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The day passed and OmRu got to know about the sudden attack on Anika. They decided to visit Anika the next day. And as planned they went to the hospital. Shivay was feeding Anika soup and she was blabbering different words and acting stubborn. Moral of the story that they got to understand was that Anika wanted to have ice-cream and Shivay denied for that so he is getting to face all the tantrums. OmRu smiled and walked in.

“So Mr. Gonzalez, your wife is troubling you?” Om asked smilingly sitting over the couch.

“Yes yaar… look at her, just behaving like a kid… stupid girl” Shivay said.

“Don’t you dare say anything against our bhabhi” Rudra immediately spoke in defence of his bhabhi.

“Awww… see Shivay, learn something from Rudra” Anika said glaring Shivay.

“Bas shuru ho gaya inka bhabhi ka side lena… Anika you drink the soup first (Bas… started supporting their bhabhi now… Anika you drink the soup first)” Shivay said.

Anika looked irritatingly and spoke “you add ghee (clarified butter) first… I wanna have ghee wala soup (soup which has ghee mixed in it)” Anika said and turned her face away.

“Ghee wala soup” three brothers spoke in a awkward voice.

“You have not tasted ghee wala soup? It tastes so good you stupids” Anika said closing her eyes reminiscing the taste of ghee wala soup.

“No… we are happy with normal soup bhabhi, you please have this soup right now and after we go back to Oberoi Mansion, you will be allowed to have anything and everything you want to” Om said smiling in between.

“But I want ice-cream, OmRu… you won’t do this much for me? Don’t you love me?” Anika asked hitting the right point of their emotional side.

“This is not fair bhabhi… you know we can never deny when you say it in this way, okay okay… we will get you ice-cream” Om said.

“Bhabhi… we love you” Rudra jumped and went close to Anika’s bed and kissed on Anika’s head while hugging her.

“Awwww… I love you both too” Anika replied back caressing Rudra’s back.

“Now please let her have the soup, doctor will take her away for some medical tests… you two just sit over there” Shivay’s voice now became strict but who cares. Rudra sat beside Anika on her bed and Om stood beside them.

“Now I have to deal with these three mad people… hey almighty give me strangth” Shivay prayed looking at the ceiling while AniOmRu were happily giggling.

Shivay tried to feed the soup but he failed as Anika kept on chatting with OmRu and moving her face here and there.

“Shivay give it to me, I will make her drink it” Om took the soup bowl and with full concern held on spoonful soup near Anika’s mouth and she happily drank smiling.

“Drama queen you are… seriously” Shivay said and got up.

Shivay went to wash his hand. He stood at the door step and was mesmerised by seeing the bond that his brothers and Anika shares. They were smiling and chatting over random topics which basically has no meaning. Tears formed in his eyes and he wiped them off smilingly before they fell down. He went close to them and he was shocked and happy to see the empty bowl of the soup.

“See I am a good girl, I have finished drinking the soup” Anika said as like a kid says his/her mother after finishing the food.

“Yes you are my good girl” Shivay said and side hugged her sitting at the other side of her bed.

“Okay, please no emotional moments… we had enough, but Shivay don’t you think that we should reveal the actual surprise to both of them?” Anika winked looking at Shivay.


“Yes yes why not?” Shivay asked with a mischievous grin and looked at his brothers. OmRu understood that they have been planning something so they both asked together “what’s going on?”

“Hmmm… so the matter is…” Shivay took a mysterious pause and looked at Anika.

“What?” Om asked getting restless.

“Ishu and Soumya are coming tomorrow” Anika said and the moment Soumya rolled her tongue Rudra jumped off in excitement.

“Bhabhi… is it true?” Rudra asked.

“No… yaar I am lying… actually we are lying” Anika said suddenly turning to serious mode and they noticed the sudden drop of Rudra’s reaction.

“Ha ha ha ha…” Anika and Shivay started laughing aloud and after sometime they spoke together “we were joking, Ishu and Soumya are coming tomorrow” they completed.

Om was blushing without saying anything and Rudra started to count hours, minutes and even seconds.

“Om I think Ishana is the name familiar to you?” Shivay teased Om and poked him on his belly.

“You two never leave a chance to make us happy right?” Om asked.

“Why? Listen… after I came here, this khadoos (looking at Shivay) did not allow me to go out of the cabin so I want you two to enjoy with your girls… and here I will be struggling with the taunts of this grandfather” Anika completed.

“Bhabhi you are the best bhabhi of the world” Rudra hugged Anika and Shivay caressed Rudra’s head and smiled on Anika’s words.

“Achcha Shivay listen the men whom bhabhi killed yesterday was only keeping an eye on both of you… so I think maybe Inesh will arrange some more men to keep eye on all of us” Om said.

“Yeah Om… I think for some days, Inesh won’t take any step doubting that we got to know that his men were keeping eye on us… that would be the best time when we can discuss our plans freely face to face” Shivay said.

“Yeah… or else our message conversation will continue… haina haina?” Rudra asked still jumping.

“Rudra one thing we have to accept that your message conversation idea was actually super awesome” Anika said.

“See see… initially these two dumbos weren’t getting ready to accept that this idea is super awesome” Rudra upped his collar in his T-shirt.

Yes ShivOm had to admit at last that their brother has given an amazing idea. Actually when Shivay brought Anika in London in his private jet hiding from everyone then making phone calls for discussing their plan seemed risky and then when Rudra spoke a bit childishly about the chat conversation thinking that they will deny of course bu to his surprise they agreed. Anika was then admitted to hospital and Dr. Smith took up the case. Sr. Smith heard everything and then he decided to help Shivay-Anika and thus he suggested them to be Mr. and Mrs. Gonzalez.

PRECAP- ACTUAL MR. AND MRS. GONZALEZ… excited to know the actual characters? I am also excited to write. He he…



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