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Kaleerein Review: A simple, crisp and thoughtful tale

Zee’s new show Kaleerein started on a good note. The show presents a novel subject woven in an ordinary tale. The main characters Meera and Vivaan are poles apart, and still destined to be together. The show premiered on 5th February, 2018. The story revolves around Meera and Vivaan’s alliance. Meera doesn’t want to get well-groomed for her groom. She believes that girl loses her natural traits on enrolling in a grooming school. Meera doesn’t like to become a person she is actually not. She wants to find a suitable match, who loves her the way she is.

Meera’s life journey begins. She meets Vivaan, who is a rich NRI. Meera and Vivaan’s mindsets don’t match. Vivaan wants to perfect his life partner. Meera wants her life partner to love her for her imperfections. They oppose each other all the time. They will fall in love as the story progresses. Meera’s different take on marriage creates a difference.

Main Characters:

She is a sweet, pretty, young, bubbly and strong-headed girl. She is from a small town. She chooses her individuality over everything. She doesn’t want to get into any bride-grooming school. She knows her qualities are self-sufficient for her to find a suitable match. She doesn’t see herself between those who acquire the must-have bride qualities from any grooming school. Meera is happy, content and hopeful. She is a free-spirited girl. She is passionate about kabaddi. She knows when to switch between sweet and daring. She doesn’t like pretending at all. She values her uniqueness. She refuses to lose her identity to societal pressures.

He is a rich NRI from London. He is an independent, demanding and shrewd businessman. He visits Punjab to find a suitable life partner. He has some set of qualities in mind, that he wants to see in his bride. He doesn’t understand that bride shouldn’t be compelled to fulfill demands. He wants everything as per his choices. He finds it fair to have someone qualify to his wish list. He wants his life partner to meet certain qualities set by the society in order to become the perfect bride. He believes a man becomes successful by his own support. He doesn’t give his success credit to anyone. His ideologies doesn’t match with Meera’s. He gradually gets attracted to her individualistic demeanour.


Aditi Sharma as Meera
Arjit Taneja as Vivaan
Vishavpreet Kaur
Paramvir Cheema
Sagar Saini
Ashu Sharma
Snehal Pandey
Prachi Bansal
Neena Cheema
Ritu Vij
Mamta Verma
Ayush Gupta

Story So Far:

Meera’s alliance becomes the most important thing for her family. Her mother prays for a superb alliance coming their way. She asks Meera to get prepared to meet the prospective groom. Meera is seen as a carefree girl, who enjoys kabaddi with her friends. She enjoys good time with her friends. Meera rushes to get saved from her mother. She reaches the grooming academy, wondering why just girls need the grooming sessions. She helps out a girl, who acts to faint just to get an easy entry in the academy.

Meera gets to learn more about the academy. Meera then meets the prospective groom. She doesn’t find them appropriate for her. Meera doesn’t like to lie to fit into any suitable family. She keeps her stand and asserts her individuality. She wants her life partner to like her the way she is. Meera feels bad for her family, who is desperately trying to settle her down. Meera’s dad seems to have maturity and understanding over how the alliance networks runs. He feels proud of Meera and loves her a lot. Meera goes for following her passion, kabaddi. Her parents wait until she returns. They don’t take dinner. Meera returns home after winning the game. She apologizes and calms their anger.

She feels like a burden on them. She assures on agreeing to the next suitable alliance. Her good bonding with her dad is seen. Meera meets the next alliance. Same questioning and interactions goes on. Meera gets annoyed when the guy makes them apologize for a lie. She exposes his big lies by checking his social profile on internet. She makes the guy and his family apologize. Meera sticks to her morals. The family praises Meera. Meera asks her mum to get her married off to any handicap person. She faces her mum’s anger and understands her love. Her mum wants a better future for her. She elaborates why she wants Meera to marry a rich guy.

Meera meets her friend at the grooming academy. She gets to see London’s most eligible bachelor Vivaan Kapoor’s video displayed. Every girl dreams to marry Vivaan. Meera holds a different opinion. Vivaan is introduced. He manages his business well. He wins a big bet and also a business deal. Vivaan’s sister asks him to take her to India. Vivaan agrees to keep her heart. Meera gets her childhood friend Sumer’s alliance. She reaches the airport to pick Sumer. She accidentally meets Vivaan.

Our Take:

The show has a much thoughtful title Kaleerein, which signifies good wishes to a bride who’s starting a new life. A girl doesn’t need to groom herself in becoming someone that she loses her self identity. The question raised here is quite interesting, whether a girl needs a groom or grooming, while the case is not the same with guys. Marriage is not assumed as the final destination, but a new journey. The show takes the viewers to the small town of Punjab. The authenticity, locales, scenes and patterns look amazingly vibrant. Meera’s take on her life, career, love and future makes the plot a good watch.

Meera doesn’t want to lay her relationship’s foundation over her partner’s expectations. She doesn’t want to lose out in the long list of desires, which will ultimately prove her to be a failure. Instead, Meera takes a stand for what she believes in. Meera’s search for a suitor is depicted well. Aditi Sharma plays Meera very well. A fresh face works better to create a niche for Meera’s character. Aditi fills her charm in the Punjabi character. Arjit Taneja, playing Vivaan is a natural. This role gives him the much needed scope to display his acting prowess. Aditi and Arjit make a cute pair. Supporting case is fairly good. The intriguing characterizations would make one follow the show. Meera’s character is very real and much adorable. Dialogues are much simple, and story pace is steady.


The show breaks the stereotypes. An interesting concept with good performances. First week draws more curiosity. The leads’ chemistry will definitely get better with time.

Our Rating:

3.5 out of 5

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