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A True Love Story Never Ends Chap: 19 Sibling Love


Ezekiel and Andrew’s growing tension for partners

Leonard and Ella’s entry

Waffle mess of Veronica and Jason

Pain in Edward’s and Veronica’s  heart

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Chapter 19

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Jennifer’s POV:

After Eddy went out of the hall Veronica broke down very badly. Its getting difficult for me to see her like that. So I went to Eddy to make him understand after giving a bear hug to Veronica.

“MB. I will just come in two.” I said and approached to our room.

When I opened the door I didn’t find Eddy anywhere.

“Where can he go?” I thought and and looked here and there.

"Where can he go?" I thought and and looked here and there

“Balcony.” I thought and went over there. There he was looking at the sky and maybe trying to hide his pain. I put my hand over his shoulder but he didn’t budge even for a second.

“What is happening? Is he broken too?” I thought and said his name with calm.

"What is happening? Is he broken too?" I thought and said his name with calm

“Edward.” I said and hugged him from behind. He didn’t reply but his reply was not important for that time.

“Why are you doing this? Its hurting you too? Then why?” I asked while controlling myself.

“I am not huuu..rrr..tt” He stuttered little and tried to hide his pain.

"Do you think I don't know you? Yo're my husband Edward

“Do you think I don’t know you? Yo’re my husband Edward. I can get anything that is happening with you even without uttering of one word of yours.” I said and turned him.

“How?” He said.

I just smiled a little while a tear caught my eye “Our hearts are connected.”

He just hugged me and kissed my forehead

He just hugged me and kissed my forehead.

“I love you so much Jennifer.” He said and again gave me a hug.

“I love you too Edward.” I said while hugging him tightly.

“So at least talk to her now. Even she is getting hurt because of your rudeness.” I said trying to make him understand.

“I know. But you know that she has done some big mistake this time. It could have blown up everything. She does stupidity sometimes.” He said trying to get his feelings out.

“I know. But whose sister she is? Yours only. So I can expect.” I said and chuckled little.

" I said and chuckled little

“You. What did you say?” He said and tried to pinch me over my chin.

I laughed and pushed him little and said “Not this time mister.”

“Oh. Is that so?” He said and ran after me while I left the room.

End of Jennifer’s POV:

Leonard’s POV:

After our so called B romance and everything we settled ourselves in garden again.

“This is so funny man. Now you all have to find partners. Jesus. That would be so interesting.” I said teasing those 3.

“As expected. This cranky can have this kind of ideas only.” Ella said and I looked at her.

"What? This is not going to work? Get that

“What? This is not going to work? Get that.” She said.

“You didn’t support me.” I said.

“Why would I? I will definitely support my brothers only.” She said.

“Oh. Poor Leonard.” Noah said and I got angry at him and left the place and went to my room.

“He is just. My dear husband. Wait. I will come in 2 minute.” Ella said to them and ran after me.

“Yeah. Yeah. Go. Go” Amber said and laughed.

“Am!!” Ella said but blushed little.

I came inside the room and banged the door behind me.

“Leo.” Ella said and put her hand over my shoulder. I just pushed it away from my shoulder and turned myself away from her.

“Oh. My hubby is sad with me.” She said but I didn’t budge.

“Sorry.” She said while holding lips with her forefinger looking damn cute.

" She said while holding lips with her forefinger looking damn cute

Believe me that was melting my heart but…

“Okay. Sorry.” She said and kissed me on cheek. It seriously melt my heart and I began blushing.

“Shit. What is happening?” I thought.

“Look. Who is blushing? Mr. Leonard Smith!” Ella said and chuckled.

“Aww. My hubby.” She said and hugged me.

" She said and hugged me

“Love you Ella.” I said while giving her a hug.

“Love you too Leo.” She said and I kissed her forehead.

End of Leonard’s POV:

Noah’s POV:

As all were talking about their respective things, I was feeling little suffocated and remembered Liam.

“He was so generous and witty with gorgeous smile.” I thought and his smiling face came in front of me.

“Where are you man? And why are you smiling?” Amber asked me.

“Nothing. Just random thought.” I said diverting the point.

“So what are we all gonna do?” Ezekiel asked.

“Don’t know. What if we asked our friends to act as your girlfriend.” Amber again said.

“Worst idea. It can cause lot of trouble.” Ezekiel said.

“Any other option?” I asked.

“Nope. But I am not finding it good.” Andrew said.

“Yup. I am agree with Andrew.” Nahum too said.

Just when I was about to say something I got Liam’s message.

“Hey. Are you okay man. Have you reached home?” His message.

Don't know why but this cute message brought smile on my face

Don’t know why but this cute message brought smile on my face.

“I am okay. Thanks. What about you?” I asked.

“Just reached home. Are you planning to sleep now?” He again asked me.

“Nope. Sitting with all siblings and chatting.” I replied.

“Oh. That’s good. I think you should spend time with them for now.” He replied.

“Okay.” was what I can reply. But I genuinely like his thoughts.

“He seems to be a good guy.” I thought and smiled little.

“Earth to Noah.” Amber yelled.

“Oh. What happen?” I asked with sudden yell.

 What happen?" I asked with sudden yell

“Nothing. Where were you lost?” Amber asked me.

“Oh. Nowhere. Just lost in some random thought again.” I said again reverting the topic.

“Its okay.” She said and sat besides me.

End of Noah’s POV:

Jason’s POV:

Seeing Veronica broke down badly made me worried for her because she is the only valuable asset I have as my sister.

“Veronica. Calm  yourself down. Don’t cry. Everything will be good.” I said.

“I know. Jason. But…but I just..just.” She said while trying to control herself but failed miserably.

“Shush. Veronica. Calm down.” I said and gave her a warm hug.

“Veronica. I know its hard but he will melt. You know that he can’t stay mad at you for longer.” Micah said.

“I know. But this time I have messed it up. So only I should be the one to clear it.” Veronica said.

End of Jason's POV:

End of Jason’s POV:

Flashback: (Veronica and Edward)

“I have told you, not once but 1000 times. But what have you done? This is forbidden mistake.” Edward yelled at me.

" Edward yelled at me

“Eddy.” I said as I was finding it difficult to even say anything else.

“Stop right there. Don’t take my name from your mouth. You have done big mistake. There is no justification you can give for that.” Eddy again said.

“Sorry. I am so sorry. I know but please forgive me this time. Eddy please.” I pleaded in front of him.

“Not at all. This is the end. Now never talk to me and never show your face to me.” He said.

“Sorry Eddy. Please.” I said while he immediately left the sight.

“I am sorry Eddy.” I said before break down finally.

End of Flashback:

Veronica’s POV:

I got up and wiped my tears before taking sigh of relief.

“I will mend it.” I said and laughed from heart.

" I said and laughed from heart

“Good one Veronica. Now that’s Veronica I know.” Micah said.

“Thank you Micah. Yo’re the one on whom I can rely on including Edward.” I said and gave him a hug.

“Its okay. Yo’re my little sis at the end of the day.” Micah said.

“Wait.” Eddy said while running after Jennifer. I laughed little seeing him happy.

“What? Catch me if you can.” Jennifer said and laughed little.

“Wait.” He said and caught her and gave her a big hug.

" He said and caught her and gave her a big hug

“I will come in 2.” I said to Micah while he hold my hand.

“Wouldn’t you want to try to say sorry?” He asked me.

“I want to desperately but right now they are having their own moments so I think I shouldn’t disturb that.” I said and gave him little smile.

“Hey Veronica.” Jennifer said when I was about to go.

I turned towards her trying to hide my tears and gave her a smile.

“So? One minute. Micah , Jason where is Daniel?” She asked.

“He is in his room I think” Jason replied.

“Let’s call him.” She said and pulled Micah and Jason with them.

While I was left alone with Eddy. I looked at him as I was finding it difficult to even approach him but then too I began taking little steps.

“Eddy.” I said but he didn’t even go or look me which gave me little assurance that I can do it.

When I finally was near him I just smiled and said

“Eddy. I know I have committed a grave mistake. But please forgive me for that Eddy.”

He didn’t look at me but his eyes began getting soft.

End of Veronica’s POV:

Edward’s POV:

“Eddy.” When Veronica said my name it became hard for me to stay mad at her. I was began feeling guilty for this.

“Eddy. I have committed a grave mistake. But please forgive me for that Eddy.” She said with the sad tone and guilt and frustration took over me due to her this condition.

"I want to say

“I want to say.” I began while my voice chocked due to guilt.

“Eddy. I know this is not forgivable but please forgive me. I can’t stand that I am the reason of your sorrow.” Veronica said and small drop of tear came from her eye.

Finding it difficult to stand on my feet I approached towards the sofa.While I settled myself over the sofa, someone from behind put their hand over my neck and gave me a round hug.

“I am so sorry Eddy. Please forgive your Veronica.” Veronica said and the flow of tears began pouring from my eyes.

“Hey Eddy. Don’t cry!” Veronica said and came in front of me and wiped my tears.

“Veronica. I too am sorry for my rude behavior. I behaved so rude with you. My veronica. My sis.” I said and she hugged me tightly.

I too wrapped my arms around her and felt her warm hug which soothes my inner ache.

“I love you so much Eddy. Yo’re the best bro.” Veronica said and I laughed little.

“I love you too my Veronica. Yo’re not the best but good sis I think.” I said.

“What? you” She said and hit me on my arm.

We both chuckled.

“Finally. Big re union.” Jennifer said.

“Only because of you.” Veronica said and released one hand asking Jennifer to join the hug. She ran and joined us.

“Thank you so much Jennifer. Love you so much .” Veronica said.

“Love you too Veronica .” Jennifer said.

“It feels so soothing.” I said and they both smiled.

“You all forget us!!” Micah said complaining. We trio laughed and asked them to join us. They 3 too joined and we all shared a warm hug.

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End of Chapter 19

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Precap: Breakfast date for Amber and Daniel and lunch date to meet and decide (for all)

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A/N: Hey guys. So this is 19th chapter. So have you liked the relation of Edward and Jennifer and Leonard and Ella? Are you finding them different from Shivika and Abhigya? What’s your take on Veronica and Edward’s relation? I know I could have shown the reason but didn’t felt need for that. So are you all okay with that?

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