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Love me forever (epi 3)

Hey guyzz..i m so sorry for my late update..i m free now so i will update frequently..ok lets get into the story..

Abhi thinks i dont want to see her again but i have to find her for proof. I know she is so intelligent that she can handle her own problems then what would be the reason behind her missing and that too for 6 months. May be she is hiding somewhere? First of all i should go to her house and search for any clue. He leaves.

Other side, pragya takes the food and eats it. She starts vomiting and gets troubled in breathing. Meanwhile a goon comes there and finds pragya in that state. He gets shocked. He runs to other goons and calls them. They all reaches to pragya and gets shocked. One goon tries to call their boss but he dont lift the call. They decide to take her to hospital. They lift her and takes her to hospital.

Abhi goes to pragya’s house. He sees the lock and thinks to break it. He breaks the lock and enters the house. He starts searching for some clue then finds pragya’s photo and left in thoughts.

Fb begins, pragya works in her office meanwhile she gets a call. A lady calls her and says she wanted to meet pragya that day about her fiance. Pragya says ok and cuts the call. Later lady comes there and introduces herself as maya. Pragya asks her problem. She explains about her fiance’s behaviour. She suspects that he might have relation with another girl. Pragya collects the details and says i will look into that matter. She thanks her and leaves from there. On the other side, abhi gets the news that a man selling drugs to girls. He goes to the location but dont find anything. He still feel there might be some mystery So he comes up with a plan to catch him. He sends a lady officer to that location and thinks to follow her. Roni (pragya’s asst) makes a call to pragya and informs about the man. She says i will come there and meet you. He says ok and cuts the call.

Later lady officer reaches to that man. She starts talking to him. Meanwhile roni hides somewhere and watches this. On the other side, abhi hides and observe them. Pragya reaches there and mistakens that the man having an affair.

At that time, pragya mobile rings and the man gets alert and tries to run. Abhi comes out and asks the officer to catch him. Other side, pragya gets confused. Abhi goes near her and mistakens that she too came for drugs. He asks who are you? What are you doing here? Pragya tries to say something but without listening he arrests her.

At present, arnav is busy with his patients. He gets a call. A man from one hospital call him. He says Dr. Arnav we need you here. Arnav asks him what happened. He says there is a patient we dont know any info about her. She is in coma since one year and now her condition is becoming worse so we need you to treat her. Arnav asks who is she? Man says we dont know who is she but one man comes here and pays her bill. He didnt give her details. Arnav says ok i will come there and see her condition.

Epi ends here..

I hope you guyzz like this epi..i m sorry if my english is bad and guyzzz plz do comment your opinions and support me..bye u


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