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I LOVE U…Mrs Ragini Sanskar Maheswari(Season 2)episode-9

Episode 8

Ragini brings coffee for sanskar who jst woke up..he looks at her,ragini gives a wide smile.he ignored her nd goes to washroom..she pouted sadly…
Sanskar got ready for office nd goes ignoring ragini who was asking him to eat breakfast…ragini gets annoyed…

Sanskar was in conference..he was giving presantation where all clients present there..suddenly all lights goes on..sanskar turns annoyingly to see, who disturbed his meeting nd he was shocked/surpised to see ragini..
Ragini(folded her palms respectively):im sorry for disturbing u all..i had to do..can i hav 5min with my husband..
Sanskar:ragini do u knw, what u are doing..
Ragini:i knw..but its urgent

Ragini:u have to eat breakfast that important
Ragini:haan..u didnt hav dinner last night ,nd u came office without having breakfast..u r angry on me but what food did..
All smiles seeing ragini complaining like a child pouting..
Sanskar:im in meeting..u go i will hav later..
Ragini:first hav bf, later continue ur meeting..

Sanskar(bit strictly):im telling u naa go
Ragini:no..i wont go untill u hav bf..
Client:go sanskar..its ok..we will wait..
Ragini:now come..
saying Ragini holds sanskar hand nd takes him to his cabin..
Ragini makes him sit on sofa..
Sanskar looks away..
Ragini sat beside him ,she makes him turn towards her, holding his chin nd forworded morsel to him..

Sanskar:i will eat myself
Ragini(glaring at him):dont do
Sanskar pouts angrily..
She feeds food..
Sanskar:i had go..let me continue my meeting..
Ragini:ok..but u have to eat lunch on time..ok
Sanskar:fine go
Ragini:promise wont good make them wait..(he said bit annoying)
She kissed his cheek nd goes while sanskar return back to his meeting…
Client:thats ok sanskar..we all knw how much u loves ur wife .today we saw how much she loves u..u both are meant to be eachother..
Sanskar smiles a lil nd resumed his meeting…

Ragini back hugs sanskar who jst came from office..
Ragini:still angry??maaf kardhona
Sanskar jerks her nd turns to go..ragini holds his hand nd pulls him closer..

Ragini sensed aloholic smell from him..
Ragini(angrily):sanskar did u get drunk
Sanskar kept quite looking away..
Ragini:im asking u sanskar
Ragini:kyun sanskar
Sanskar:i had to take to forget my pain..

Saying he leaves to washroom..ragini looks on sadly..
Sanskar came out after getting fresh nd sees ragini who sleeps on bed..he knws she must get angry by this but what to do he could not able to bear the fact that ragini loves her motherhood rather than him nd she got ready to leave him for her hurts him so much so he took small amount of alhocol..he goes to bed nd sleeps beside her without saying anything..

Sanskar woke up nd found lemonade on table which was beside him..he ignored it nd goes to washroom..Ragini came nd found lemonade ..she fumes nd murmurs egoist..she huffs nd leaves to kitchen..
Sanskar came to dining where ragini eating her breakfast..he looks at her but ragini doesnt look .she jst eating her bf looking at her plate..sanskar sat nd serves himself nd ate fastly nd stood to go..Ragini fumes as she got angry on him but he doesnt even bothered about it..she throws the plate angrily..sanskar walks covering his ears with his hands.Ragini shouts i hate u mr sanskar maheswari…Sanskar rubbed his ears nd goes…

Sanskar was in office not getting concentration on anything..ragini angry face,her sad pout face nd her painfull eyes when she got to knw he was drunk,flashing infront of him..he was angry on her,but in that process he was hurting her with his behaviour..he immediately takes his mbl to call her but at the same time ,he gets a call from ragini..he smiles but he doesnt lift the call to tease her..she again called him ..sanskar lifts but ragini cuts..sanskar rolled his eyes..she again did same..sanskar smiles seeing her kiddish antics..
she again called him..
Sanskar lifts d call,but doesnt get response..sanskar kept silent untill she speak..both kept quite for sometime..
Ragini(brk d silence):i hate u ..i hate u.. i hate u(she said angrily nd cuts d call)
Sanskar smiles..

Sanskar came home nd shocked to see ragini who holds wine bottle..
Sanskar:ragini what are u doing..(he comes towards her)
Ragini(she said in drunken voice):stop there..let me drink..u got drunk when u r in pain let me drink im also in pain..(she said making crying face)
Sanskar:throw that bottle..
he walks towards her ..
saying she runs..sanskar goes behind her..

Sanskar:ragini carefull..dont run like this..u will get hurt
Ragini:let it be
Sanskar:ragini plzz..

Ragini runs into room..sanskar supposed to enter..
Ragini:wait there only..orelse i will drink whole bottle..
Sanskar:ragini plz stop this..
Sanskar stood annoyed nd his eyes fell on empty pepsi bottle which was on table straigh to him..
Sanskar gives her unbelieavable look to her nd walks towards her..
Ragini:i told u na..i will drink
Sanskar:ok drink
Ragini(rolled her eyes):what
Sanskar(coming near to her):drink
Ragini(stepping back):sach mein
Ragini(stopped moving):u dont care na..

Sanskar:haan i dont care
Ragini makes a sad face
Sanskar(neard her):suddenly how ur voice become normal
Ragini bited her lower lip nd agin acts as drunken..
Sanskar:stop ur acting..u should have hide that empty pepsi bottle somewhere..
Ragini looks at empty pepsi bottle on table..she slpas her forehead..
Sanskar(grabs d bottle frm her):drama queen
Ragini(pushed him a lil):go away mr maheswari u r angry on me..u wont talk to me na..go..
Sanskar(smiles):really u want me to go
Ragini(looking down):haan..i hate u

Saying he turns to go..ragini holds his hand..sanskar turns..ragini hits him..sanskar smiles nd pulls her into his embrace,hugging her tight…sanskar brks d hug felling wet on his shirt..
Ragini(sobs):im really sorry..i will never do it again really sorry..
Sanskar(he wipes her tears):shh..fine..dont cry dear..i knw u wont do it again..leave that…but u have to bear the consequences for making me hurt..(he winked at her)
Ragini hits him playfully..Sanskar smiles..
Sanskar(cupped her face):but u have to do one promise
Ragini knws what he wan to ask..
Ragini:sanskar im hungry..we will talk later..

Ragini:plzzz…i didnt hav lunch very hungry..
Sanskar:fine chalo
Ragini smiles nd ask him to take her..sanskar smiles nd picks her in his arms..

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