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Porus 12th March 2018 Written Episode Update: Puru takes revenge against Darius

Porus 12th March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Puru creates fire in Farsi market with Farsi glasses. People panic and run. Barsin says her people are in trouble, she has to go. Puru says he cannot let her go there. Barsin gets emotional hear that. Darius with Mauses walks to market. Traders pleads him to help them as their goods are burnt. Puru walks to Darius smiling and says it is sad to see his market burning. Darius says he is sure Puru burnt it. Puru says absolutely, he did it, but how will he prove it as Darius’ traders and daughter saw him doing nothing. He confronts Darius that he took revenge for burning Dasyu lok, he will kick out Farsis from his country soon. Darius angrily says he is habituated to loss and profit, son pays for father’s sins and vice versa, he will collect his losses from Bamni. Burning log falls towards

Bamni. Barsin shouts Abbbu Jaan. Puru runs and holds log and says he can easily kill Darius, but he wants to kick out all Farsis out of his Bharath, it is his oath and he does not do any easy task.

In Macedonia, lady priest asks Alexander to get ready for marriage. Alexander asks whose marriage. Alexander’s sister Cleopatra walks in. Alexander happily greets her and asks how come she is here, she grew up in their grandparents’ house since childhood. Philip walks in and says he called her here as he was eager to see his daughter. Olympia says he does not do anything without reason. Philip says there is a reason, he has done mistakes and wants to correct them. He says he loves son Alexander and to prove it, he has decided. Alexander asks to get Cleopatra married. Cleopatra is shocked and asks Philip why did not he inform her first, does not she have right on her life. Philip says girls don’t right to take decision in Macedonia, he wants to prove Alexander how much he cares for him, so he wants Cleopatra married to Alexander’s uncle. Olympia angrily asks why her brother, why he is interested in getting his daughter married instead of attacking Faras. Philip says with this relationship, their bond will be stronger, then Alexander will protect Macedonia more well. Alexander says he will obey his orders. Philip leaves. Cleopatra asks Alexander if she does not have right on herself, this is injustice. Alexander says nobody can go against king and if they want to do as they wish, they have to become king themselves. Cleopatra leaves sadly. Olympia says Philip did a heinous act. Lady priest walks in and says it is time to cut tree from its root, this marriage will bring happiness and new opportunities.

Anusuya praises Puru that he did a right thing and she is proud of him. Puru says his motto is to kick out Farsis from his country and for that he has to destroy Farsi business totally as business is their backbone. Anusuya asks how will do that. Puru says as far as he knows Darius, he will go and tell Bamni that fire was not accidental and Puru was last person seen in market, will blame me, says guard must be coming soon. Guard comes and informs Bamni is calling Puru. Anusuya says she will accompany him. Puru asks not to worry and leaves.

In courtyard, Puru walks in and asks if Darius blamed him. Darius says he didn’t even take his name, it’s an accident, Bamni should permit him build bigger Farsi market. He says they are partners and accident happened here, so Bamni will pay for the losses, he will send receipt. Puru says they should investigate who set this fire, since they are partners, Darius should wait till investigations are over. Bamni permits while Darius fumes.

Precap: Bamni asks Puru to tell who set fire in Farsi market. Puru says people will tell and shows glass creating fire via sunrays. People says glass is inauspicious, they will not use it herein. Darius gets tensed.

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