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Rishten yeh banae hai pyaar ki rang mein (Intro)



Rathores own THE RATHORE INDUSTRIES which is well popular among people in delhi.They are one of the most richest families in india.They considers humanity more important than money.Vikram and viraj are the pillars of the family Vikram being elder is married to payal ‘a typical arrange marriage and have 3 kids abhimanyu and maya both are twins and laksh.Viraj on the otherhand married to falguni which was a love come arranged and have 2 kids yuvraj and naira

The sibilings share and extraordinary bond of love as per elders Abhimanyu and Maya eldest of them all joined the family business .Yuvraj also joined family businesscbut his second priority is bike racing and business always comes after that. Laksh is doing his final year in MBA he finds it quite boring but he knows that this will help him in doung busines .Naira youngest of alll as well pampered by all she is studying in 12th

the first priority for all of them is family

Ram kapoor as vikram singh rathore

sakshi tanwar as payal vikram singh rathore

hiten tejwani as viraj singh rathore

gauri pradhan as falguni  viraj singh rathore

shoaib ibrahin as abhimanyu vikram singh rathore 

jennifer winget as maya vikram singh rathore

zain imam as yuvraj ‘yuvi’  viraj singh rathore

namish taneja as laksh ‘lucky’ vikram singh rathore

anshoor kaur as Naira viraj singh rathore


Mehrotras was setteled in bhopal they have a very good name in society .Ashwin and his son arjun takes care of the business .They have many construction companies all around the world .Jhanvi wife of ashwin on the other hand is a very sucessfull women in fashion world.jhanvi is arjun’s stepmom inspite of that they share an amazing bond. Jhanvi and ashwin has a daughter Ragini , arjun’s step sister .Arjun can go any distance to make her happy and she’s the life of family.Ragini is unaware that Arjun is her stepbrother.

sachin tyagi as ashwin mehrotra

parul chauhan as jhanvi ashwin mehrotra

kushal tandon as arjun mehrotra

tejaswi prakash as ragini mehrotra


Rajnath and skashi goenka the ideal copule for the business world.Rajnath controls his business while sakshi being his wife controls him.They have intense love and respect for eachother .Have 2 daughters Pakhi and Twinkle .Goenka’s are the best business family in rajasthan .They shifted to Delhi  aftr pakhi got married to anshuman luthra who is also settled delhi and have a son named ayaan .Goenkas and luthras share a great bond of relationship.

ayub kahn as Rajnath goenka

simone singh as sakshi goenka

jasmin bhasin as twinkle goenka


After manish luthra died Anita has suffered a lot to give anshuman and geetanjali her children a good life and love of both father and mother.She gave her children good values anshuman is now looking after the business along with his right hand, his wife pakhi.They have a aon named ayaan studying in 1st standard .Geethanjali whom all calls gaura is a fashion desinger she owns india’s best fasion company F company.

Narayani shastri as Anita luthra

iqbal khan as anshumaan luthra

shraddha arya as pakhi anshumaan luthra/goenka

surbhi jyoti as Geethanjali luthra

  • divyam dama as ayaan anshuman luthra

Other characters will be introduced as per the progress of the story

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