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Thank you for the comments and regarding the confusion between the real swara and the other will be soon cleared so please have patience and keep reading…..

Sanskar(shouts after coming in sense)- SWARAAAA !

here on the other side of road swara had closed her eyes when the truck was coming suddenly a hand pulled her at the right time.

swara was crying and shivering very badly.

person- Jaan relax your fine, shhhh bus bus calm down.

as soon she heard the person voice she looked towards him

swara- (scaredly shouted) Laksh and hugged him like she will never able to hug him again.

laksh- it’s ok Jaan relax your fine.

swara- thank you

laksh- you don’t need to…..

swara again hugged Laksh very tightly being scared.

laksh tried to break the hug but swara wasn’t in a condition to leave him so even he hugged her tightly.

Swara after relaxing for sometime says…..

Swara- Laksh I missed you a lot.

laksh- I missed you too Jaan. how is my bacha.

swara- very good.

During whole this Sanskar was not present there because he was trying to cross the road as there was a lot of traffic.

Sanskar then comes and runs to swara and hug her.

sanskar- thank God swara your fine. why don’t you be careful ha.

swara- Sanskar I am fine. relax, Laksh saved me.

sanskar- (amazed) Laksh who Laksh

laksh- I am Laksh.

sanskar- oh thank you so much buddy for the help. you don’t know but you have saved my life……(both looked at Sanskar shocked when he said so)…..vo I mean swara stays with me so she is mine responsibility, so by saving her you saved my life.

laksh- oh it’s ok

Then suddenly Sanskar noticed bags in hands of Laksh.

Sanskar- Laksh are you going somewhere buddy

laksh- no actually I got a new job here in Mumbai so was searching for a flat but didn’t find still.

sanskar- relax no you don’t need to find also, because you are coming with us to my house.

laksh- but how can I.

sanskar- you can stay till you don’t find a house

swara- please

laksh- ok cool.

sanskar- fine then you both wait here I will bring the car.

as soon as sanskar goes swara again hugs Laksh and kissed his cheeks

laksh- control Jaan we are on the road, don’t worry we will continue this at home.

swara blushes and then something strikes her mind.

swara- Laksh don’t tell me this is also a part of di’s plan

laksh nodes……

swara- (angrily) what really I will not talk with you all, everyone always hide their plan from me, even I am the part of this mission. you are very bad I will not talk with you also.

laksh- really Jaan, fine then I will send the gift back which I had brought for you, thought of giving it at night but that’s ok.

swara eyes starts shinning brightly.

swara- what this is not fair I want my gift now only give me. please

laksh- nope at night only.

swara- why, please

laksh- no please Jaan

swara- ok.

laksh remembers Sanskar words…….

laksh- ok jaan answer my one question truthfully.

swara nodes….

laksh- you don’t love me na.

swara was shocked when she heard this

swara- (with teary eyes cupping his face) why are you asking this, did I do anything, did I do any mistake, why are you saying so, I am sorry if I did something but please don’t say so I love you only, I love you very much.

Laksh- Then why Sanskar said so that I saved his life and did a favour on him.

Swara now understand the whole situation and she smiles widely…..

Swara- because he loves Di a lot.

Laksh shocked.

Laksh- what seriously

Swara nodes.

Swara- he thinks me to be swara so said that as he doesn’t know the truth.

Laksh- does swara know about it.

Swara- I don’t think so. If she knew she would have told me we sister never hided anything in our lives from each other.

Laksh- but I am warning you Jaan stay away from him. I don’t like when he comes near you. I will kill him and always remember you are mine and only mine. (Says holding her from her waist possessively)

Swara smiles understanding his jealousy and kissed him on his cheek

Swara- I know this I am and will be always yours only. But if you didn’t have me my gift na then I will go with that Sanskar ditching you.

Laksh- (says in dangerous voice) don’t you even dare to think this (thighting his grip on her waist).

Swara sensed him serious.

Swara- I was just joking relax. I was teasing you.

Laksh- don’t you dare mrs.maheswari.

Swara smiles and hugs him and he too reciprocate.

Then Sanskar arrives and they head towards home.


This scene is with swara (real one).

Here swara (real one) and Sahil and their team has got Raj and they are taking him to their hidden place.

Sahil- after reaching there starts to intoregate him.

But he was not speaking anything……

Sahil- swara he is tuff to break he is not telling us anything.

Swara- Sahil Durga uncle has called now.

Sahil- what he told.

Swara- he told to bring Sanskar here and make him aware about this mission.

Sahil- but this will be risky

Swara- but I think this is the right time to tell him.

Sahil- ok then let’s go.

Swara- not now first we need to make raj speak and then we will tell Sanskar the truth.

Sahil nodes…..


Sanskar shows Laksh the whole house and his room.

Sanskar- you take rest see you tomorrow morning.

Laksh nodes.


Here Sanskar gets fresh and lays down on the bed thinking about today’s accident.

Sanskar- (talking to himself) no way I will propose swara Tomorrow only. Once I delay in doing so, I had almost lost her, I don’t want to lose her. Yes I will do it tomorrow only.

Then Sanskar calls his p.a to do all the preparations.

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