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Abhigya – Obsessive love Episode 44-45

Hi guys !…Thank you so much for your likes and comments…Feeling really happy as today i have secured 1st rank in my class..Thanks a lot a for your wishes ..Love you all..So now let me stop bak baks and lets quickly jump onto the episode..

The episode starts with Abhigya having an emotional eyelock ..Allah Waariyan plays..Ranvir sees them and gets jealous and angry ..
Pragya makes Abhi comes to senses – I don’t care Abhishek ..I just need divorce from you ..
Abhi is shocked ..

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Ram and Priya gets shocked ..

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Ram – Beta why are you behaving like this ?..What’s the reason for divorce ?..
Priya – Marriage is not a game Pragya ?..That whenever you wish you can break it and join it !..
Pragya keeps on hearing with tears ..

Ishani holds Pragya – Pragya are you mad ?..Have you lost it ?..What are you saying ?
Naina – Something is there that you are hiding..Please tell us we all may solve it ..
Maya – Pragya tell us what’s the reason for divorce ?..You both love each other na ?

Pragya shouts – ” NO I DON’T LOVE HIM !! ”

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All gets shocked ..Abhi is stunned with tears ..Pragya is not having the strength to look at him …

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Ranvir gets so happy after hearing this but he didn’t shows it out ..

Raghav – What ???…You don’t love him ..Dusky are you mad ?..
Aditya – Pragya did you forgot ?..Your marriage was held with Raghav and then with me..But your true love for Abhi doesn’t lose …By seeing that we realized our true loves…But today i can’t believe this..

Bulbul – Di comeon tell us…

Abhi shouts – STOP !!!..
All gets stopped ..
Abhi comes to Pragya..Pragya can’t face him..
Abhi – You all have spoken ..Now it’s time for me to speak..

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Abhi – Comeon Pragya say one more time by seeing my eyes ..
Pragya gets tears..
Abhi takes Pragya aside – Comeon look into my eyes and say …
Ranvir was standing there and he gets angry
Pragya sees Ranvir standing there getting angry ..
Pragya with much difficulty – I.. i..ddon’ you…Because..
Abhi stops Pragya – Enough ..I don’t want to hear anything from you..I came to know what i want !..
Pragya looks on…

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Abhi laughs with tears – Divorce..Divorce..Wish will be accomplished my lovely wwi..
Pragya looks on ..
Abhi – no no..sorry lovely nothing…
Pragya’s eye is full of tears….Abhi looks her with a angry face..Hamari Adhuri Kahani plays..

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Pragya leaves from there..Ranvir too moves from the place happily ..

Abhi gets angry and breaks the door …

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The next day at the court …Ishveer

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and Raina

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They all were standing tensed..
Ishani – I am feeling scared that something wrong may not happen …
Rv – Don’t worry ..Nothing will happen ..
Pragya comes there…

They all assemble at the court ..
Abhi has not reached yet ..Pragya is feeling tensed…Ranvir comes there..No one didn’t noticed him..Pragya sees him and gets more scared…
Judge – Mrs.Pragya Mehra you are wasting the court’s time ?..Where is your husband ?..
Pragya – No Madam he is on his way ..
Judge – Already half an hour over..Now within 2 mins he didn’t come..Your case will be postponed …
Pragya is waiting for him..2 mins was about to get over..


Judge – So the case is..
Abhi – Excuse me Madam..I am Abhishek Mehra..Pragya’s husband…Sorry for the delay ..
Pragya looks him tensed..Abhi looks at her upsetly..
Judge – It’s ok Mr.Abhi ..So the question is only one …Are you both ready for the divorce ?..
Abhigya sees each others faces ..Mein phir bhi tumko chaahunga plays………

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Pragya – Madam we already decided ..So not necessary for this question …

Judge – Ok ..So sign in these papers…

Pragya looks at Abhi ..Abhi to looks her..Pragya sees Ranvir warning her to sign the papers and makes her remember that incident ..
Pragya gets scared..She in mixed emotions..Signed the papers..

Abhi looks very upset at her and turns somewhere…

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Judge – No Mr.Abhi your turn..Sign the papers..And then you both will not be called as husband and wife..
Abhi looks at Pragya..She can’t face him…
Abhi was about to sign ..Pragya looks somewhere with tears…

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Abhi suddenly stops – Your Honour i am not ready for the divorce !!..

Pragya is stunned..All the couples gets happy..Ranvir is hell shocked..

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Judge – But Mrs.Pragya you told you both are ready..
Pragya – Ya madam !..We both are ready …
Abhi looks at Pragya and holds her hand – No ..I said i am not ready ..I have my own rights to take my life decisions …..Am i right madam ?..

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Judge – Yes Mr.Abhi ofcourse..
Abhi – I think i should wait for a week and think about it again..I want to give one more chance to Pragya….In this one week if our decision changed then we will not come to court for divorce ..And till then Pragya should stay in my house..
He looks at Pragya..Pragya can’t understand anything ..
Judge – Ok Mr.Abhi ..The court appreciates your decision..So the court is adjourned !!

Abhigya looks at each other..
Pragya – Why do you stopped from signing ?..What’s your problem ?
Abhi holds Pragya’s hand..Ranvir is so angry and he leaves from the spot..
Abhi continues – What do you think ?..I asked this 1 week time to change your decision..No’s to torture you..
Pragya looks on..Abhi – You cheated me with your love ..How can i leave you so easily ?..No i will never leave you..Pragya looks on with tears and leaves…

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Abhi thinks – Sorry Pragya i have to do this..I love you and you are mine !…
Allah Waariyaan plays…

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Abhi turns back ..Ishveer , Adiya , Raina and Rabul smiles and gives him a thumbs up and Abhi too smiles and gives them a thumbs up .

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