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Kasam 12th March 2018 Written Episode Update: Goons kidnap Natasha, AK-Rishi try to rescue Tanuja

Kasam 12th March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Tanuja calling Rishi. Shiv is about to chop Rishi’s hands when he gets up and holds knife on Shiv’s neck. Shiv asks his goons to shoot Rishi. They manage to come out from there. Rishi calls Inspector. AK asks Rishi to check in other way. Rishi says all the best. Manpreet says Bhai will save Tanuja. Beeji cries. Manpreet thinks I will also go, if I go then they will see me in CCTV camera. Natasha and Tania come there. Natasha asks Tania to go to Ahana. She sees Manpreet going inside secretly and follows him in mall. Rishi is searching Tanuja and feels her presence. Tanuja thinks I knew that you will come Rishi. Raj asks Beeji not to cry. Ahana sees Tania and asks how she came? Tania tells that she came with Natasha. Reporter tells that Natasha followed a man in the mall.


realizes that Natasha and Manpreet went inside and tells ACP. Rano tells Kanchal that Tanuja shall die. Netra says even she wants Tanuja to die and shouts. Rano asks Kanchal to take her home and curses Tanuja. She prays to God to kill Tanuja. Raj hears her and asks her not to say anything and asks her to think about Rishi. Rano says she will tell thousand’s times. Raj raises hand on her, but stops. He says if she curses Tanuja again then she will not be his wife. Rano blames Tanuja again. Goon catches Rishi and takes him. Natasha searches for Tanuja. Goon comes and keeps knife on AK. Natasha comes and bites on his hand asking him to leave her Papa. Ak beats him and is taking Natasha when Goon hits on his head. Natasha shouts Papa, Mumma. Rishi and Tanuja hears her. Tanuja asks goon to leave her and says her daughter is here. Goon gets angry and makes her chair falls down and break glass bottle to scare her.

Goon takes Natasha with him. AK gets up and hears Tanuja and Natasha. He runs after Natasha. Tanuja shouts asking Natasha to leave. Goon ties cloth on her mouth. Tanuja prays for Natasha’s life. Manpreet sees goon taking Rishi and beats him. Rishi says you are here. Manpreet hugs Rishi. Tanuja cuts the rope with glass piece. Rishi says why did you come here, and says Tanuja is hidden somewhere. She thinks she won’t let anything happen to Natasha. She gets up and asks goon to leave her. The rescued people come out of the mall. Police enters mall and shoots. Goons alert Shiv. They both fire at each other. Rishi beats the goon and asks him to tell where is Tanuja? Tanuja threatens goon holding glass piece. Goon slaps her hard. Tanuja shouts Rishi and falls down unconscious.

Rishi asks Tanuja to sleep and makes her rest on bed. Tanuja thanks Rishi for saving her life.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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