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Siddhi Vinayak 12th March 2018 Written Episode Update: Shankar worries for Vin

Siddhi Vinayak 12th March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Shankar asking Siddhi why did she say he should get punished. She says Vin has told this when he fainted, he said Shankar didn’t do right and he will learn a lesson. Shankar asks did Vin say this. She says yes. He says Vin didn’t forgive me. She asks but what happened that Vin couldn’t forgive you. He says leave it, how are you now. She says I m fine. He says you have saved Vin’s life twice, I won’t say thanks, I promise you call me when you need something, bless you. He goes.

Siddhi asks Pratima to see Shankar, he didn’t admit his crime, Vin will never forgive him. Pratima says tell Vin that you are his Siddhi. Siddhi says till I get Shankar punished for his crimes, this secret will just be between us. Its night, doctor checks Vin and says he looks fine,

we will have a sonography, if its fine, you can take him home. Manjiri thanks Lord. Siddhi and Pratima come there. Siddhi recalls their childhood moment. Manjiri asks where did you go lost. Nurse takes Vin for sonography. Manjiri goes along. Vin says I have to ask you many questions, I will come back and ask. Siddhi says if Vin recalls everything, if he asks me why I took him there, what will I answer him. Pratima thinks. Manjiri thanks Bappa. Shankar says why is Vin falling in danger, ask Bappa what’s the matter. She says its destiny, humans can’t understand it, Bappa is protecting Vin. He says one person can say this, Bijli’s Guru ji can tell us, we will meet him. They go.

Vin comes back and sees Siddhi. He says I gave you PA job, but you have sucked my blood. She says very funny. He asks why did you do this, you could have called someone for help. She says there was no one around, your life was in danger. He asks who am I for you, why did you do this. She thinks you are my childhood friend. He says answer me. She says I did my duty to save your life, don’t you digest food without questioning. He asks how did I reach there. She worries. He says trust me, I would have never gone there.

She asks don’t you remember. He says no, I was following you. She says exactly, you went towards studio. He says this can’t happen, what did I do there. She says you saw a cottage and cried recalling Siddhi, you were apologizing, who is Siddhi. He says listen to me, we will never talk about this. She gets hurt. He asks what happened, sorry. He calls nurse. She says its okay. Nurse treats her. He asks are you fine. Siddhi says you couldn’t bear my pain and you are asking me why I saved your life. They hold hands. Manjiri comes and gives them prasad. She says Riddhi got a blood donor on time. Siddhi says who gave me blood.

Savita prays for Riddhi. Aniket asks can we go hospital to meet her. Advait says we will talk to her on phone first. He calls Siddhi. She says I can’t tell them I m in hospital, they will worry for me. She answers the video call and talks normally. Advait asks how are you. She says what will happen to me. Aniket says since Savita gave you blood, she is worried, we were coming to meet you. Siddhi says so Savita is the angel who saved my life. Savita says I saw you coincidentally and gave you blood, you are like my daughter, are you fine. Siddhi says yes, its just some weakness. Aniket asks when are doctor discharging you. Advait says mum will make food, I will get it. Riddhi says no, my Dadi will get food, I will come to meet, take care. She cries and wishes her family was with her.

Gauri shows holi party video to Mannu and scolds him. He apologizes. She says you failed my plan. She thinks I wanted to kill Vin. She lies to him. Mannu says don’t get angry. Shankar and Manjiri meet Guru ji and ask him about Vin. Manjiri asks the solution. Guru ji says Vin’s grahs are not well placed, this diya is like Vin, it will show what’s happening with Vin. He puts diya in water. He chants mantras. Wind blows. The diya sinks in the water. They get shocked. Shankar says this diya has sunk. Guru ji says it means vin is falling in danger, he has death yog. They get shocked.

Guru ji says Vin just has one week, then his life will end, he will die. Shankar asks Vin where is he going. Vin says to die. Shankar slaps him.

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