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My Love (RagSan Os) by Aliya

Let’s begin….

A girl was talking continuously
Her lips was moving nonstop
She haswore a white salwar kamees

Girl: don’t know… When i upto the orders…i hv to send the flowers by time.. Who vl help me God….

A guy from behind:kya hua Ragoo…wn i m here not to fear..i will help

And girl turns she is revealed to be Ragini

Rag:oh..ho bhaiyya..i hv to send all those..and u know i like to do my work by my own

Sid:ok ok calm down…

Rag then sets all the flowers on her cycle and then she moves and tells loudly so that he listens:i know bhaiyya you r worried for me..bt kya karoon mein tho jhalli hoon

Sid smiles:just 3 more weeks..this bro sis drama is finish…

He smirks


Rag gives the flower’s to the few houses and atlast goes to one function and then gives her remaining flowers…

She then comes back
She then gets down from her cycle and walks with it…enjoying the nature and singing a beautiful song with her beautiful voice

At the time she felt someone following her….
She listens keenly..she could listen a foot steps

Rag gets scared…she moves from there…

Rag herself: why i m running from my fear…
She slowly turns…

And she saw dashing man behind her..who has wore a black full sleeve tee with black trousers with black goggles on his eyes

Rag herself: looks like Varun Kapoor 😉😉and cheap doings… Nowadays it got tough nobody can tell who is hero who is villian 😏😏😏ajeeb film industry

Rag: why r u following me? Aren’t you ashamed of following a girl.. I know i m little beautiful bt that doesnt mean you follow me… And don’t think i m weak..i m gold medalist in karate(she crosses her fingers bcs she is telling a lie 😜😜)

Guy was blank..he turns other side

Rag: oh now u r posing buildup .. Good…

He looks all sides

Guy:can you tell me where you r standing?

Rag😱😱😱:are you blind…?? can’t u see 5.6 height girl…

Guy:sorry…bt i can’t see i mean i m blind

Rag was shocked at first then sees walking stick in his hand.. She felt guilty to talk to him like that….

Rag goes to him:m..m Really sorry..i didn’t meant to hurt you…i was…i mean i thought…

He smiles: no no its ok… Don’t be sorry

She goes to him: accha then friends?

He smiles widely…

Rag:arey bolo bhi..can i hv a pleasure to befriend you?

Guy: why not?

He forwards his hand..she shakes her hand with him…

Rag:i m Ragini…

Guy: Sanskar

Rag:oh good name…

San: thanks…

Rag: again sorry…that i thought you were stalking me…i m taking my words back
She felt embarrassed abt her own self for her thinking

San: should i tell u a secret…i was following you only…

She laughs…

San: actually..i m new here came with my friend..so from last 3 days..i was following you…

Rag:haww…then i give back you the words

San smiles:u are really very funny

Rag:bt how did you follow me!as u…

San:woh..i heard you singing..u hv a beautiful voice…

Rag:oh thankyou…

Rag tells with him non stop.. He just goes on listening her…


Like this 4 days passed..Ragsan created a great bond within them…

Ragini was looking him.. His ways of talking his smile and most importantly his nature….he love to listen FM…both Ragsan together listens it


Sid:from last few days why r u getting late….
Rag: Actually.. bhaiyya…i …
Sid: did you meet any stranger
Rag nods bending her head
Sid:i hv warned bt still…
Rag:bt he is nice bhaiyya
Sid:u wont meet him again if you respect your brother
Rag: bt bhaiyyu
Sid: that’s final..
He goes

Rag: wat vl hpn of i met any stranger
Suni(their mom): bhaiyya told you na..then its final
Rag pouts


A guy:r u doing your work properly.. Did she got any doubt
San:no.. She didn’t..
Guy: then…be alert..
San nods

Be turns to go and was abt to slip due to stone

Guy holds him:if youdo this work..i promise you that you will see the world

San smiles


Rag was moving back Sadly in her cycle…

San feels her: today won’t you talk to me!

Rag stops bt she gets confused how he got to know

San: don’t make those faces

Rag😯😯: how you got to know faces…and how you got to know that i only was moving here

San:i m blind..bt that doesnt mean that I can’t feel you…

Rag😋😋:u feel me


Then suddenly she remembers her brother’s words

Rag:now i need to go…
San:plzz..plzz..one min…i..i want to ask something


San:tmrw evng i hv art competition…

San:yes..a painting
Rag:u do those?
San:yes..bt i need your help

Rag:wat help?
San:i want you to be my describer…i want you describe me the most beautiful thing…that i could paint…and win


Rag herself:kya karoon.. bhaiyya will not know..i will help him…

San: Thankyou.. thankyou so much..

Rag held his hand: don’t thank now..friend ho na meri
Rag: its my responsibility
San smiles

Next day

San gets selected for final…

Rag hugs him in happiness….
San was shocked at first…then he hugs her ….

Rag: congratulations…maan na padega
Kya painting kiya hai

San:i want to see you..he said lost in the hug

Rag felt bad: don’t worry you will see not only me… Bt whole world

San:i mean i want to create a pitchure in my heart and then want to create your pitchure

Rag was feeling different around him..
San:ha..i think the most beautiful is u only in the whole world

Rag blushes to his comment

San: are you blushing?

San:you are..
Rag:no no no
San:admit it or not you were blushing

Rag smiles and admires him

San: now don’t stare me..

Rag gets awkward: i.. I wasn’t

San: nowadays jhalli Ragini..started to lie too

Rag:oh god…save me from this fortune teller

San laughs


San: who r there in your family?
Rag: mom and bro
San:nobody else..
Rag: actually..they r not my own family.. bt they r not less too
San:your parents…
Rag:they hv died in an accident…
She goes on telling abt her parents
San:is your father name Shekar Gadodia
Rag was shocked:how you know that?
San:woh..woh mein…i just guessed wn you told abt your father’s nature
Rag:haaa..he was so nice..bt stilll
San: his name just came in my mind so i just asked
Rag felt fishy bt let it go…

San:i want to feel your face…if you r comfortable….
Rag:u can

Rag makes him touch her face…….

San touches her face her hair….her eyes her nose her lips….she was feeling weak….

Rag stands:ok tho mein jaau…
He held her hand…:one min…

Rag was feeling nervous…he feels her hands And then leaves her…


Rag comes there early to meet sanskar
Then she heard someone talking

Guy: good job Sanskar…u hv done it..i was ryte Ragini is Shekar Gadodia’s daughter..i just wanted this…if you were not there it could never be possible..now i can see tge destruction of Siddharth

Rag was shocked…she felt betrayed..she trusted sanskar…it hurts wn you love a people betrays you that too…love of your life…its unbearable…

She tries to control her sob…bt she couldn’t

And the guy sees her…

Guy: Ragini…

Rag cries:Sanskar……

San listening her voice
He gets startled and worried for her: Ra…

Rag: don’t take my name…i…i thought u were my friend..i..i was so happy that…i got a friend with whom i can talk freely and who can listen to me..bt you came with an other intention…i will never forgive you Sanskar…dare you do anything to mymom and brother ..it hurts wn your love betrays you…….

She goes from there

San:Ragini…Ragini..listen to me…Ragini..
He was moving forward

Guy:she hv gone Sanskar

San:no…Ragini… He remembers her last sentence

“it hurts wn your love betrays you…….”

San: she loves me…and i…..
He falls on his knees.. It was always black for him bt Ragini had filled colours in life bt now he landed to the same state Infact today he is feeling alone…


Sid: finally after 2 days property will be ours..mom
Suni:wat vl v do with Ragini
Sid:i can tell u one thing guarantee..she wont be alive…

Both laughs…

Suni: Actually we r doing a favour on her..we vl send her to her parent’s….

Sid:i was tired acting…ma

Outside there was the same guy and Ragini

Rag was shocked with the revealation
Guy:i m ACP Niel khanna…i was searxhing for this case and yes i hv sent Sanskar to you..bt to save you..bcs i knew sidharth he was the criminal he used to cheat the ppl in name of saving money….

Rag was crying

Niel:bt Sanskar never acted with you…he is my friend…he wanted to save you…and you took it wrong…

Rag: where is Sanskar?

Niel:he hv left the place same day itself

Rag:his competition
Niel:he is blaming himself for hurting.. Where he went..i don’t know

Rag goes running to the place where they met enjoyed.. She remembers all those moments she cries….


Niel arrests suni and Siddharth

Rag with the hell of RJ…in FM she pleads sanskar

Rag: Sanskar..(sanskar was listening the radio he gets startled)I m Really sorry..plzz forgive me…(she cries)mein tho jhalli hoon na…bt i hurted you a lot…plzz forgive me if possible and I love you…and i will not show my face to you…bcs wat if i again hurt you…

She cries….
San: don’t do this Ragini..


After 3 yrs…

There was a art exhibition…

San has become an painter..

His paintings are been auctioned

San has reached heights and he was no more the blind Sanskar

Niel congratulates him for his success

San: did you get to know abt her?
Niel nods in no

San smiles sadly:i know she will come to me soon…MY LOVE WILL BRING HER BACK TO ME

Little far…a girl was standing who has wore a black Salwar kamees..she hv wore a black scarf on her head
She wipes her tears and wears a Goggles

She looks at every paintings

A man:mam wch painting you want to buy…

Rag points to the painting wch her painting itself..the day touched her to make her painting

Man:no mam… It isn’t for sale

Rag:i m ready to pay for it any amount

San from behind:sorry mam..bt it belongs to my heart..she is my love..my life..i live seeing her painting only

Rag wipes her flowing tears and nods and was abt to go..

San:mam i m sorry…
Rag:no.. it’s..its ok

She goes out…. immediately

And cries

Rag: why you love me this much Sanskar… Wn i didnt trust you and not even given u a chance

San:kyunki meri Ragini jhalli hai… She still doesn’t know that she is hurting me and herself by her stupid decision of staying away…

Rag tries to cover her face

San:and again she is doing the same

Rag turns to him…

San had tears:even now you want to stay away?

Rag:how you find its me?

San:i can feel you…and most importantly your image hv printed in my heart and i m no more blind now


San:plzz Ragini…wn i saw you asking abt the painting..i knew it was you only!

Rag:bt i m not suitable to you

San:and again don’t try to prove you r a jhalli..if you again go leaving me.. I don’t know i would be alive or not…

Rag hugs him: i m sorry Sanskar..i can’t live without you… I m sorry…


Rag:then wat?

San:i love you

Rag smiles: i love you too…

They both hug passionately…


Don’t know how it is.. Hope it’s not bad..bt u can tell me honestly

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