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Rishta Likhenge Hum Naya 12th March 2018 Written Episode Update: Diya Refuses To Apologize To Abhay

Rishta Likhenge Hum Naya 12th March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ratan asks Sajjan Singh why did you come here, you would have called me. Sajjan singh says I was worried for Diya. Ratan asks him not to worry for her and says Diya’s respect and prestige is his responsibility now. He asks him to tell if needed anything. Sajjan Singh smiles. Diya is happy. Arpita talks to Lawyer and says she is ready to do out of court settlement with CT. She says CT is smart and wants to give her big amount, and she will accept it. She asks Lawyer to tell CT to bring Diya whenever she comes to meet her.

Diya comes out of bathroom. She hears Ratan talking in sleep and asking lawyer to save Diya, he can’t let anything happen to her. Diya tries to wake him up. Ratan falls down from the bed and asks what she is doing there. Diya asks him to relax. She helps him

get up and says you have a meeting with lawyer as you were shouting lawyer’s name. Ratan says he will freshen up and asks Diya to get coffee made for him. Later he feels headache, CT massages his head. Bhuvan asks CT to serve him food. CT asks him to take food. Ratan tells Bhuvan that CT loves him more. Diya comes and gives him coffee. He spits it and says his pain increased more. Diya feels bad. CT says she will get coffee made for him. She comes to kitchen and makes coffee. Diya says my measurement was wrong. CT is upset with her and asks her to come with her outside. She asks her to give coffee to Ratan and come.

Arpita tells Abhay that she is excited to meet CT and Diya. Abhay says he is more excited. Arpita says they have to pay big price for insulting you. He stops her as he sees Mohana. Arpita gets happy to see her. Mohana says what did you think that I will be happy to get car from you and says her alliance will yash had broken because of her. Arpita tells that she will get good alliance for her. Mohana says she likes Yash and asks if she can take back the complaint against Diya, and make everything fine. Abhay tells Mohana that the accusation was right and they will not withdraw the complaint. Mohana goes angrily.

Ratan collides with Diya and asks her where is she going? Diya says she is going to Sajjan Singh’s doctor. Ratan says I thought to take you for finger print testing. He asks shall I come with you. Diya says no.
CT and Diya come to lawyer’s house. Diya sees lawyer and says they have called you to lower Ratan’s troubles. Arpita says CT initiated this meeting. CT says yes, I want to get out of court settlement. Arpita says when she said, I agreed. CT asks Arpita if she thought about the amount and gives her blank chequee. Arpita says you thought me wrong and tells that if I had wanted money then why would I have called Diya here. She asks Diya to bend down infront of Abhay, and apologizes to Abhay and agrees to all accusation. Diya refuses.

CT asks her to apologize. Diya says if I apologize to them, then it will be proved that I have a doubt on Ratan’s capability. She refuses to apologize to her. CT says I am like Ratan’s mother and can’t see him in pain and asks her to agree. Diya asks her not to fold her hands and says I know your love for Ratan. She says she is shatrani and can never bend down infront of people like Abhay, and says we can’t trust such people. Ratan comes and says Diya is right, trusting them is like hitting hammer on own’s leg. He sees spy cam and breaks it. He says you want Diya to apologize, then its ok, she will apologize to you, but only after doing mistake. He asks Diya to slap tightly on Abhay’s face and then say sorry.

Yash tells Ratan that no lawyer is ready to take case. They think who will fight the case. Ratan says I will fight the case.

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