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ᗩᗩᑎKᕼOᑎ ᗰEIᑎ TEᖇI

Episode 7th

RECAP : Four of them reached the cricket stadium , Ahil bets Naina that if his team won then she’ll have to go for a coffee date with him , Ahil saved Naina from a Man who calls her mannerless , Riya plans evil plot against Naina to come closer to Ahil

Naina faints as a Snake bit her naked feet . Ahil was searching for her ….

Ahil was standing at midst of trees and wild grasses . He was distressed . With grief he exclaimed ” Where are you Naina , I promised that I’ll take care of you , Naina where are you ”

Suddenly he hears someone’s highly huffing and badly breathing sounds , He ran there , Though the sounds were from very far , But he could hear it , Because his Naina was in danger .

Ahil runs fast there , Finally he reached there , He got breathless when he saw Naina fainted and heaving . Ahil goes to her and taps her face , He was totally mad .

Ahil ” Open your eyes Naina , I want to listen you voice , Speak something ”

He got anxious and worried , Soon he finds out one of her feet was naked while other was not , He finds Her feet turned little purple , He realized that a Snake might have bit her.

AHIL shouts ” Somebody help us , Inspector , Is there anyone ”

Ahil : Nobody is here , I’ve to save her
He took out his handkerchief and tied it tightly on her injury , Then he picked her up in his arms .

He speedily came out of woods , Reached his car and took her to hospital .

Doctor : Sir , Please be outside , We’ll taken on from here .

Ahil stood out and doors were shut in . Ahil broke and Sat down on chairs outside . His friends called him .

Abhay : Ahil ! Did you got Naina

Rahul : Is everything okay .

Ahil spoke in snobby tone ” I can’t do anything , Because of me it all happened ”

Abhay : AHIL ! be calm , What happened , Be clear

Ahil : I found Naina unconscious in jungle

Rahul : what ?

Ahil : She was found bitten by a snake

Rahul : Oh god , Wait we’ll come there

Abhay : AHIL don’t worry nothing will happen to her .

Doctor came out of the room , He was in a hurry .

Ahil : Doc , Is she alright

Doctor : I don’t know , It was a poisoned snake , Thankfully the poison is only till feet , We’ve removed it , Let’s see.

Doctor taps on his shoulders ” Don’t worry nothing will happen to you wife ” , Ahil ” She’s my friend ”

Doctor : Sorry , I’m busy , Excuse me

He goes away ..


Riya was red hot ” Why’s this AHIL not answering  my call ”

Kamini : Riya don’t worry , It’s late night now , You must sleep

Riya : How could I , Don’t know how she would be celebrating with Ahil , Or maybe …whatever , I’m damn mad now

Kamini : Call Him again , Try

Riya : He’s not answering .

She got up and goes to her room . Kamini ” I won’t spare you , My Princess is so sad beacuse of you ”


Ahil looks from the little window , He could see Naina getting treated , A drop of tear came out of his eyes , There instantaneously , Naina’s eyes opens and once again breath came into her .

Nurse shouts ” Doctor , Doctor , Her eyes are opening ”

Doctor rushed in . Meanwhile , Abhay and Rahul reached there .

Abhay : Ahil are you okay !

Ahil : See guys what’s doctor saying , He’s telling a lie , He said , Her body has been poisoned

Abhay : Yes he’s telling a lie , Don’t worry

Rahul : I know just now Nurse will come and Say that she’s alright

Abhay : But what’s missing here is , How did she got lost and reached there

Rahul : Ya ! I mean , How could Riya leave her alone , And from there she got lost

Ahil : I don’t know how all this happened , And for now I don’t want to talk about this even .

Doctor came out with a satisfactory look ” Ahil your friend is fine now ! You can meet her if you like to , But before that fill this form ”

Abhay : Come doctor I can do all the formalities .

Rahul : And if any medicines have to be bought you can tell me

Ahil banged the door and rushed in.

Nurse : She’ll be conscious in few minutes

Ahil sat beside on the stool , He hold her hands and was constantly looking at her pale, Yellow, dull face .

Ahil in his mind : I don’t know why I’m having this feeling that whatever happened , Somewhere , Someone from your family is related to it . But , how and why and till now they even had not called yet ”

Suddenly , Naina’s eyes open , And she got little unsecured ” Where I am , What is this Place ?”

Nurse : You’re in hospital .

Naina : Hospital ? Why ?

Nurse : A snake bit you and you got faint and thankfully you reached hospital .

Naina : Who bought me here ?

Ahil : Naina don’t worry , Don’t ask so many questions , Take rest

Naina : AHIL you bought me here , But how , Why I can’t recall what happened

Nurse : It’s because of medicines and the venom , Mam please don’t put pressure on your brain .

Ahil : Naina please , Here’s no need to worry , okay

Naina : Hmmmm!!!

Doctor came in ” How’re you feeling now ? ”

Naina : I’m. Fine

Doctor : Know when I saw him for first time , He was so worried and I thought he’s your husband , But later when I got to know that he’s your friend , I was really shocked . In today’s greedy time we can’t find such Friends , Don’t loose him .

Doctor checks the readings on the monitor and moved out .

Naina : Ahil Thanks

Ahil : Hey! in friendship no thanks no sorry .

Naina : What would be happening at home , I’m worried

Ahil : You needn’t to , No one from your house called , Not your mom even .

Naina : Eh ! it’s not like that

Ahil : I want to know how did it all happened ? Tell me

Naina pressurized her mind and recalled how Riya took her there from washroom .

Naina : I don’t remember anything , Please leave now , I need some time to rest .

Ahil moves out , Abhay and Rahul hugged him ” Yaar ! We told you Na ! nothing will go wrong ”

Ahil : I’m sure Naina isn’t mad she’ll go there on her own , Who did it then , Riya ????

Rahul : God knows , But do you think Riya has her hand in it

Abhay : Leave it Ahil ! Just think about Present and forget the past .

Rahul : Abhay come let’s bring some coffee for him .

͏ńệẍẗ ṃöŕńïńġ……
RAI’S house …..

Kamini loudly ” Riya , Riya ”

RIYA comes down from her room ” Yes mom ”

Kamini : Abhay called , He said that Naina was hospitalized , A poisonous snake bit her , Ahil is coming with her .

Riya to herself : Shit , what I thought was that , Naina would get lost , Police will keep on finding her and I’ll be with Ahil and keep on soothing him , The whole plot against her got twisted , Shit !!!

After some time “`
Then the door bell ringed , Riya goes and opens the door , She got shocked to see AHIL holding Naina’s arms .

Riya starts her mellow drama ” Naina , Oh god , Are you okay ”

She snatched her from AHIL and grasped her arms

Kamini : Thanks a lot AHIL dear , You saved my girl , How should i say thanks to you

RIYA calls Pinky and orders her to Take Naina to her room , Outside the house .

Riya starts crying ” You know , Whole night I was crying , Where’s my sister , Thank you a lot ”

AHIL : Okay now I should leave .

:::::::::::::::::::: EVENING::::::::::::::::::::::

AHIL : Abhay Did you called inspector

Abhay : Ya , But he said they didn’t got any clue

Rahul : I am sure this must be Riya’s plan

Abhay : Whatever , Come let’s have dinner now it’s already 8

At dinner table …

Rahul : Ahil in just few days our course would end , What are your Plans next

Abhay : Maybe I’m going to some other country

AHIL : I’m not going back Home

Ahil : why ! I don’t know , Mom , She’s always just crazy about her status , I want to do something of my own .

Abhay : Its okay , I mean you’ve a great business , Your future is secured

Ahil : it’s right , But first I’ll make own Identity then will join

Rahul : Good choice , Keep it up bro . By the way did you called Naina

Abhay : Ya how’s she

AHIL : You’re right let’s call her .

ɴᴀɪɴᴀ’s ᴘᴏᴠ ….

Naina was laying on bed , Pinky beside her .

Pinky : Naina please eat something , Don’t be Hungary

Naina : I hadn’t been to Temple today , So I can’t eat anything unless I been there

Pinky : Naina , You’re sick , You’ll get weak

Naina : No I won’t .

Then Pinki’s phone rings ” See , Ahil is calling , Now he’ll make you eat ”

Ahil : Hi, Pinky , Where’s Naina

Pinky : See Bhai ! Naina is not eating anything she’s saying she hadn’t been to Temple , So she won’t eat

Ahil : Oh ! give her Phone I’ll make her eat .

Naina : Ahil I don’t want to talk to you , You saved me and I said thanks , That’s it

Ahil : Oh Madam ! You know what ! My Team won the match , So I won the bet .

Naina : Bet , Which , I don’t know anything

Ahil : Ahaha !!!! don’t be smart you !

Somebody knocks the door , ” Wait someone’s at the door ” – Ahil .

Pinky opens the door , It was Kamini Rai .

Kamini Clutched Pinki’s arm and Pushed her outside , She comes in and closed the door from inside , She was holding a rod .

Pinky dabs door ” Aunti Ji , Please don’t do this ”

Naina got scared and she dropped the phone down .

Kamini ” You’re very innocent , Weak , You need some support , Yes , You are very pity ”

She clasped Naina’s Hairs ” You want to spend time with AHIL , Trying to gain sympathy ”

” Wait I show you ” , She raised her arms and hit Naina with Thick rod .

Naina ” Please , Please , What I’ve done , I didn’t did anything ”

Kamini loudly : Didn’t did anything , Really , Guilty accusing innocent ”

She raised her arms again and gave her a bang ” You’re trying to Separate Riya from Ahil , This I can’t bear , Don’t you dare to come near to him again , Understand ”

Naina : But we’re just friends nothing else , Riya and Ahil will remain together .

Kamini filled with agony ” Friends , Who came to this world to be a friend of yours , Wait let me tell you ”

She holds her arms and scratched , Dragged out of house .

Kamini locks the entry gate ” One day she’ll stay out and will realize , Let’s see if your friend comes , No one will come , Stupid , Shit girl ! ”

She moved in the house , Naina was dropped down on the floor .

Ahil on Phone was shouting ” Hello , Hello , Naina , Naina , Are you there ” – He didn’t heard anything as the Phone dropped down the bed .

Abhay : What happened ?

AHIL : Don’t know , Someone was shouting and Phone cuts

Rahul : That would be Riya ! she’s always shouting , Come let’s go to sleep now

Abhay: Come AHIL , Today’s day was very hectic .

Naina sat down on the big rock on side , She was crying ” Why do it always happens with me , Why ! ”

She touched her arms , She couldn’t see those red marks which were there , But that Pain triggered her heart to Cry .

Naina thinks what once her grandfather told her ‘ Nanu do you know there’s always a protective hand which god sends to protect weak people in this world from Coarse and harshness , From all bad things that happens and Those Savior brings Smile to us ‘ .

She recalled how she used to believe in all those fantasies , All those stories where a king rescued his queen from dragon , As she was a little girl .

Naina gives a smile , Deep inside of which grief was hidden : Hero , Ha!! ( laughs ) , Grandfather , Why did you told me those stories , There’s no Hero no Savior in this world , No .

She touched her swelling and sore arms ” Ouch ” She exclaimed , She sings in her sobbingly and deeply Paining and low voice , The Lori which her grandfather sang for her , When she felled from stairs once –
“””Har dard bhool jaau
Yuhi khel khel mein
Har dard bhool jaau
Yuhi khel khel mein
Milti hai jaha khushiyan
Pariyon ke bhesh mein
Milti hai jaha kushiyan
Pariyon ke bhesh me “””

Ahil lays on his bed but still a feeling of not talking to her disturbed him , He got up , Sipped a glass of water .

Ahil thinks about those voices which he heard ” No, I think she’s in some danger I should go , I think I should at least once check ”

AHIL silently came out of room and drove to RAI’S house .

Ahil : She’s not answering calls , If I didn’t talked then I can’t sleep .

There Naina got little thirsty , She hadn’t ate anything , She supported her head with wall and closes her eyes , Tears flooded those Nainas ( eyes ) which couldn’t see but were waiting for someone to come eagerly .

Suddenly she feels someone’s fingers reaching her eyes and wipping off her tears and that Person hugged her , That Particular hug gave her deep warmth and relaxation .



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