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Vighnaharta Ganesh 12th March 2018 Written Episode Update: Ganesh punishes dambhasura.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 12th March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with ganesh destroying the shield covering on Kailash as he sits in his divya form huge on a lion. Dambhasura is shocked as he sees. Ganesh then says dambhasura you tried to destroy Kailash and kill everyone with your egoistic power and using your sons. Dambhasura sees ganesh and says you are right prabhu, now I can see my mistake and my ego, which I tried to satisfy by my ego, forgive me for my sins prabhu. Ganesh says no I will not, you have done too many sins and you have to be punished for it. Dambhasura says prabhu please, I know my mistake now, forgive me prabhu. Indra dev says the power of gods is in one spell and it will destroy Kailash if it comes here. Mahadev and lord Vishnu send their powers and they turn the direction of the gods spell which goes in a black hole.

Everyone smile and are happy. Ganesh says dambhasura you shall be punished. Dambhasura says prabhu please forgive me. Ganesh says you have done many sins, just remember dambhasura. Dambhasura sees as he had attacked the gan of mahadev and then taken control of Kailash and also tried to kill kartikeya and ganesh. Dambhausra says prabhu forgive me for my sins. Ganesh picks dambhasura using his trunk and says I shall throw you in the mansarovar water and it will clear your sin. Dambhasura says no prabhu please don’t do that. Ganesh throws dambhasura in the water. Dambhasura falls inside water and screams as all his sins come out and get destroyed. Dambhasura then comes out and says prabhu, I feel different. Ganesh says the mansarovar water has cleaned you of your sins but now I shall kill you for the crimes you did and for supporting inquity. Dambhasura says prabhu please forgive me. Ganesh swings his weapon when mahadev says ganesh stop! Forgive him, you should give once chance to everyone to regret. Ganesh keeps his weapon and dambhasura says prabhu give me one chance please, dambhasura says the vakratrunda prayer for ganesh. Ganesh says dambhasura this is my vakratrunda form meant to destroy those who do adharma, but I forgive you and give you one chance to regret because when you controlled Kailash you did not sit on father’s seat and also said vakratrunda prayer. Ganesh then says my vakratrunda form is to destroy those who gain ego and do iniquity, it is not only meant for demons but for gods too and be it anyone, no one should become egoistic of anything in their life. All gods say prayer of vakratrunda mahakaya, suryakoti namastute! Ganesh becomes normal size and all gods go. Ganesh, mahadev, parvati and kartikeya come to the palace. Parvati says this is the first time after I went from Kailash that I am coming back to my home now. Ganesh says mother you maybe forgot, this is the first time you come to Kailash after getting married to father again. Ganesh goes inside and brings a plate of Pooja and says mami laxmi taught me everything. Ganesh does their Pooja and welcomes mahadev and parvati inside.
In the palace, parvati is happy and she says to ganesh and kartikeya, what have you done to the rooms? I know nandi and the gan tried a lot to keep everything the same but still now that I have come, I will clean everything and put it in the right place as it was. Kartikeya thinks I have to go now, but how do I tell mother about it? She has just come. Ganesh says mother I will help you. Kartikeya tries to say but parvati says I will first bring food for both of you and then I will do the work in the entire house. Kartikeya says mother wait, I have to go now. Parvati is sad in an instant. Parvati says but son… kartikeya says mother I know, I want to stay to but I am needed in the west and you know father, he is strict about one’s duties, I have to go. Mahadev comes and says kartikeya where are you going? Don’t go today itself, stay for some days as your mother has come after so many years. Kartikeya is happy and parvati is happy too, she hugs him. Mahadev goes. Parvati says I will prepare the food. Suddenly a sound is heard and a great rishi comes inside the palace playing his dumroo in anger. Rishi says yes mata parvati, it is right that you feed your children, keep doing that when people there are dying of hunger and starvation. Parvati says what? Ganesh and kartikeya are shocked. Rishi says yes mata, we prayed to mahadev and you and ganesh too, but no one has helped the children who are dying of thirst, food and people have not eaten for days, the place is in drought. Ganesh closes his eyes and sees the situation of people in poverty without food and water and crying for the deaths of their children as well praying to ganesh to save them. Ganesh says brother everything there is in drought. Kartikeya says what? Ganesh says I will do something rishi, don’t worry, until everyone gets food and water I will not eat anything. Kartikeya says ganesh ask indra dev, it is his duty to give rain everywhere. Ganesh says yes and he calls for indra dev.

Precap: indra dev says I am not a servant to come somewhere when anyone will call me, I am devraj indra, I will go to mahadev now. Mahadev says to ganesh, it is time to teach indra dev a lesson.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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