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Savitri Devi 12th March 2018 Written Episode Update: Pragya returns to unite Sanchi and Veer

Savitri Devi 12th March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Jaya announcing that she will get kabir and Sanchi marry in 3 days. Veer says if she is ready to marry, then I will also marry Ayesha after 3 days. Isha hears them and thinks she has to come, and her plan can only make things right. She calls someone. Dr. Malhotra tells Jaya that Sanchi got a good deal, atleast Sanchi got his student. He says he is not that bad. Jaya taunts him and says you have lost hospital to Sanchi. She says kabir is far better than Veer and have good values. Sanchi tells Dr. kabir that she can’t marry in a hurry. Dr. kabir asks if she loves Veer now and says he was wrong guy before and now itself. Jaya comes there and says Kabir is right. She says I can understand your fear, every girl is scared before marrying and asks her not to worry, and says Kabir

is a nice girl. Kusum says you will be my daughter and I have booked shagun garden for their marriage.

Manager at Shagun garden asks employees to make the list of marriage to happen soon. Gayatri calls and asks to book hall for Veer’s marriage. He says ok. Savitri says how we will do arrangements soon. Priya returns with Vikrant and says I will do all arrangements. She hugs Savitri. Dr. Malhotra comes and hugs her. He says you have lost your baby recently, I had to call you urgently here. Savitri says sorry for not being with her during that time. Veer and Ayesha come home. Priya hugs her. Vikrant says she is better than Sanchi. Savitri asks Ayesha to make coffee. Veer hugs priya. Priya asks him if he is happy with the alliance. Veer says I am happy as Maa is happy. Priya says we have to think about our happiness. He asks if she is upset. She says no. Savitri asks Veer to take Ayesha to Shagun garden.

Isha waits for someone. That girl comes. Isha tells everything to her and asks her to go and meet Sanchi. She comes to Veer and slaps him hard. Veer is shocked. Her face is shown, she is Pragya. Pragya says I have slapped you as you did a cheap try to separate Sanchi and me. She slaps him to trying to commit suicide with Sanchi and kicks him on his stomach. Veer tells her that he is repenting for doing bad with her and says sorry. He asks her to asks Sanchi why she is desperate to marry Dr. Kabir. He says if she marries him then I will marry Ayesha. Pragya says I am not like you and will not let you and Sanchi separate. She says she has taken special entry to stop her marriage. Ayesha comes and asks Veer to take her to marriage hall.

Isha keeps hand on Sanchi’s eyes and asks her to open it. Sanchi sees Pragya, goes to her and hugs her. She says she knows that she will come. Pragya asks why didn’t you call me, asks her to forget past thing and hug her tightly.

Sanchi and Dr. Kabir are seated for marriage. Veer comes there. Sanchi gets up.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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