baiju

Agnifera 12th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Abhimanyu tastes Ragini’s prepared halwa and says it is excellent, Ragini prepared home food as he was missing his family. Anurag feels sad. Ragini says she tries sometimes. Abhimanyu says he liked her food and did not find anyone who could praise her. Anurag feels hurt and leaves and thinks Ragini gave him so much, but he did not value her, she should not do the same mistake he did.

Baiju cheats his friends in a card game and wins. His amma brings pakoras for them. Shristi walks in and throws pakoras and says he is an animal in human’s face, but a big monster instead. She confronts amma what kind of mother is, she would been better childless instead of bearing this son. Baiju warns not to utter anything in front of his mother. She drags him out and ass what if 4 inebriated goons

ask for his mother. He warns not to badmouth about his mother. She asks what about her, why is he feeling bad when she is telling same about his mother. He says he wanted her to meet a few men and be happy. She slaps him and says he is a drain worm and she will throw him in jail. Amma asks what did her son do that she slapped him. Shristi gives pamphlet. Baiju tries to snatch it, but amma reads and slaps him crying how did he forget that Shrhisti is also a woman like his amma.

Shristi returns home. Revathi says she was worried that she will do something wrong. Shristi says she slapped Baiji in front of his people. Dulari says she is going faster than Ragini, he is a bad man. Vidhvan says whatever Shristi did is right.

Ragini goes to kitchen and asks servant to prepare something. Cook says Anurag told to preare different thing. Ragini warns to obey her and not Anurag and snatches wheat flour. It falls on Abhimanyu. Abhimanyu says he came to take water, but got flour for free. Ragini nervously says she will clean it. He asks to relax, it is just floor, he will clean her instead. He slips. They both laugh. Anurag gets jealous seeing.

Baiju walks into Shristi’s house. Vidhvan warns to get out, else he will call police. Shristi asks if he did not mend his ways yet, if he wants to shoot her. He loads bullet and gives gun to her saying it is his pride and he is giving it to her. He starts his emotional drama and says because of his act, his amma is angry on him, so he collected all pamphlets back to destroy them. He tears all pamphlets. He says now their enemity is also finished, though they are not friends. Shristi claps and says she will not fall for his lies, returns his gun and asks to get out.

Anurag asks Ragini why he is troubling her. She asks what did she do, she does what she likes. He says he is mingling with Abhimanyu to makes him jealous. Ragini says he is going through same humiliation that she went through.

Precap: Abhimanyu asks Anurag if Ragini likes her. Anurag laughs and walks out. Printing press editor apologizes Shristi for printing pamphlets.
Brij says he will change himself for good.

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