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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 12th March 2018 Written Episode Update Tiwari kanpurs CM

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 12th March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

All having dinner at Mishra house with commissioner,commissioner says yummy,specially this raita and panned,Vibhu says I cooked it,I cooked everything,anu why do you have to take credits I cook the food,Tiwari says what favour you do to her by cooking food,it’s bhabhijis hard work too,anu says calm down don’t be so emotional,tiwari says bhabhiji what to do if some person,vibhu says I’m not some person,commissioner says he is her husband,Tiwari says he doesn’t deserve her,commissioner says on that note I ask you do you think you deserve anguri bhabhi,vibhu says right question.

Anguri says why do you ask this,commissioner says I’m very right,you are very cultured and down to earth but Tiwari is very cheap and fraud,he sales fake and cheap products,Tiwari says bhabhiji am I invited

here to be insulted.
Anu says please everyone calm down,happu walks in and says you are here commissioner Sir and I was looking for you in police station.commissioner asks ministers security arrangements done,happu says yes and then says looking at all of you even I am feeling hungry,and tired too since I walked,vibhu says go home rest,commissioner says happu your duty isn’t over yet go work.

CM arrives in model colony,CM says I’m thank you for all the love,anu says we public gave you votes and love but what did we get in return,inflation corruption etc,minister says its in town since last party rule I’m trying,anu says don’t fool us,this reason won’t work,minister says do you know who you talking to,anu says yes to peoples servant you are here to serve us and the truth is you can’t work,minister says don’t forget you are a common women and I’m the CM,Tiwari says how are you she is right,CM says so can you work better than me,tiwari says yes I can,CM says so you will be CM for next 30 days.anu says yes it’s a good opportunity,vibhu says he is good for nothing don’t,tikka says Bhaiya say yes,tilu says mind your job,don’t fall in all this,anguri says cmon say yes,tiwari says yes.

Tiwari in house crying on his decision and says why did i say yes and how will I manage all this,anguri says hello my CM what are you upto,why are you crying,Tiwari says tears of joy in the CM you see,anguri says right,now cmon get to work,make roads in my village,my daddy has fallen so many times due to bad roads and there’s electricity problem too,Tiwari says anything else.

Anu walks in congratulating Tiwari,and says if you keep good track record people will love you,tiwrai says just keep supporting,anu says off course I support you, and I’m so proud of you,tiwari says will you be my secretary,anu says sure I will,tiwari says ok good.

CM’s secretary says Sir why did you do this,CM says it’s a thoughtful decision,terrorist are planning to kidnap me for few demands and as per this info they shall kidnap Tiwari and not me and then my position will be back once he is kidnapped.

Anu says what shall I wear saree or dress as a secretary,vibhu says wear khadi,anu says outdated,I’m a modern secretary,vibhu says skirt or two piece,anu says enough,vibhu says what did CM see in tiwari,firstly tiwari is illiterate and I’m sure he will mess so badly that people will beat him to death and if he had to try why not me,anu says you can just talk that to in front of me,vibhu says oh really,anu says yes when CM misbehaved Tiwari stood for me unlike you,Vibhu says be careful he will ruin his position and your job too,anu says excuse me you are speaking against my boss,and I can file an FIR against you for this,vibhu starts laughing and says I’m sorry,anu says on one condition get me coffee.

Model colony cheering for tiwari,happu says enough of the noise let him come,commissioner says happu I’m telling you this tiwrai is good for nothing,happu says slowly media is here,tiwari walks out of his house and waves.

Terrorists plan the kidnap,boss says Hrithik is code language for CM and your name is Kareena and I’m Deepika and to kidnap means to romance and keep this in mind,from today we shall follow CM like a shadow and at the right time we shall kidnap and in return we will get our mate back.

Pre cap : reporter asks what’s your first act,tiwari says from today on commissioner Reshampal will be inspector and happu Singh will be commissioner.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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