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Kaal Bhairav Rahasya 12th March 2018 Written Episode Update: Namrata injures Thakur

Kaal Bhairav Rahasya 12th March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Garudi running away. The truck driver beats her men and follows her. Namrata says its same lorry, its following us, maybe that man wants this shivling. Namrata and Gauri take shivlings in the car. Rahul helps them and drives off. The truck driver looks on. Gauri thanks Rahul for coming on time. Namrata spreads some smoke. Rahul coughs. Gauri asks what happened. He says I feel dizzy. Gauri asks him to stop the car. He faints. Gauri also faints. Namrata gets glad and gets down the car. She says Rahul and Gauri…. its good I got five shivlings, credit goes to you two for help, take some rest now. She takes the shivlings. Her friend Latika calls her. Namrata says I told you not to call me.

Latika is at Lakhan’s knife point. Latika says I got your dad, I gave

him injection, come over. Namrata says just wait for me. Thakur and everyone hear Namrata. Namrata says I got the five shivlings, I think dad will die by my hands, I will come. She smiles and says these shivlings have power, I will get all the powers. Thakur says Namrata is proof of my innocence, let her come.

Garudi’s man runs and hides the shivling in someone’s house. He sits there. A garland falls down over shivling. He says how did this garland fall, this shivling is miraculous. He gets shocked seeing the dogs and runs. Lady gets water for him. She sees shivling and says Baba left his belongings here, maybe he will come back to take it. Shambu looks on.

Namrata gets shivlings and sees Latika injured. She asks are you fine. Thakur says she is fine, she didn’t die yet. Namrata gets shocked. He says you felt your friend will kill me, I hate to call myself your dad. He slaps her. He sees Shivlings and prays. He says you will return to village and accept your sins, where are other shivlings, tell me. She spreads the smoke. They cough. She wears mask. She hits Lakhan. She asks Thakur what was he saying, he will get her punished, he should get shame, law will punish her. He stops her from injecting and throws the syringe away. He fights with Namrata. Latika picks syringe and injects Thakur. He says Namrata understood the danger here as I spoke to her, she is smarter than you, you should be proud of her. He faints. Namrata says call our men and send our shivling. Latika asks how will you go, you are hurt. Namrata says I m going to attack my dad and laughs.

Garudi says I will not leave anyone. She gets some herbs and magical sticks. Her husband asks her not to stain humanity, all her powers are useless in front of Lord, send shivling to temple, else she will be ruined. She doesn’t listen. She says this havan smoke will show where did the other shivlings go. She lights the havan and prays. Yashpal asks Rahul how did he faint. Gauri says Rahul fainted first and stopped the car, then I fainted. Yashpal asks where is Namrata, even shivlings are missing. Namrata comes crying and says Papa took it, he had come here with Lakhan and men, they have done this and took shivling. She hugs Rahul and cries. He consoles her. Yashpal asks where did he go. She says that side. He sees constable and asks them to find Thakur and shivling. Gauri thinks we have lost shivling again.

Gauri and Rahul see Garudi and her husband in the jungle.

Update Credit to: Amena

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