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Meri Durga 12th March 2018 Written Episode Update: Bhagat warns Tanvi and Lakshmi

Meri Durga 12th March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with everyone working out. Palak says daughters are like princess for everyone, but I m just an athlete for my dad, I feel nervous when he is around. Durga says my dad doesn’t pressurize me, I get strength and confidence from him. Tanvi and Lakshmi talk of Durga. Lakshmi says I have applied oil well. Palak lifts the weights and helps Durga. She says why is she slipping. Rohini looks on. Tanvi smiles. Durga asks Palak to hold it. Palak says its slipping off Durga. Durga gets under the weights. She gets hurt by the rod.

Durga checks the x ray. He says good thing is there is no sign of fracture, she is strong. Bhagat asks can she participate in race. Doctor says yes, she will be fit after 3 days. Bhagat thanks him. He says I can’t believe you got such injury, it could have been

fatal. Palak says trust me, rod slipped from my hand, but Tanvi and Lakshmi are behind this. Rohini asks how can you blame them. Palak says they were around, rod had oil on it and this happened with Durga. Tanvi and Lakshmi dance and pity Durga. Rohini messages them. Bhagat comes there and asks them to meet in his cabin.

He gets angry and asks who did this against Durga. Lakshmi says we didn’t do anything, I knew you both won’t accept, this is CCTV footage of gym, its all recorded in this, trust me, your racing career will end forever. She says no, we didn’t apply oil. He smiles and says really, I didn’t say you applied the oil. Ranjan comes and asks what’s happening, I heard what happened with Durga, its very bad, but such incidents happen in gym right, how can you blame Tanvi and Lakshmi for this, focus on real game. Bhagat says trust me Sir. Ranjan warns the girls and sends them. Tanvi smiles. Bhagat says your career will end forever, got it, leave from here. They go. Bhagat asks Durga to go and rest. Tanvi scolds Lakshmi. Durga claps and comes there. She says Ranjan saved you today, but I warn you don’t do any such cheap thing again, defeat me in race. Rohini says enough of fights. Bhagat got a circular for you all, you girls can relax and go out of academy, enjoy.

Brij says this house is yours, where will you go. Sanjay comes home and looks on. Brij says Sheela speaks nonsense, but her heart is clean, sorry on her behalf. Gayatri says you have done a lot for our family, when no one supported us, now situation is better. He says no. She says let us go, please. Yashpal says I m sorry, situation isn’t good, where will you go. Sanjay comes in smiling and says congratulate me, I got a job. He takes their blessings. They smile.

Sanjay says they are giving me a house to stay in two days. Brij says its good thing, congrats. Sanjay says don’t worry now. Gayatri says where there is a will, there is a way, you have done a lot, let us go. Yashpal allows them. Durga messages Sanjay and calls him. Sanjay says I want a house to shift with family. Kaka says I will let you know. Sanjay gets Durga’s message and thinks how can I meet her during duty time.

Palak says I was thinking to go for movie. Durga says I want to get shoes repaired, give me scooty keys. Palak asks who will drive. Durga says I will manage. Durga asks Kaka if anyone knows scooty driving, she has pain in hand, she has to go. Kaka says we can’t leave the duty, I just know cycle, take any other guard. Other guard says I will take you. She gives keys to Sanjay. They leave. Lakshmi looks on and calls Tanvi. She says come fast, I have to give you big news. Piyaa morre….plays… Sanjay asks how did you get hurt. Durga says its small wound, I wanted to come out with you. They smile.

Bhagat makes pairing and says its a practice race before finale. Tanvi insults Lakshmi.

Update Credit to: Amena

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